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OUYA Listens to Feedback on Controller Design, Makes a Few Tweaks


We know that many of the readers here decided to back the OUYA Android-powered game console through Kickstarter a while back, so today’s news will be welcome. OUYA let some people get their hands around the controller that will be accompanying the console and they got some feedback. That feedback lead to some changes into making the controller into something really well built. 

First up for change was the D-Pad, people weren’t too excited that it was more of a disc shape rather than the traditional crosspad that allows for accurate clicks. The crosspad has been worked into the controller with the promise that “accuracy and precision are back.” The two thumbsticks were reported as being too slippery so OUYA added a more rubberized grip on top of each of them, and the touchpad in the middle of the controller has been worked to be more sensitive.

A couple of tweaks to the battery door and triggers round out a solid update on the most physical part of the OUYA system. After generating so much hype during its Kickstarter program, it’s good to hear from the OUYA team about making their console better. Are you waiting impatiently for these to start shipping?


  • David Heim

    Microsoft is gonna sue them. This looks way too similar to an Xbox 360 controller.

    • Microsoft isn’t that petty though (keep in mind, this isn’t an apple product!) and this controller has enough modifications and custom tweaks to it that it *hopefully* shouldn’t step on too many toes.

  • Adam Skinner

    I thought about it, but by release time Tegra 3 simply isn’t going to cut it.

    • droidman101

      It isn’t necessarily a set thing though…They could probably switch in a Tegra 4 without much trouble if it’s out by the time they release it to the public.

  • Most definitely not trying to be a hater, but it doesn’t matter what Ouya does. This console will be completely forgotten in 3-4 months. Between the Wii U, and Sony and Microsoft dropping the “PS4” and “Xbox 720” or whatever they’re going to call them, hardcore gamers (the people who keep consoles a viable business) will flock to them, and the Ouya and other upstarts will be a distant memory.

    The problem is, gamers have consistently shown their willingness to spend $60 on a game that’s immersive, full of content, well written, and beautiful to look at. These games do not exist for Android. Yeah, there are some nice FPS games for Android…things like Shadowgun Deadzone or NOVA 3…but those don’t hold a candle to the 800 pound gorillas like Call of Duty or Halo. Name a 3D platformer on Android that can sniff Super Mario Galaxy 2’s jock strap. That’s my point.

    Games sell systems, and nobody wants to play a bunch of Android games with in-app purchases on their HDTVs. Until Android gets games that can rival offerings made by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and the 3rd party publishers that create for those consoles, an Android console is pointless.

    • I would hope not “pointless,” but we’ll see.
      Prepare to get a lot of hate for your comment…
      The followers here read “THIS SUCKS” and relentlessly troll despite the argument being logical.

      And as soon as I posted this, down votes for you…
      As predicted. Morons.

    • MafiaMM

      However you’re forgetting this system is for those hardcore gamers who want to MAKE games or want to tweak games and when those games are released from within the same community, people will go for them. It’ll be an endless amount of new games that people won’t need to pay $60 for.

      • But is that segment enough to make Ouya a viable product and business model? My money is on no.

        • mgamerz

          Why does it matter if ouya the company makes money? Why can’t people just enjoy an alternative?

          • Because if Ouya is a market failure and the company doesn’t survive, your new console will be unsupported and left for dead within a year? That’s the first thing that comes to mind. 😉

          • mgamerz

            Its open. I can side load anything I want. I don’t even need the market if I so choose.

    • Android is what’s powering the system. This will bring better games, you can’t judge it on the few hardcore games Android currently has. Developers hate the money and policies Sony and MS force on them for PSN and XBLA.

    • Feztheforeigner

      Hard core gamers play on the PC.

      But I see your point.

  • shecalledmejay

    At least they’re listening

  • Derek

    I backed Ouya and can’t wait. I’m a little annoyed that NVidia chose not to include hardware AC3 in the Tegra 3 – but I’m assuming XBMC will be able to handle it via software. We’ll find out I guess.

  • Captain_Doug

    Impatiently. So much potential. Especially if they continue to work with XMBC. Would love to buy one of these just for the media center aspect. Add the ability to play games and use 4 controllers simultaneously and you can’t beat it for the price.

  • Victor Tenntungfui

    oh yea i cant wait for mine

  • Thomas

    Droid Life show update ?

  • I didn’t go in on the Kickstarter campaign, but I’m eager to see how these play out (pun not intended). It seems like it could be a great addition to the living room, but a bad ecosystem, support, or hardware issues could end up hampering the experience — I’ll admit it’s looking good so far though.

    • Same here. I hope I won’t be too disappointed in not being an early adopter. Still waiting on my Pebble…

    • mjmedstarved


      I’ll wait for v1 to come out and see how it is accepted, and then probably jump on the next generation. Looks cool!

      • michael arazan

        They could of saved money and just Paired it with an Xbox and/or Playstation controllers, after all they have each had over ten years of controller experience.
        We even use xbox controllers on the robots we use in Afghanistan for detecting IED’s. $50 k robot and they paired it with an xbox controller because they new we would all have experience already using them.

        • John Kiser

          Neither of those controllers have a touch pad on them

    • EvanTheGamer

      I did, and I honestly have been counting down the days leading up to the OUYA’s release this March!

      Cannot bloody wait!

    • Eric Brissette

      As much as I am a fan of Android, I think Valve is in a much better position to do just about everything that OUYA aims to do, only better. Better/more console-friendly games, well established community, open platform for developers, more hardware choices. I just don’t see what Android has to offer to console gaming that isn’t better served by Valve/Steam/The Big Picture

      • John Kiser

        Except the steam box isn’t all its cracked up to be and is running Linux which a lot of developers are still apprehensive on

  • I am