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Official Nexus 7 Dock Hands-on

Nexus 7 Dock

Hey, would you look at that – the official Nexus 7 dock is real! I say that for a couple of reasons actually, mostly over the fact that Nexus accessories are always on display during unveilings, yet almost never make it to customers hands or become any sort of a reality outside of Google’s campus. The second reason being that we have seen this thing push through delay after delay before finally appearing on random electronics outlets (which I purchased this one from). Enough complaining, though, let’s talk about the dock and its $40 price tag. 

In the box of the Nexus 7 dock you get nothing but a dock. They didn’t even toss in audio or microUSB cables, even though it utilizes both. No sir, this is a BYOC kind of party.

The dock itself feels well made. In fact, it’s got some heft to it at 280g. It’s made of fine plastic (is that such a thing?), has “Nexus” and “Asus” logos on the front and back respectively, audio and microUSB ports, and a rubber grip on the bottom to prevent desktop slippage. Beyond all of that, the key selling point here has got to be the dock’s use of the Nexus 7 POGO pins to charge the device.

Once you have the dock situated on your desk with a charger attached, all you have to do is turn your N7 sideways and firmly press it into place. From there, the experience is what you want to make of it. Use it to watch movies with its optimal viewing angle, connect it to a speaker or headphones to bring a world of tunes to life, or take advantage of Android 4.2’s DayDream desktop docking feature.

Your biggest worry is probably the price, right? At roughly $40 (cheaper at some spots) with shipping, all you want to know is, “is it worth it?” Tough question! It’s a well-made docking station, but with the lack of HDMI, some may consider it to be too expensive. I’ll say this – if you are looking for an official dock that still offers plenty of features and still remains under $50, this isn’t a bad choice.


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  • Bob Shaw

    I received mine. Charges but the audio does not work.

  • abreua

    got a nexus 7 for my son for Christmas. He loves it. Best part is .. Made in USA!!!

  • Jonathan Williams

    Not relevant to this, but I held the Nexus 7 for the first time. I must have big hands because I can palm it lengthwise lol. Still want one.

  • re all the “wah, no HDMI”, does the Nexus 7 do HDMI? I though I read somewhere where it does not have the necessary hardware.

    re all the “wah, $40”: The micro USB ports are a crime. On both the Kindle Fire and my GNex they failed within a year. Now how does that $40 bucks sound?

    And re the finicky charging in the video: It’s not me it’s you. I don’t have this problem, and you probably won’t either once you take the time to learn how to put the dock in and actually do the necessary config on the Nexus 7 *before* you put a video on the web.

    Yeah, peace man, groovy.

  • Jay Ochs

    hahaha, bean flicker.

  • Christopher Riner

    Man– look at all the negativity. It just goes to show how the launching/handling of a product release can affect the feedback about it. Everyone with a nexus seven wants this dock. If they would’ve just released it earlier they would’ve had way more sales and not all the smack talk

  • Daistaar

    Sounds like a glorified charger that doesn’t charge until you connect your own charger that you already have…

  • the failed Q thing had an HDMI out, but this doesn’t? No included cables either? for $40, that’s a rip-off. I don;t have a Nexus 7 but if I did, I would NOT be wasting money on this.

  • Gr8Ray

    Meh. I’m happy just using my cover that folds back into a stand. They really haven’t added any value with this thing, plus I’d have to remove my cover every time I wanted to use it.

  • the pogo pins are bad and always have been. That’s why docks that use them don’t get released. This video shows this perfectly.

  • Kerry Fath

    DL needs to have a contest and give a few of these away!!

  • Hohlraum

    Anyone else’s N7 battery life abysmal?

    • JoshGroff

      Mine usually lasts me a day or two with moderate use. (maybe 5-6 hours screen time total, I don’t usually check)

      • Hohlraum

        I think I’m going to wipe the device and see if that resolves anything.

    • barrmy

      i had issues with mediaserver and certain roms…but have been able to clear both …i get about a week with regular use (games+web, rare video)

    • Hohlraum

      Seriously? I’m getting maybe 2 or 3 days ON STANDBY with no use :/

      • Gr8Ray

        Yeah, mine has pretty much sucked ever since the last update. Stock ROM. It used to last about a week on standby, now I leave it alone for a couple days and the battery is dead the next time I pick it up.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    For what it doesn’t do and how much it shouldn’t cost, the dock should come with the N7.

  • Does anyone here know of a good place to buy a replacement screen for the Nexus 7? I recently broke mine 🙁

  • chadstone30


  • jerflash

    I got mine up and running yesterday and i have had no problems with it. i have it setup in my entertainment center and it looks awesome. put it in and it works. daydream clock is awesome and i have it hooked to my receiver…google music is easy to use this way!! Sure the dock is not for everyone but for me its awesome

  • BroRob

    30 percent of the time it works every time! For $40 and the long delay I would prefer it not be “finicky!”

  • enob

    I can’t believe you got a 5 minute review out of a product with two features.

  • Jimmyrustler

    Pricey! I want one for the N10, I should be getting it by the end of the day. =)

  • Not a bad price….but in the UK they want 6 pounds to dispatch via a courier…..I don’t think so…..ill wait Neil t appears on amazon for free delivery

  • Please turn off auto focus -.-

    • yeah, the video is god awful annoying to watch.

  • kinda sucks

    Great an “Official” Nexus 7 dock but WHY after all this time is there still no “Official” or unofficial dock for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus???

    • Gr8Ray

      There was an official dock for the Verizon GNex, it just sucked – no pogo pins, just a holder. I’m pretty happy with my modded GSM dock, it’s “finicky” though.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    After watching the video it looks like far to much of a hassle…

  • LionStone

    I’m not very pleased with the angle of it! It’s too upright, definitely not optimal for viewing or using it at a desk. My GTab 10.1 has a much better dock angle.

  • As crappy as it is, I still want the official dock for the N10. Seriously, I’m about to kickstarter and start making docks because no one else seems to be able to produce them.

  • 15 bucks and I am there

  • Shaggy723

    I own it, and despite the cost, it’s a must have.

  • Shadrach

    If only Spotify worked in landscape…

  • hkklife

    Is there ANY appreciable improvement in charging speed using this thing and the POGO contacts versus the microUSB port (and the stock charger, of course)?

    Also, for what its worth, 2 local Wal-Marts in the past 4-5 weeks began carrying the official N7 Asus-branded AC adapter/microUSB cable kit. It’s $25 which is awfully high for what it is. But the official accessories do appear to finally be trickling their way to retail.

    • 4n1m4L

      The official n7 charger is a 2 amp charger vs the rest of the worlds 5 volt chargers usually top out at 1 amp. I like it but I’m pretty sure my gnex battery being degraded has to do with that.

    • TylerChappell

      Yeah, $25 isn’t too bad considering it’s 2amps and it’s not a generic one. Also, you get to avoid the shipping costs by not buying it from Google. Meh, I think it should be $20.

  • Geo

    so the nexus 4 charger will be out by July if this is what we go by

  • RK_Kamikaze

    Got mine in the mail yesterday and must agree it is well built. Now only if the ASUS covers would come back into stock.

  • whydoeseveryonewantthissobadly

    $40 for something that only fits one specific tablet that’s not far from being replaced? And what’s this? It doesn’t add ANY functionality? Yeah, that seems like a good idea to me when I could just spend a couple bucks on a case that will prob my tablet up in more than one set orientation AND add protection. At least throw a speaker in this thing FFS.

    • typo

      prop* :(. and don’t tell me charging through little gold dots is $40 better than the minuscule annoyance of using the included MicroUSB cable

      • martmann

        Use your imagination. If you want to use the USB port on the Nexus WHILE CHARGING …nevermind, your right all it does is charge.

        • JoshGroff

          Wait, what, logic? Mind=blown. You deserve an upvote.

      • zaxwashere

        its safety of mind, knowing that you’re reducing the risk of breaking your usb port (its happened to my gnex)

  • Jeff Tycz

    But are you allowed to use the ADB with it??

    • vitriolix

      I doubt it, but i’d like to know. Annoyed me about my Nexus One dock that I couldn’t

  • masterxchief

    After seeing you struggle with it, I don’t think I want it anymore. Damn thing barely works

  • Pedro

    Since Google seems to maintaining the N7 base (recent upgrades to 3G), this might be worth the effort. Hopefully the form factor won’t be abandoned 5 months after the dock is available.

  • HonKudasai

    It’s not bad… but lack of HDMI and that I’ll have to take my N7 out of its case every time I want to use the dock put a damper on things. Although, for $40 I’ll probably end up buying it anyway lol.

  • Tony Byatt

    Drop it down to $20 and I’ll consider it…

  • The delay behind this product is unfathomable. It’s a chunk of plastic for f@#k’s sake.

  • why not just include this with the tablet?

  • kfath1978

    When/are these hitting Amazon?

  • Aaron

    How in the world did it take them over 7 months to get this out??

    • Cowboydroid

      It’s like there’s actually someone in management that gets a sick pleasure out of this…

    • Butters619

      Moto is the only manufacturer to put out accessories in a timely manner. Unfortunately 3/4 of them suck and almost all are over priced. Lol. Well in the past anyway.

      Now that they are owned by Google perhaps the accessories will be awesome but come out 6 months later or not at all.

  • John

    Meh. Doesn’t look at that promising but I’m sure some will want this.

  • Mike D

    Nexus 10 Dock?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      This time. . . next year.

      • only works with the new nexus 10

        • michael arazan

          Hold on son, it took 7 months for this dock, and now you all want a nexus 10 dock?

          Well, back to the drawing board.