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Samsung Developing New Pixel Technologies For Upcoming Devices

galaxy s4 1080p

We’ve had a feeling since CES that the Galaxy S4, whenever it gets here, will most likely feature one of these Full HD Super AMOLED displays. 440 pixels per inch is already a staggering number to have in a device’s display, but from the sound of things, Samsung is looking to push that number even further.

According to reports from supply chain makers, Samsung is working with changing the pixels from squares to different shapes such as diamonds and hexagons to add more density. The resulting more ppi means a better screen to look at and would allow Samsung to put more than 440 ppi in smaller devices.

For a little bit of reference, the HTC DROID DNA and the upcoming Sony Xperia Z both have 5″ screens with 440 ppi while the iPhone 5 has a measly 326. Currently, these full HD displays are designed for larger screen sizes, but if Samsung could figure a way to get the dense amount of pixels in a smaller, and cheaper device, things could go over really well for them.

Does the ppi of your phone or tablet mean anything to you?

Via: TechCrunch

  • Sofia Samme

    Cool, Apparently most are a watch specialist currently as a result of they scan a brief paragraph description on http://tiny.cc/5baerw and get ideas whats good for them

  • S2556

    this is innovation. why would you not want R&D into a better technology? If we stuck with good enough hardware and stopped trying to create the next great hardware we would be on phones like the rezound now instead of the beasts that are the super phones of 2013

  • lamaz

    Make one standard. It’s better for everyone.
    4 “and under qHD
    4 “to 5” 720p (even better 800)
    5 “+ 1080P

  • DNA: 1. Rezound: 0.

  • Never saw what the big deal was about the fancy screens…they are all good enough as far as I am concerned. If I want High Def I’ll watch my TV.

  • I will never go back to a normal screen after owning a Nexus 10. Screen tech or not, you CAN tell the diffference in resolution between that and my Note 10.1 No question. I love the thought of a Note 8, but I saw 1280×800 and immediately said PASS…

  • LowRes

    I’ll take “Power usage” for $100, Alex

  • I’ll be happy for a long time once I have a display resolution of 1080p. I don’t care what the eye specialists say, that’s the resolution I can settle down with for a couple years. I hope once we hit that point display manufacturers turn their focus more to display quality, specifically color accuracy. Maybe that’s too much to ask if the average consumer is demanding colors that “pop”, but it’s what I would like to see at least.


    I think it’s not just the DPI unto it’s self. I truly believe the type of materials used in the screen along with the pixel lay out have a strong effect on how ” great” a screen looks.

  • I can see pixels on my galaxy nexus

    • JoshGroff

      What I got out of that is 1800-CONTACTS can’t have your brand.

      • LowRes

        Most discussions of tiny high-density screens come down to “special eyes” and unrealistic viewing distances: “Well, when I hold it within one inch of my eye, I can see pixels!”

        • JoshGroff

          When I hold my phone 1 inch away from my eye, the brightness hurts.

  • joejoe5709

    Bragging rights. Little more. That said, I’m always up for more pixels!

  • the only thing missing from my note 2 is a 1080p display. the device

  • If human eyes can’t tell a difference between 300 and 440 ppi, then why do i crap my pants when i see the Droid DNA’s screen but i don’t when i see my galaxy note II’s? From certain angles i can see the matrix clearly on the note II. Human eyes are more capable than you guys are giving them credit for.

    • ace

      Spot on. I also roker my pants when I see the DNA screen.

    • JoshGroff

      It has to do with the screen tech, not as much the PPI. Look at the Rezound and G-Nex side to side, both have comparable PPI, but the Rezound’s screen looks noticeably better,

    • Tim242

      It’s called difference in display tech. SLCD 3 VS Samoled. Compare the One X and GNex. Same resolution and screen size, but the One X is much better.

      • Danrarbc

        It’s also because you CAN see a difference between 300 and 440.

        • Tim242


  • Adam Marr

    Apparently everyone is an eye specialist now because they read a short paragraph description on Wikipedia.

    • Go to your living room, turn the TV on, pick an HD movie and its full HD
      version and get far enough until you see your TV at the size of your
      smartphone screen and tell me the difference.

      • Ricardo Pena

        Can you stop repeating the same message, I understand what you are trying to argue but it doesn’t need spamming. As for your comparison, it’s flawed since the distance of objects would effect how clear everything looks to your vision. It would be better to say, “Compare a 1080p photo to a 720p photo on your phone, would you notice the difference.”

        • Sorry, I just thought that here first and then copied it to the other pposts where this may have a need. And yes, I’ve done that in my first comment. Sorry again, I got pumped.

          • Adam Marr

            Maybe you should do a bit of research before making such claims. “Perfect” vision (20/12) requires around 477 ppi to be “retina-quality” if you want to use that term. High ppi displays can also utilize pixels as “subpixels” allowing for 48bit color depth. Higher ppi displays can also make text easier to read even when the eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. The constant ranting and ridiculous analogies about half the comments on here are based on a single statistic ignoring all other facts. Thus, wanna-be vision acuity experts because they read a sentence on maximum ppi (for “average” good vision) without really understanding the details.

  • Dave

    Ask an eye specialist, the best human eyes cannot recognize density higher than around high 200’s to low 300’s anyway. It’s just turning into a visual pissing contest at this point. Totally content with my non lentils 720p, even qHD is enough for nearly everybody, buy obviously we’re behind that already.

    • K. Nelson

      Ask any medical expert…you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day! LOL

      Do you know all of the variables involved in determining what an eye can see at a given distance? Do you even know the distance they were referring to at 200ppi or 300ppi?

      • Dave

        He’s talking about purely resolution. The tighter the pixels are the “temperature” of the screen changes. He says also holding the phone up to your nose and looking is pointless since your eyes strain looking at anything less than a foot away. He’s a UM grad and and an Apple fan….1 out of 2 isn’t too bad.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Give me All the PPI !!!

  • br_hermon

    Who gives a crap. I’m happy with screens the way they are now. They’re wasting their time and efforts when they should be focusing on more important things like battery life. If they want to do this for TVs, fine but don’t bother trying to bring it over to mobile.

  • bikerbill12

    Even tho the human eye can’t spot the difference between 720 and 1080 there is a difference. The viewing angles on my DNA is amazing . You can lay it flat and see everything . There is no blurring no fading nothing . And every single thing looks amazing whee the s3 ans the 720 display was nice it can’t compare to my DNA

    • Tell me where viewing angles has to do with pixel density, please. Go to your living room, turn the TV on, pick an HD movie and its full HD version and get far enough until you see your TV at the size of your smartphone screen and tell me the difference.

  • Apostrafee


  • I replaced my Rezound (324ppi) with a Droid DNA (440ppi) and I notice a huge difference, especially when looking at the desktop version of websites. I can easily read the text without having to zoom in. Either I have super human eyes, or I’m just normal and can detect PPI over 330!

    I say keep pushing screen technology in general. Make it more efficient with accurate color reproduction, and pack in the pixels as tight as physics will allow!

    • The detection limit is an average, and based on distance. You very well could be seeing a difference regardless of what the other internet experts have to say.

    • Tim242

      SLCD 2 VS SLCD 3.

      • Danrarbc

        No, it’s really the PPI.

  • jak_341

    4k cinema screens?

  • Stop these OEMs, please! No human eye can spot the difference between a 720p screen and a 1080p except from color temperature from each screen which has nothing to do with resolution. This density race will just lead to battery drain and huge images for every app you install…

    • hkklife

      Thank you for saying what I have been thinking for ages!! We are honestly OK with 720p or perhaps 900p at most on a handheld device. All of these full HD screens add cost, complexity, battery drain and hog GPU & CPU cycles. Not to mention games have to carry additional graphical assets which in turn gobbles up more internal storage (which is at a premium on most current Android devices). Heck, many legacy apps and games never were updated or optimized for anything beyond WVGA anyway!

      • While that was true, the new cycle of CPUs/GPUs are much better. My DROID DNA screen is much better than my Rezound, but I really liked the Rezound for the year I used it, and would use it again if needed. Technology moves forward, and I like the better screens, being able to see more of the web site and clearer, on my portable device.

    • ace

      I’m sorry but if you can’t see the difference between the DNA and any other display out there, then you have some eye problems.

      • Or you have eagle’s eyes for being able to spot any real difference apart from color temperature and any Placebo-related difference.

        • ace

          Haha. I wonder why I couldnt hit the curveball in the minors with my eagle eye then? Take some time to go into a Verizon store and compare. 1080 is amazing.

          • I know what you’re talking about. But the difference is not due to the pixel density. You can see that by looking at differente 720p devices (the HTC One X had the best screen, but it was still 720p)

          • Danrarbc

            Stepping further back from a TV is NOT the same thing.

        • Stephen Ingram

          There really isn’t a placebo…. My DNA is leaps and bounds better than my gnex and you can tell instantly when picking it up. I think the whole “human eye can only detect 300 ppi” is from a 1-2 foot distance because I can most certainly see my pixels in my gnex screen and not the ones in my DNA unless I look up close.

          EDIT: it is just absolutely amazing how crisp this 440 ppi display really is. If you used one or owned one you would see the difference.

          • mustbepbs

            Your Gnex had Super AMOLED with pentile, while your DNA has Super LCD (3 I believe?). The screen TECH is what’s the important difference here, not the resolution. Look at the Rezound versus the Galaxy Nexus, world of difference because of the technology. They had the same resolution.

          • Tim242

            Finally! Somebody that gets it!

          • Tim242

            You are confused. The reason your DNA looks so much better than your GNex is SLCD 3 VS pentile Samoled. It has nothing to do with PPI.

      • azndan4


      • Tim242

        The difference is SLCD 3…not the resolution!!!

        • JoshGroff


        • Danrarbc

          No, it’s both.

          • Tim242


          • Tim242

            The HTC One X is 312 PPI. Pixels are not visible on it.

          • dsass600

            Yes they are…

          • Tim242

            Not according to every single reviewer…and science.

          • dsass600

            Actually apple was debunked on that one a couple of days after the release of the iPhone 4. The true PPI limit is around 440-480.

          • Tim242


          • dsass600

            Just look it up dude there are a ton of articles by eye doctors giving their word that you can most definitely see pixels at ≈300 PPI.

    • Butters619

      IMO a One X display looks better than a DNA display. Maybe it’s the number of pixels, but the DNA seems flatter and not as bright.

    • SexciiP

      Buy an extended battery. Problem solved…

      • And an SD card to fit all that gigantic icons and app pictures… Except most phones are now coming either without removable battery and/or without SD card slot…

    • I can still see the pixels on my DNA. I want 4K resolution.

      (and yes, I have better than 20/20 vision)

    • What’s wrong with overkill? It will come with a bigger battery. Boom. You wouldn’t be complaining if you had it. I wouldn’t be complaining if my phone have 100GB of RAM. Yes it’s definitely overkill and I definitely won’t use all of it, but I’d still have it.

      It’s like having a car with a top speed of 253 mph. You definitely won’t reach that speed on a daily basis for sure, but there may be that one day that you will be able to enjoy it.

      You wouldn’t be complaining if you had it.

      • I’ve thought of that too, but then figured out that it would be better to have the same bigger battery on a 720p screen and the world would not complain that every smartphone these days has a short battery life…

    • skinja

      It is so weird when people complain about the PPI being too high. It is like complaining that the CPU is too fast. Who cares if the consumer doesn’t notice much difference. KEEP PUSHING the technology. Don’t stifle it and say ‘good enough’

      You are honestly advocating the screens remain stationary.

  • Tim242

    PPI over 300 is pretty much pointless. If it can’t be detected by your eye, what’s the point?

    • JoshGroff

      It’s an ego measuring contest.

    • You can no longer see the pixels, but you can render objects (like text glyphs) at smaller readable sizes. The DNA screen blows the GS3 screen out of the water.

      • Oh crap, I’ll have to explain it to everyone? Galaxy S III uses PenTile display while the Droid DNA uses RGB. If your DNA beats your S III is because PenTile is a sin and makes anything less readable…

        • Danrarbc

          It’s also better than the Rezound and OneX screen.

    • K. Nelson

      “If it can’t be detected by your eye”

      That’s the problem SO many “discussions” fall victim to. Your eyes are NOT my eyes, nor are your eyes the same as anyone else you know. So there is no way you can argue this as a “fact.” Just because “you” cannot see a difference doesn’t mean that I will not see a difference.

      I am not disagreeing with you…I truly believe that you can’t tell a difference. More power to you, and more money for you. Unfortunately I can see a difference and for me the extra money to get 400ppi is worth it.

  • Tyler

    I hope they figure this out, when i get a new phone i want high end specs without the 5″ display. My Galaxy Nexus is pushing the limit and while i have big hands and pockets i enjoy being able to move my thumb to any part of the screen without readjusting my hand.

  • chris125

    I had no complaints about 720p screens but if they can do this more pixels would make the screens look even better. Bring it on!

    • Tim242

      The human eye can’t detect over 300. It’s pointless and eats up battery.

      • chris125

        Yes you can, I placed an iPhone 5 and DNA next to each other and could definitely notice a difference

        • Did you SEE the PIXELS?

          • Danrarbc

            How is that relevant? You can tell it’s smoother and cleaner. Just because I can’t tell you where a pixel is doesn’t mean you can’t see the difference.

          • Because seeing the pixels is the only difference related to pixel density. The others are related to display technology.