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Nexus 4 Back in Stock at T-Mobile

nexus 4 t-mo

The Nexus 4 is finally back in stock at T-Mobile’s website! We aren’t sure for how long, but as of writing this post, it’s still showing as available for $199 (on-contract). With the device hitting “Sold Out” status on Google Play back in December and failing to return, this may be your only option until supply levels are back under  control.

We couldn’t help but chuckle at the price. T-Mobile is claiming that the suggested retail price is $549 and that they have discounted it all the way down to $199. We’re pretty sure that $199 price is just a down payment, though, and that you’ll be paying equal monthly payments for a while to pay for the rest of it.

This is the 16GB version which runs $349 off-contract through Google.

Via:  T-Mobile

  • Jonathan Ly

    This is arguably one of the most disingenuous articles I’ve ever seen.

    Doesn’t anyone know how the industry works?

    LG produces the Nexus 4 hardware. Google arguably gets the easiest crack at the device because of how the Nexus program works. Google has to negotiate a price with LG and Google sells it at its price, or its a full on partnership with Google and they split the profits differently.

    T Mobile has to independently negotiate a contract/deal with LG for the N4. Which leads to the cost increase. If you ever wonder why phones cost more at best buy than directly from the retail store this is why. Best buy has to negotiate its own contract for the phones from the manufacturer.

    • arturo_bandini

      My guess is that this is not the case. T-Mobile lists the manufacturer of this phone as “Google”, which leads me to believe they are buying these directly from Google. Based on the price of the phone my guess is that Google is selling them to T-Mobile at the same “no profit” price they are selling them to the public on the Play Store, since T-Mobile is selling the device at only $549 and would need to mark it up by a certain price to hit their required margins. The only logical reason for this is that Google has a contractual obligation to deliver a certain number of these phones to T-Mobile, and are having difficulty doing so because of the unforeseen success of the device on the Play Store.

  • Good new I guess… So I hope this means people who are educated can by the phone for the real retail price soon?

  • slickdick

    I hope that nobody buys it online, is the worse experience ever. Always backordered…

  • Richard Yarrell

    And the Tmobile Lg Nexus 4 sales are going great.

  • Jordan

    I went to the T-Mobile on 34th st and 9th avenue in Manhattan. I asked to buy a nexus 4 with no service plan. The rep told me it would be $549 to purchase one.

    They are charging an extra $200 for the device, as they are the only ones who have it in stock. Cant really blame them, as im sure they will all sell out even though I didnt buy one.

    Supply vs Demand.

    • snapshotist

      Same here. If you’re going to drop $500+ on a phone, there are better phones at that price point (albeit none with stock Android).

  • Why the Hell is a carrier getting the shipment and not the Play Store.

  • Hunter

    Lolz, suggested retail $549. They’ll fool 98% of the public though and that’s good enough for them.

    • Pedro

      C’mon! They give you an Instant Discount of $300!
      And then they add in another mail in rebate if you sign a two year contract.

      On the bright side, LG must be finally catching up to the December orders. Maybe another week until the Play Store has them in stock again?

      • snapshotist

        The website says both the instant and mail-in rebate require a new line of service. When I was at the T-Mobile store just now, they wanted $549 for the phone off-contract.

      • michael arazan

        Mail in rebate for $50, what a joke at $549, they really don’t want people using their month to month plans and want to sucker people into contracts by over charging for the phone.

        Sad thing is until Play gets more phones in people might get suckered into this”Deal”

  • inzandity

    Crooks. This should be a free phone on contract

    • Capt. Crunch

      For how much other carriers subsidize the iPhone they should be paying you to buy it.