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Apple Posts Q1 2013 Earnings, Hauls $13.1 Billion Profit on $54.5 Billion In Revenue

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This afternoon, Apple released their Q1 2013 earnings report, breaking records and clearing their own projections for the quarter. Cupertino posted $13.1 billion in profit on $54.5 billion in revenue which is far higher than last quarter’s $8.2b profit on $36 billion in revenue. 

For Apple, iPad sales and iPhone sales had a good helping hand in that, with the company moving 47.8 million iPhones last quarter, up from the 26.9 million they sold the previous quarter  To top it off, they sold 22.9 million iPads (all models combined I’m guessing), which dwarfs the 14 million they pushed during Q4 2012.

Later today, Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer are scheduled to give remarks and answer investor questions at 5PM EST.

Usually this is when we should have some witty commentary about Apple’s stock or something like that, but whatever. I’ll let you guys talk it out down below.

Via: The Verge

  • Jeromeonchrome

    Hey as long as its negitive and how they losing to android, I dont mind reading about apple news. I like to hear how the apple evil empire is losing its strength every quarter.

  • ryanallaire

    Just shows how misinformed the world really is….

  • Nathan Thomas

    Someone should poll the numbers for all the android device sales. I’m sure all would just kill Apples #’s. And the best part of Android, all profit from it. Not just a bunch of douche bags who keep spewing out the same cacophony of 2 year old features that we all have seen before and then take manufactures to court.

  • I am all for competition and while I love Android, I also love my MacBook Pro along with my additional Thunderbolt display. What Tim didn’t mention in the article is that Apple is beginning to lose what little hold they had on the computer market which the Mac side of Apple may not be the biggest source of income, it is however Apple’s biggest profit margin (It’s said that Apple makes more from one mac than HP makes from selling SEVEN PC’s). Moreover Apple is beginning to get out manuvered by competition, just look at Steve Jobbs’s famous interview where he said, “No one wants a 7 inch tablet”. Come to find out the Nexus 7 is selling in record numbers and Apple’s device they released to compete is well underwhelming. It will definitely be interesting to watch what Apple does in the next few years! (Like I said before I am an avid Android enthusiast, not a complete Apple lover but competition drives the market).

  • Dustin B.

    I’ll never invest in a company that has $30 billion in cash and doesn’t disclose any plans for those reserves.

  • renGek

    Tech writers/reviewers really should not write financial articles. They just don’t see it the way it really is on the street. This article paints a rosey picture and why shouldn’t it because it claims a “much higher” profit than the previous quarter…well umm yeah because this quarter includes xmas…you know where retailers do 2/3 of their sales for the year.

    “Clearing their own projections” well yes…except its a revised conservative projection. And nowhere is there a mention of the surprised drop in mac sales. You can’t report on the good and not the bad..unless you didn’t know. The street never likes bad surprises.

    But yeah I’m going to inject some witty stock comment here. Just go look. Apple lost $50 billion in value in the last 2 hours. After market trade is bringing the stock to around $450 from today’s close of $509. CNBC has revised their estimates to $300.

  • Capt. Crunch

    What is this a site for iSheep? Ha!

  • Dave

    I’d be curious to see how many iPads are sold into educational institutions. Schools alone could keep them in business. 9-12 grade get them in our district. One district in one city, in one state….

  • nightscout13

    Down with the sickness!

  • Derkk

    WOW….Q1 2013 earnings? $54 billion in Revenue in 3 weeks? That’s unheard of. Multiply x 4 for the rest of Q1 and they are looking at 200 billion in revenue!@!@!@. 🙂

    • Fiscal Q1 – Apple’s Q1 is the world’s Q4. Every company has it’s own fiscal year – Motorola’s fiscal year begins in July.

    • thenew3

      Many companies don’t start their FY quarters with the regular calendar quarter. for example, the company I work for started their first quarter on 9/1/2012, and 2nd quarter on 12/1/2012 so we’re already half way through Q2 2013 for us.

  • The only time I want to hear about Apple’s profit is when it’s negative.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yes, exactly. Post Apple news when they are in trouble or get shut down for good(this is a pipe dream, I know, but only if that were really the case).

  • Corey Hass

    How is “Q1 2013” over already….??

    • Pedro

      Not all companies use January as the beginning of the fiscal year.

    • Apple’s Q1 – the world’s Q4, because of their fiscal year.

  • Chris

    Of course they increased profit, more regional carriers are getting the opportunity to carry the device. I’d be shocked if they didn’t break any records.

  • kane

    I’m sure I’ll see this number elsewhere. Don’t need it here. Post something I might have missed. Like the fact AOKP m1 build 2 finally got released for more 4.2 JB for more devices.

    • Hunter

      Easy there turbo

  • imronburgundy

    Not much you can say with those results.

  • Bryan

    An article I just read said they missed their numbers and their stock went down.

    I have said this to many people. Apple will eventually decline like they did before and they won’t be dominant. When your future customers are mostly your existing customers, they eventually get old and die. Look at Oldsmobile. By the time GM shut them down, who drove Oldsmobiles? Your grandparents, that’s who.

    Who lines up in droves for new Apple products? Current Apple customers that don’t even need a new device. If you stop attracting young and new customers you are in trouble. There was an article claiming recently that younger teenagers don’t see Apple as cool anymore. That’s a problem for Apple as their current customers age out and stop buying their products.

    • I believe that you are right, I was in verizon store Monday and the people I see buying I phones are in there late 50 to 70s and the sale pitch they were using was it’s just easy to use everything. Is on everything is. On

    • Manny

      What a dumbass comment. Oldmobile went out of buisness for a number of reasons. One being they were made by GM..anyway.. your my friend are an idiot… Oldsmobile and Apple don’t share any similarities.

      • DisDic

        “your my friend are an idiot”

        You should talk lol

        • Manny

          I guess you work for the internet police or your an english teacher…there is always a 13 year old with nothing better to say than to correct grammar….

          • jnt

            Or nitpick facts when the overall point is valid… ! 🙂

          • Hunter

            Many of us share the love of good grammar. Also we enjoy the irony of someone calling someone else an idiot while tripping over the keys on their keyboard.

            p.s. “you work for the internet police or your an english teacher” its you’re not your

          • Manny

            Well you just got an A in your english class!! Spend the rest of your time off trying to fix all your fc on your device

          • Hunter

            I build my own AOSP rom. 0 issues and clean as could be. Thx.

          • imronburgundy

            When the public educational system fails, someone has to pick up the slack.

          • Manny

            You and your high education still picks android so how much education do you really have ?

          • DisDic

            Well if that’s the case Manny, isn’t it kind of sad that a 13 year old like myself had to correct your grammar?

      • Bryan

        I must have hit a nerve. Are you an Apple stockholder?

    • pappy53

      Yeah, they are really declining. New record!:


    • pappy53

      I don’t think that they are declining. New record!


      • They might not be declining, but their stock sure is! It’s down more than 10% in after hours trading. That’s a lotta cash!

        • renGek

          $50 billion was the last quote.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      If your analogy was correct than the Chevy impala, Honda civic, and Toyota Camry would no longer be a success. They may be boring, over produced, not the highest rated cars, but year after year, they lead in sales. Comparing a Camry to a supra is not an argument to state that it is an outdated piece of crap.

      • Bryan

        Who does Honda aim at with the Civic? That’s right, the young crowd. There may be older people driving them, too, and that’s ok, but they are marketed and designed for the younger crowd.

        My analogy is applicable. Oldsmobile started making cars for and marketing toward their older demographic. Oldsmobile just wasn’t cool and the next generation didn’t want to drive one. Who do you see carrying around iPhones now? They are being marketed to a “locked in” crowd and older crowd.



    • Michael Scrip

      “Apple will eventually decline like they did before and they won’t be dominant.”

      Apple already isn’t the dominant player.

      Android has 75% smartphone market share to Apple’s 15%

      And Samsung is the largest smartphone vendor with 60 million sales compared to Apple’s 47 million.

      Oh and the Mac was NEVER the dominant platform against DOS/Windows decades ago.

      So… it looks like Apple is a 2nd place company… a runnerup if you will.

      They just have this uncanny ability to make $13 billion in 3 months. Weird.

  • Pedro

    Wow. That’s a lot of money to make in 3 months.
    That’s Exxon-ish.

  • Apple Stock down 5% in After Hours. Woooohooo.

    • mjmedstarved

      Meanwhile, Google is sitting pretty!

      • michael arazan

        At the Rate my job site where people rate their employers, Apple employees hate working for Apple because they get no raises and their is nowhere to move up in jobs calling their jobs “dead end”. Employees at Apple make it sound as working for Apple is the equivalent to working at McDonalds

        • You do realize that there are only 6 reviews for apple and 4 of them are for people selling phones at the store. I wouldnt consider myself a real “apple” employee if i didnt work in Cupertino.

    • wickets

      apple product might not be your thing, but there is nothing wooohoooo about a now 9% stock drop…..almost everyone with a mutual fund etc gets effected by that kind of action

      • Hunter

        There’s plenty to wooohooo about when the patent troll takes a slap to the face.

      • renGek

        Not me because I unloaded my stake in aapl at $650 when the first big warning was sounded. And my mutual funds are not tied to aapl.

    • c’mon

      Yeah, down with the US economy! Let’s support South Korean businesses instead!

      • Have you looked at Google’s stock? When a company makes the right moves, it has a great earnings call. That is how capitalism works.

      • Tim242

        Samsung has a huge US presense. Apple, not so much.

        • ERIC REED


          • Tim242

            Samsung has huge operations in California and Texas. They are about to have a huge expansion in Austin.

          • ERIC REED

            Never knew that…

          • renGek

            samsung opened a $3 billion plant in texas this past year.

      • master94

        Apple hires less Americans than Samsung. In fact Samsung is the biggest employer in the USA after the American govt itself.

    • Capt. Crunch

      Haha I love watching it drop: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=AAPL

  • Isn’t this an Android site! 😛

    Such a hater Tim-er-tertoh!

    • What is this, Apple-Life?!?

      • Change the name already!

      • EvanTheGamer

        Umm…I don’t find this amusing. At all. I’m probably in the minority, but I hate seeing Apple related news on a supposed Android-only site. Come on guys, get with the program!

        • Neomastermind

          You’re not alone. I’ve come to almost every Apple-centric article and made the same claim. I don’t come here for Apple. I have The Verge for that plus more. I come here for Android-centric news yet we still get this. The Siri article was relevant, but this is not.

          • We just like reporting on the competition from time to time.

          • ERIC REED

            Do people not realize they don’t have to read the article??

          • EvanTheGamer

            No, we did not realize that at all. The monkey over there in the corner never sent us a memo. Damn monkey, no banana for you!

          • Chris

            Not to mention it’s sort of a follow up to the google profits reported from Q4 the other day. Nothing wrong in comparing as far as im concerned.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            And continue to do so. Competition drives innovation and Apple is as relevant to Android as anything else out there.

          • Hunter

            I appreciate that

          • Just skip it then?

          • Neomastermind

            Don’t want to see it at all, but I don’t really have much control over what I see when the site first loads up.

          • Hunter

            despite being a mastermind, that though apparently never crossed the barren wasteland that is his/her mind….

          • michael arazan

            I feel sorry for him that people are forcing him to read all the apple related articles

        • ERIC REED

          “I don’t find this amusing”

          Who gives a F*ck?

          • EvanTheGamer

            And I don’t F*cking find your Comment amusing either, pal.


          • ERIC REED

            Good sport

        • DisDic

          Nobody cares what you think buddy.

          • EvanTheGamer

            And nobody cares what you think either, friend.

      • Bewara2009

        Troll 😉