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App Updates: Facebook, Notif, and Sliding Messaging Have New Features and Bug Fixes

App Updates

It is always a good day for app updates. Today, we got some from Facebook, Notif, and Sliding Messaging. As with most Facebook updates, there is no changelog, but if and when they decide to post it, we will update the post. As for Notif, there are a few new settings/features such as keyboard popup settings, icon settings, and other little bug fixes. 

The one I am more concerned about is Sliding Messaging. No, there is still no MMS support, but the developer mentioned that these newest updates are preparing the application for that feature. Since installing this app, I have seen a constant stream of updates, which is fantastic. Today, there are some new options for contact photos, conversation limit options, link parsing, and date format options. It really is a great messaging alternative and once MMS is there, there is no doubt that this app will take off.

Go grab those updates!

Play Link: Facebook | Notif | Sliding Messaging

  • Feztheforeigner

    Sliding Messaging is great, but I’ve noticed considerable delay when switching in and out….

  • I myself use contacts +, is sliding message. Much better than that or are they the same?

  • reyalP

    The button on that phone is crooked!


  • mgamerz

    There’s no facebook changelog cause nothing useful was changed.

  • schoat333

    A facebook upgrade that did nothing to fix the crappy app. No surprise here.

    • gokusimpson

      Mine broke. It just sits with the update circle spinning away…

  • Sliding Messaging is so full of lag, I had to get rid of it today. I will return in a couple weeks. I hope the dev makes it smoother. I don’t mind not having MMS for now, but I need to be able to interact with the UI without waiting 2 minutes between each action.

    • I agree completely. They’re gonna have to speed it up quite a bit for me to consider it.

    • bugbuckin12

      it was super super smooth for me! Like liquid silky buttery caramel.

  • Eww… Helvetica font over Roboto? eww….

  • Anybody else having the issue with Facebook were whenever you go into it it pops up “Find Friends on Facebook”?

    • joejoe5709

      Yes. I even took a screenshot and complained about it. Recently factory wiped and recovered if that had anything to do with it?

  • Sliding messaging is great when combined with Glowfly. It’s my new favorite combo.

    • never used glowfly…thanks for the tip for sure going to check it out.

      • Danrarbc

        Best. Screenshots. Ever.

  • Facebook still constantly gets network errors.

  • I want to see slide messaging support Google Voice!

    • Hot f ix? Use messaging app instead of google voice via Google Voice settings, then disable the notifications from the stock app.

  • Trevor

    That Note would look so much better with a Verizon logo on the home button.

    • Oh, it’s there. Just covered up out of shame.

      • possomcrast1

        Don’t judge a phone by it’s button.

      • It’s wonky – my fake OCD senses are tingling.

    • trolldetector

      Trolls, they be trollin.

    • Gus

      Verizon should make people pay a monthly fee to cover up the logo. I’m thinking $15 / month.

      • Trevor

        That’s how they could recoup the $4.8 billion lost last quarter. Brilliant!

        • Daniel Dlugos

          I love kickin big-red in the gut as much as the next guy, but it’s worth noting that a significant portion of those losses were related to hurricane Sandy.

  • Chris

    Love slide. Right now it’s unusable because of the number of updates that are posted (more than 2 a day!).
    But, I would guess in a month this thing will be solid and will def replace my current SMS/MMS app!

    • What phone do you have? I have a GNex running CM 10.1 and is runs great! Still waiting for MMS though…