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Supposed Sony Component Hints Towards Huge 6.44″ Device on the Horizon


These days you can’t escape the big phone. After the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 have sold millions and millions of units, why wouldn’t every other OEM get in on the game? If the above picture is to be believed, a component for an upcoming Sony phone gives away the massive screen size of a new device. 6.44″ of 1080p goodness will be included in this phone, is that big enough for you?

But this has to be taken with a little bit of salt, as usual. We may never see whatever device this gets attached to, if it is even what we think it is. It does however show the trend of manufacturers moving towards larger phones.

Is 6.44″ too big for you to hold with your dignity intact?

Via: Engadget

  • ChristianJohnson

    Remember that time when smart phones used to be pocketable? Yeah, me too.

  • Destroythanet

    Before I bought my GN2, I’d go to different Verizons and Best Buys for like two weeks and ask them for a dummy phone I could put in my pocket and walk around the store with. I’d do weird shit like lunges, jump squats, and short sprints around the store. When I figured out I could do them comfortably with the Note 2 in my pocket, I bought it. I need to see if this one passes that same test before I put it on my radar lol.

  • sk3litor

    Who cares about my dignity of I can’t even hold it with my hand. Said it before and I’ll say it again the only good thing about a phone this big is that nobody can see who you are if you’re holding it up to your skull

  • Remember when having the SMALLEST phone meant you were the coolest? (1994-2007)

    • spunker88

      Yepp, its too bad all the high end phones have gigantic screens. Right now the Razr M looks to be the best for people who want a compact phone with decent hardware.

      • mgamerz

        The very small bezel on that device I have found makes it kind of hard to hold. If you have fat fingers it’s prone to clicking stuff.

  • Way too big. Come on, man, a phone has got to be a phone…not a tablet. If I want to carry a tablet with me 24/7, I can already do that. Over 6″ is just stupid.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Technology evolves, people should too. If you can’t handle something more than 4.8″ them maybe iPhone is for you. There will come a day when phones are so big that people stay putting their SIM cards in their iPad mini and use that as their phone because Apple refuses to evolve.

    Why sell a “phablet” when you can sell a really small phone and a really big tablet?

    • spunker88

      Based on that logic they should stop putting decent hardware in all laptops under 15″.

      • Daistaar

        They already have… Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • paul_cus

    I’m interested in the Xperia Z, but that’s about the limit for screen size that I’m comfortable with.

  • Dave

    everybody has a Sony phone on the top of their want list, not really.

  • mgamerz

    When your phone encroaches on the size of your manhood…

  • Macho

    I am used to hold a much bigger tool in my hand every day…. so I ll be fine and have fun.

    • mgamerz

      What’s your job? 😉

  • Raji Ermias

    we forgot dignity when we passed the note II

  • GNexus

    Sounds good, but Sony hasnt made a cool phone yet. Wish we could hear some info on next Nexus and lets hope its not LG. Big screen, no hard keys (except volume, lock) and 4g LTE radios

  • mjmedstarved

    For being someone who actually puts their phone in a pocket (pants), this might be a bit much.

  • elliot323

    Absolutely not!! I want bigger and BIGGER!!!

  • “Is 6.44″ too big for you to hold with your dignity intact?”

    That’s what she said.

  • We have officially entered the era of the phablet.

  • Jim McClain

    Off topic question, I keep getting an alert for a my verizon galaxy nexus update, not taking it, something seems strange about it. Any thoughts on this ?

    • Radgatt

      The my Verizon app for the galaxy nexus was recently updated. The only thing I noticed is that it now remembers your username/password. And no it still doesn’t update your data usage for the widget. If you don’t use the app then no need to update it.

      • Jim McClain

        seemed kind of funny that it was singling out just the Galaxy Nexus

  • nightscout13

    Is that a Verizon pun?