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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Announced For Japan – 1.5GHz Quad-Core, 2GB RAM, HD Display

Xperia Tablet Z

This morning, Sony made the Xperia Tablet Z official in Japan. The tablet, whose design mimics that of the Xperia smartphone lineup, packs a serious punch in about every category. For starters, the Tablet Z measures in at just 6.9mm thick, supports a gorgeous 10.1″ 1,920 x 1,200 display, and is powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor. 

Other specs include NFC, 32GB of storage, micro-SD card slot, 2GB of RAM, and a super fancy 8.1 Exmor R camera on its backside.

As for availability, all that we know now is that it should hit Japanese shores (enter Godzilla reference) sometime in the Spring of this year. For now, there is no word on a U.S. launch date.

Thoughts on this tablet?

Via: Sony Mobile

  • Christopher Riner

    I’m typing this from my nexus ten, but that thing is looking sweet

  • mustbepbs

    I’m sure this will be much more expensive than the competition, Sony style.

    • michael arazan

      Yes but it’ll be Playstation certified! If they can integrate Playstation games like what Xbox wanted to do with Xbox Glass last year, this’ll be a hit. Console gaming on the Go

  • Eta508

    I want that wallpaper

  • kixofmyg0t

    If it’s priced more than the Nexus 10 then FAIL.

    Otherwise this thing is looking good to replace my aging Xoom.

  • toyeboy

    Sony needs a 7 or 8 inch tablet with these same specs

  • How does the performance of the Q-com chip stack up against the 4412? These specs aren’t exactly ground breaking.

  • Does this thing run Eclaire or Froyo

    • palomosan

      It’s running Android 4.1, Jelly Bean but the latest Jelly Bean 4.2.1

      • PhoenixPath

        4.2.2…(and “woosh”…)

    • Christopher Riner

      I know their ui color scheme (especially the notification bar) is horrible. It would probably be the only thing keeping me from getting the phone. Well, aside from other super badass phones, of course.

  • Any word on the weight?

    • BSweetness

      495 grams according to Engadget. That will make it the thinnest and the lightest 10″ Android tablet on the market.

      • Wow, Sony is suddenly looking really good these days. I assume the tablet is made of aluminum? Either way, I hope this thing makes it to the U.S.

      • Stewie

        And because it is sony, it will be way overpriced like the rest of their stuff, they believe, like apple, that they are the end all …

  • Brett R

    THANK YOU 16:10!

    • Captain_Doug

      For tablets, 16:10 is pretty standard…