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Official PBA Bowling Challenge For Android, Much Easier Than Real Life 10 Pin

PBA Challenge

On Sunday nights, I find myself at the local bowling alley, part of an amateur happy hour bowling league. I am by no means exceptional at the game, but I do enjoy it and beer never hurts the sport either. If you also have a fondness for the sport, you should check out PBA Bowling Challenge. It’s an official title, which means you play against real pros in the game such as Chris Barnes, Walter Ray Williams Jr., and Pete Weber. 

The app in terms of gameplay is quite good. There are many different balls to choose from and as you progress through the game winning tournaments, you unlock more equipment. To make the game a bit more exciting, they also added in three special balls – a lightning ball, a bomb ball, and a split ball (definitely helps with the 7-10 splits).

As you can imagine, once you get to the top tier players, the game becomes exceptionally hard, especially when you can’t seem to master the in-house oil pattern. Either way, it’s a good game and is completely free on Google Play. There are in-app purchases, but are 100 percent not needed to beat the game.

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  • Tami

    Anyone know how to set up more than one player for this game? My son would like to play it when I’m not on it but we can’t figure out how to set him up under his name so he is using my profile.

  • michael arazan

    My first game ever was a bowling game on a Razr Flip phone

  • Mustang5Oh

    I’m actually a bowler and this game looks fun. Might have to check it out!


    “Wow, it’s kind of intimidating to be in the presence of so many great athletes”

  • Not sure why, but I love bowling games.

  • Man, this game was great on old Windows Mobile! Look forward to seeing how the Android version is.

  • Thomas

    Best bowling game anywhere…PERIOD !!!!