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In Honor of Inauguration Day: Google Brings Martin Van Buren To Life


Today is a day for pomp and circumstance, so let’s take the time to remember past Presidents of these great United States. For example, Martin Van Buren. Don’t remember him? No one really does, except for his awesome sideburns. Google Search does though and shows off Google’s Knowledge Graph in this short, but cute commercial.

  • Humberto Cortes


  • Chris

    Nothing new. This ad has been around for a few months now.

    LOL @ all the comments bellow.

  • Obama supporters are like a strand of old Christmas lights, half of them don’t work and the other half aren’t that bright.

    • Forward thinker

      Just like a republican…old thinking…we use LED now..they all work…SMH!!

    • master94

      Lets not bring politics into the tech world, please.
      Though it is proven, people with Masters degree and higher education tend to vote Democrat and those with less education vote Republican (except HS dropouts who vote D). So your statement is somewhat wrong.

  • If it was Google’s intention to be as lame as Apple. They succeeded.

    • Mack

      So they shouldn’t put out enjoyable commercials?

  • awesome and funny

  • This AMPS UP my Android pride!

  • Jeff Carter

    4 more years of crap from this jackwagon. Top pole smoker in command. Wuss bastard and his supporters

    • Paul


      • Mack

        Better buy your guns now boys.

        • Why?

          • Mack


          • Yes. Please explain. More guns have been sold since Obama came into office and there’s not sign that will change. So please explain.

          • John Damon

            Pretty sure he’s talking about the possibility of future firearms restrictions Obama and company are pushing.

          • So what he means is buy your assault weapons now?

          • Mack

            Basically any semi-automatic weapon with a medium to high capacity magazine.

          • Mack

            Exactly, more guns have been sold. Gee I wonder why?

      • Amen? You’re kidding right?

    • So, when a supporter wants to tell this Top pole smoker in command, Jeff Carter, Wuss bastard and his supporters, where to get off you block my post but let HIS crap through?

      • Jon

        Quit whining.

    • THIS Obama supporter says screw you.

      • Jon

        They say a sign of insanity is when someone tries the same thing expecting different results…or do you actually he is doing this country any justice?

        • Exactly, which is why I didn’t vote republican

          • Jon

            Obama has already had four years so giving him a second term is trying the same thing expecting different results. It’s not like anyone responsible enough to run this country got the republican nomination though but at least they provided the lesser of two evils.

    • Forward thinker

      O yea..lets go back the bush years!!!

      • Jon

        With pleasure.

  • Charles Hobbs

    At what point in this do you see Google’s Knowledge Graph????

  • joejoe5709

    Hahaha. That little girl was so funny! This is easily one of the best Google Now commercials I’ve seen.

    • master94

      Agreed, hopefully we see more Google Now ads. I especially want to see one during the Superbowl.

      • michael arazan

        Google- How big was George Washington’s Marijuana farm? Jefferson and Washington actually traded blends of Maijuana with each other and promoted the crop to others.

  • summit1986

    The Van Buren Boys

  • When it comes to epic Presidential facial hair, Van Buren’s got nothing on my man Chester A. Arthur. If that dude walked into a Brooklyn coffee shop today, he’d be worshiped as a god.