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Will the Real HTC M7 Please Stand Up – Another Render Surfaces


So, is this a real render of the HTC M7? Your guess is as good as ours, however, this looks much more like a phone that HTC would produce than the random iPhone-ish, dual-speaker render we saw earlier in the week. Expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress next month, we are seeing a lot to like if this turns out to be the real deal. 

The phone almost mimics the HTC 8X, a Windows Phone 8 device that we tested for a couple of weeks and grew quite fond of. HTC was praised for the design of that phone, so if we were to see them continue on with a similar style in their next big Android device, you wouldn’t see us complain. We’re also seeing the new version of HTC Sense, which many are referring to as Sense 5.0. It doesn’t look a lot different at first glance, but you can see new icons that appear to match up to the new minimal screenshots of Sense we saw a couple of weeks back.

Beyond that, it’s tough to get anything else from the images. Well, it does mention “Barcelona” on the clock, which just so happens to be the location of MWC. We can see a centered camera with flash on the back along with Beats Audio branding.

One concern we do have is the setup of the navigation buttons on the bottom of the device. They appear to be hardware, not on-screen, yet also are rearranged from past devices. For whatever reason, the home button has been moved to the far right, swapping places with the multi-tasking button which has now been centered. And this would be the moment that we all complain under our breath that there needs to be a standard set for navigation buttons.

Thoughts on this render?

Via:  HTCSource

  • carluverdrm2004

    Still rocking hardware navigation buttons? :/

  • Sea ttletech

    This rendering is incorrect

  • Sea ttletech

    HTC has the ability to become a leader but they like to shoot themselves in the foot.

  • rotard7

    chances of it coming to verizon? dont know if i want to wait around or pick up the dna

  • Ankit

    Am I the only one that notices no frontfacing camera

  • kane

    Wow! I am totally unipressed! Also is HTC also going to stick with that same widget they’ve used for the last 5 years?

  • Bionic


  • Rich Koos

    This biggest innovation in htc’s design, removing the kickstand

  • Rich Koos

    I believe this render more than the other one because this render is surprising no one, but that white one raised some eyebrows.


    • Mack

      Because it’s easier to reach with one hand than if it were five miles away on the top of the phone. Yeah that’s my opinion but you make it seem like HTC is being weird by doing this. Nexus phones are like this along with all (I think) of Samsung’s devices from the past few years, Motorola is even going in this direction.

      • My post was sarcastic. I thought the image I attached kind of made that point. Lol my bad.

    • Chris

      Doubt it’s real honestly. Just looks pretty ugly and the icons look so bad.

  • Destroythanet

    The DNA looks better.

  • why physical keys.. why why why why.. such a waste of real estate

  • That sucks

  • Rawheat200

    Note 2 is da bomb! HTC hasnt been innovative since the original droid incredible. Every phone theyve release has been plagued with battery life issues and ridiculous looking extended batteries. Ive owned an android device from each of the big three manufacters ans Samsung has by far pulled ahead when it comes to making an all around great device.

    • Steve Polack

      Agreed 100%.

  • Michael swaim

    Looks good. It reminds me of the old hd2.

  • Morgan Thaler

    I keep reading a lot of bashing of the capacitive hardware buttons. But like having them because I prefer using the screen real estate for widgets and stuff.

    • but that’s the thing. you don’t lose screen real estate. you gain it. the screen would expand down to where those buttons are. the buttons go away when you’re watching a video. it’s win win.

      • Detonation

        Not with phones like the Galaxy Nexus or Razr HD. They still have a huge bezel beneath the screen despite having capactive buttons.

  • In the renders of the Galaxy Nexus, they didn’t really show clearly that the onscreen buttons were on screen. Those could be on screen keys.

  • mplacido9

    Sense with a transparent notification bar… Not happening.

    • carlisimo

      Sense already has that. When you drag it down, it turns opaque.

      • mplacido9

        Except in the render the shade isn’t down. The top bar is transparent yet the launcher has a black gradient background. This sense makes no sense.

        • carlisimo

          I may be missing your point, but this looks very similar to the way Sense 4.1 works already. On my phone with that version of Sense, the status bar is translucent as in the image above. The dock (bottom row of locked icons) has a gradient black opaque background. In 4.1 that background doesn’t go all the way out to the edges of the screen, an ugly holdover from Gingerbread. That seems to have changed in 5.0.

          The icons and clock widget look flat compared to those in Sense 4, too.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Blah. Now let’s move away from HTC M7 news and onto some news about the SGS4!!!

  • Dave

    With rumors being so inaccurate recently, I actually rarely read these articles anymore unless they hint at some actual credence. Content with my GN2 anyway….

  • roberthenderson

    +++No onscreen buttons
    —-Tiny non removable battery

  • kidtronic

    If they are going to make the bezel that big, they may as well have gone with a 5 inch device. It’ll be just as wide.

  • Kevin McDole

    If it looks like that (especially with the wacky button order) they’ll be losing a customer of 4 years.

    • Sea ttletech

      HTC (high taiwanese company) Is great at beating themselves

      Its like they have no common sense .

  • Wasn’t it supposed to have on screen keys?

  • Ron

    Why is the home button on the right and the multi task button in the middle?

    • HTC just has to do something “different,” don’t they?

      • Chris

        You don’t even know that this is real lmao.

        • It’s still a relevant comment. I don’t think this is legit either.

  • blooperzs

    Looks like a HTC DROID DNA!

  • omgitzjose

    its like the 8X with android which is a huge step up from the rest of their android designs.

  • Tyler Casilio

    It’s fake. It won’t look like that and neither will Sense 5.0

    • Mack

      Ladies and gentleman this image is a complete fake, expert number 4,214,125 just confirmed it for us.

  • Naga Appani

    Oh yeah!! Same boring design!!!

    • Trueblue711

      Yeah HTC… let’s change things up a bit. It worked for Samsung.

      • angermeans

        Really Samsung and their horrible fake brushed metal plastic? HTC clearly make a lot higher quality hardware than Samsung anyday.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Yeah they might make better hardware but the software is pathetic compared to Samsung. And we won’t even get into the features in general Samsung pisses on all OEM’S in this department.

        • billy routh

          I guess that’s why Sansung is on the top of the phone industry and htc is on the bottom.

        • Trueblue711

          Have you even used the GS3 for more than 5 minutes? I thought the “plastic” would be what I disliked most about it, but it definitely feels almost as sturdy as metal. Also, it’s made of polycarbonate, not just regular plastic.

          • Sea ttletech

            True even though plastic is not a luxurious material. Which will turn off people that like to carry around glass cell phones. It is very sturdy to drops. I dropped so many samsung phones and the plastic battery cover flies off but the phone is still good. Unless it lands on the screen. Gorilla Glass 2 sucks.Gorilla glass 1 was good. I think the cover falling off helps dissipate impact.

        • Sea ttletech

          Htc does take pride in their design. But you do know that both htc and samsung use the same plastic. (poly-carbonate)

    • tyguy829

      same boring design? what are you talking about? They clearly changed the navigation buttons

    • angermeans

      I disagree that is a sexy phone.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Galaxy Note 2 slaughters this all day long…

        • kidtronic

          Glad you’re happy with your purchase.

          • Sea ttletech

            I’m the happiest i’ve been since the first iphone came out

        • Sea ttletech

          I use to be a cell phone dealer to every US major carrier for 5 years.
          Those 3 phones were the biggest game changers so far.
          Razr slim easy great phone use.
          iphone brought web browsing and apps
          Note 2 brings cell phone ereader ipad replacement

          Slow adopters hate on the note 2 — its soo big .looks funny when u talk
          those are the same people
          that had blackberries and cried about its so hard to type on an iphone
          Wonder what kind of phone they are using now?

    • Mack

      You and currently 21 other people share the same opinion, good for you.