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Review: Treegloo Case for the Nexus 7

The review of Portenzo’s awesome Nexus 7 covers way back in the day got me thinking that I’d like a case of my own for my tablet. I wanted to see what other good quality cases were out there though, and many people suggested that I check out Treegloo if I was looking for a good bookcase. After a long small delay it has finally arrived and it’s about time to give this case a once over. 

Treegloo is a design shop that started off making cases for the iPad and has since grown to the Nexus 7 and does a pretty decent job at it. The cases are wrapped in soft faux leather with solid wood frames inside to keep your tablet in one place no matter which way you are holding it. Each one of these wood frames is hand-made as opposed to machine cut, a fact that Treegloo is, rightfully, proud of. The overall product is a solid, slightly hefty case that give you the security to take your tablet outside the walls of your house.

Treegloo also offers a bevy of customization options, leaving almost no two of their cases looking exactly the same. The a la carte ordering line starts with choosing your frame finish (9 colors) and then you move onto the leather color (10 colors). From there you choose what type of liner you want, choose the color of the liner (19 colors) or you can choose from a set of liner prints that feature maps from around the world. And that’s just cosmetic options, you can choose the standard elastic strap to keep it closed or go with the kinetic latch that allows the case to stand for easy typing and media viewing. Oh, and all cases come standard with the magnetic sleep/wake function that the Nexus 7 works with.


And Treegloo provides all these options for consumers while still keeping their ecological footprint small. All the paper stock they use are FSC complaint and their other materials are Green Seal certified.

Prices for these cases start as low as $30 bucks and go up from there depending on upgrades to the latch, liner and certain colors. The prices are fairly affordable considering how much customization and sustainability goes into each case, but since they are hand made expect a bit of a wait before your case arrives. The site says they expect cases to ship within 7-21 business days, but my wait was about 3 times that.

However, the end product feels great in your hand. The faux leather they use feels better to the touch than my Moleskin notebook that I carry around. It offers protection and style for an affordable price. If you’re ready to get started head over to Treegloo’s website.

Update:  After posting this review, we have heard enough stories of delays in shipping of Treegloo products that we wanted to add this note as a word of caution. While Treegloo may make nice cases, readers’ orders are taking months to be fulfilled, the company has even stopped communicating after a few support emails have been exchanged, and customers are often times left wondering if they are ever going to see their cases. If you want a case from a reputable company that will deliver on time, check out Portenzo.

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  • Lisa F

    Terrible customer service. I placed my order on January 7th. About 2 weeks later I emailed for a status just to see where they were in production of my cover. Three days later I get a snotty reply that it take 21 business days to produce and that I could re-ask at that point. Almost cancelled the order then. On the 22nd buiness day I emailed for a status. About a week later I still had no reply so I emailed again stating that if my order had shipped then I needed a tracking number and that if it hadn’t shipped that I wanted the order cancelled. Ten days later I finally get a reply with excuses that they were updating their site to provide tracking and that someone should have replied to my email sooner. My cover was STILL in production if I still wanted it or they could refund my money. First I thoguht I my email had been clear that if the cover hadn’t shipped that my order should be cancelled. Second why was I charged for a cover before it was even sent? No one does that. They charge you when it ships. Yeah they may process the order enough to know that the charge will go throguh but it doesn’t actually post. So to avoid finance charges I have to pay for a cover that I don’t have and then request a refund from my credit card when the company gets around to issuing a credit. Fun times for me. AND THEN… I reply stating I wanted the refund but still haven’t heard anything. If you can’t deliver on your promises then don’t advertise a 21 day turn around. Say it’s going to take 3 months to get your product and that you have crappy customer service… oh wait, then you wouldn’t be in business.

  • Brian Emerson

    Buyer Beware!
    Sent to Treegloo in March:

    Are you kidding me? I ordered in December – No update – No status – No nothing! Tell me when my order is shipping or I will report you to the BBB and/or take you to small claims court. How can you guys possibly stay in business? I am going to find every article that mentions your product and post my experiences with your company in the Comments section as well as links to every other customer you have dicked over.





    I wish I had seen these before I ordered. I never would have wasted my time.

    • Here is an update – Evidently they didn’t like my “tone” and cancelled my order

      Here is their email to me with my response below it:


      We have not “dicked over” anyone. In fact, if you read through the first page on the threads you linked to you will realize they were all started by the same individual who was working for a competitor. Most, if not all people in those threads had their orders canceled due to harassing or threatening emails.

      We deliver 100% of our products or refund them if requested, and we stay in business by building the best handmade case on the market. You should have received an email last week stating that your case would be shipping this week. I do apologize this message had not been received.

      However, based on the tone of your email and message entailing spreading more negative reviews, your order has been refunded in full (confirmation attached below email).


      Treegloo Products

      My Response

      Thank you Vanessa for the reply and follow up. Thank you also for the refund. I will look for it to hit my account in the next few business days. In response to your email let me address your points individually:

      1) You are correct. I should have used a better phrase than “dicked over”. It implies fraud or maliciousness, which I do not believe exists with you guys. I should have used a phrase which better expressed my frustration with your complete incompetence in the customer service arena. Seriously, if you can’t answer a question in 2.5 months you have a problem. The message from [email protected] is not helpful. It implies you will actually respond to inquiries. You may also want to change the email name from core+canned.response to something friendlier like Abe or Chuck or Vanessa.

      2) I have a very difficult time believing that all of your negative reviews come from mysterious individuals that are “working for your competitors” (Is there an outsourced troll provider I don’t know about?) when their experiences have mirrored mine. BTW I’m not a competitor. I’m just a guy with a naked Nexus 7.

      3) To your credit, I believe that you probably make an excellent product. The reviews from the people who have received their orders are really good. Unfortunately even they complain about your delays and lack of customer service.


      We aim to keep our production schedule at about 7-21 business days, depending on the complexity of your order. This timeline may extend during season peaks. Standard shipping is an additional 3-5 business days.

      Come on guys, if it is going to take 3 months, just say so. This would let the customer decide whether he wants to wait that long. The fact that you you can’t nail down production/shipping dates within a month or so is pretty troubling. If you do have those dates, why wouldn’t you communicate those to your customers? BTW if I had received a message regarding my ship date I wouldn’t have sent you a nasty email.

      4) Last but not least – “My tone”. Aren’t you kinda blaming the victim here? I ordered a product from you. You failed to ship it when you said you would without any notification. I sent several inquiries and received a canned response telling me you are busy and will send a status soon. No status is ever sent. You finally contact me on Feb 3 and tell me your going to give me a status in the coming week. You never contact me. After not hearing from you despite even more status inquiries for a month, I sent a nasty email on March 5. On Mar 6 you cancel my order because of “my tone”. It is ironic that my nasty email was the only one you took the time to answer.

      I will be updating my negative reviews and comments to address the conclusion of my order and will continue to do so whenever I see new reviews or mentions of your company. In fairness I will also include all communication from your company as well. Consumers have a right to know potential issues they may face when dealing with a company. As I said in my email, had I read enough feedback like this I wouldn’t have ordered from you.

      I hope you are able to overcome these issues and turn things around.



      • Waste of my time!

        • Jane Doe

          It seems if Treegloo doesn’t like what you have to say, instead of using it to improve, they just cancel your order. This is a very bad business practice and could eventually lead to their demise.

  • They should really make cases like these for the xoom, I’ve been looking everywhere for a good case and there is none.

  • Jerome Gobunquin

    I ordered mine in early December and it stated on their site that it will ship by the Christmas. I emailed for a status and was told that it would be shipped in a couple days. Waited 2 weeks near the end of January and still no notification. I emailed again and the person said it was a miscommunication and will be shipping it out by end of Friday. I waited a week after and still no notification. They gave me the runaround 3 times so I asked for a refund. I was willing to wait, but to be lied to 3 times shows no integrity and respect. Shame on them (Treegloo). I have the email string to prove it, if in case they think that I’m just ranting.

    I recommend Portenzo (http://shop.portenzo.com/nexus…. Also hand crafted and you get it within 2 weeks.

  • rayray646

    Ordered 2 covers in November ’12, still haven’t received them. Last response from their customer service team was in January and still have not heard anything back from Treegloo in a week since contacting them. They look great, pity they are not actually able to get one to me!

  • F U Treegloo

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE! I usually don’t type in all caps, but I couldn’t help myself.

    I ordered on their site in November, because they advertised that their products would be delivered by Christmas… and guess what? It still isn’t here yet. The worst part is that I haven’t even heard back from them.

    Again, DO NOT BUY from this company. They will blatantly steal your money and give you false promises of delivering a product to you.



    Although there are many negative reviews and thoughts on Treegloo all over the internet I decided to give them a chance because of how they seem to be a great environmentally friendly company. I ordered a Nexus 7 case. I understood that these are handmade and will take a little extra time to be completed.

    Upon ordering the case I never received a tracking or order number and only received a receipt for the $89.00 that I was spending. Some time went by without hearing anything from the company. I emailed to check on the status and only received a generic it will take time sometimes up to 21 business days. Never a word about my order specifically or even a question to make it seem as if they looked up my order.

    Upon the eve of the 21st business day I sent an email to the company again trying to check the status of my order. And again I received a generic standard response saying it’s being worked on. At the end of that day I sent another email saying that I thought it fair to give them that day to get back to me before I discussed these issues online with the public. Magically a couple hours after that email i received a response saying it takes 24-48 hours to respond to emails, which was odd because this response was only hours after voicing my displeasure with the company. The response said because of my complaints they were cancelling my order and refunding my money. At this moment there money has not shown up in my bank account, so I am anxiously awaiting confirmation that this terrible company did in fact refund my money.

    Handmade products take time to create, but customer service should be immediate. The way this company ignores its customers and the terrible way they respond to a complaint is reprehensible. I would never give this company a second chance nor would I ever allow any one I know or even a stranger to even consider doing business with this company. Again, I think their idea of helping the environment is fantastic but I wish that goal could be done by other companies. This is why there are over 29 complaints alone at the BBB.

  • Danny Ketzer

    I ordered a case from them on Dec 2 and was promised delivery by Christmas. Christmas came and passed but the case never arrived. On Jan 6th I received shipping information, but by Jan 20th the case’s shipping status hadn’t changed. I was told the case had been lost in shipping and may have been damaged, but they would sent it to me ASAP. I finally had to cancel the charge on my credit card and wash my hands of dealing with them. If you ordered the case with a credit card and haven’t received it, I would just cancel the charge and buy a new case from somewhere reliable and ethical.

  • It’s so unfair they treat reviewers better than customers. I ordered my cases since July 2012 and I have not received my cases. Been emailing every week and they just ignore me all the way. I’m so tired of emailing them already.

  • HannahF

    I have dealt with TreeGloo very recently, so let me tell you my experience. Let me also tell you that 2 of my peers had the same exact experience that I have had.

    I ordered my case at the beginning of December. In reading other reviews, I acknowledged that it can take well up to a month to receive the product because they are a small business and handcraft every case. That is fine; I purchased the case acknowledging that it would be some time before I received it.

    A month later, I finally received a notification that my case had shipped. This email including tracking information to enter on the USPS website. More than a week later, my tracking # appeared but there was no location as to where my case was. I e-mailed TreeGloo, and TWO weeks later they had told me that my case had been damaged in a bulk shipment with other cases, and that new tracking information would be sent within two days and that my case should be delivered in 5 days. You see, my friends also received this same message. One week later, my tracking information still showed no location. I e-mailed them again, and they responded, assuring me that they would have tracking information sent to me promptly or I could opt for a refund. ONE week later, after asking for a refund, I have not heard from TreeGloo. I had no choice but to contact my bank and have them issue me a refund.

    So let me make a point:

    Some people did receive their case, and they are very pleased with it. I want others who are considering the case to acknowledge that yes, you may receive your case, but like many others including my friends and a majority of reviews, you are just as likely to be taken through a bunch of loopholes and not end up with a case at the end. I acknowledge that TreeGloo is a small business and they make a fine product, but if they cannot handle the number of orders placed by their clients, they need to hire more people or find a way to not have it being that people are ripped off and denied what they thought was going to be an excellent case.

    TreeGloo will contact you saying that something has happened to your case, and give you a new delivery approximation. Don’t fall for it, because it won’t happen. And yes, there is a phone number listed for them- but I wouldn’t bother- their # is in Texas and I have attempted numerous days, during business hours, and have only gotten the voice mail. I would only buy this product if you are seriously willing to gamble the chances of actually receiving it.

    • At least you have some progress when you ordered it beginning of December. I have mine ordered July 2012 and I was only give a fake tracking number and no response ever since. They won’t even refund me.

    • F U Treegloo

      The same thing happened to me… I am still waiting on my case. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

  • Jason Maguire

    I ordered mine back in July/August when they first started making cases for the N7. Original promise was that they would ship 2 weeks after your order. I finally got it in September when I got fed up and demanded a refund and threatened to file a formal complaint with the BBB. Overall, it’s a nice case and I like it, but if I had to do it again, I’d buy the Portenzo instead.

  • DaleOfTheSnugg

    One of the nicest nexus 7 cases I have seen. Nice touch with the map on the inside. Is it only brooklyn that gets featured inside?

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  • papajorgio

    I’ve had mine for months.I love it. My order was placed at the end of July. I received the case in early September. For a handmade product, the quality is impeccable. Solid and sturdy case. The communication was on point! Every email I sent was replied to within 18 hours. They even embossed the cover for free for me! I highly recommend these cases to everyone.

  • NastyEmu

    Just an FYI to prospective customers, I ordered a case from Treegloo on Nov. 9 and still haven’t received it. Two months and 10 days. Was promised delivery by Christmas. Their customer service is crap.

  • Justin Kos

    For 15 bucks, i got the blurex nexus 7 case, there are reviews on YouTube..i am 100% satisfied with mine

    • Mike

      Looks exactly the same as the Moko case I got. Completely satisfied with mine also.

  • dreadnatty08

    Took me forever to get one. IIRC, something like 2 months. Case is nice looking but bulky as hell. Don’t recommend.

  • Jay W.

    “Way back in the day”?

  • Barney_Stinson12

    I waited four months. No, not “for months,” FOUR months! Quality is great but the wait killed the joy of owning it. Would not do it again, considering there are other companies that do similar cases.

  • gpxwpg

    I ordered mine October 8th, was told November 16th I’d have it at the end of the month. Still didn’t have it by the first week of January and inquired again. They told me two more weeks. I checked reviews and saw this is an ongoing problem tthey’ve had for years and decided I couldn’t support a company that blatantly lied to their customers and subsequently cancelled my order. I believe they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau as well.

    • jonkido

      that’s exactly what happened to me. i ordered in august and cancelled it in december.

  • I just got the Portenzo Bookcase today. Obviously I can’t compare the two hand in hand but in terms of appearance I think the Portenzo wins handily. I ordered mine Dec 29th so wait wasn’t too bad at all.

    • Willco

      Yeah i’ve had my portenzo since October… i beat the hell out of it and it remains a tremedous case. dropped my 7 the other day and zero damage. can’t speak for treeglu but it appears they are just a knock-off offering maps inside.

  • N8shon

    Wow, I was really considering buying one of these just before Christmas. I’m glad I didn’t. I am not going to wait that long for shipping. Sorry Treegloo.

  • deetee

    Mine took almost 6 weeks to come to me. I heard nothing back from them, no notification or anything for almost 2 weeks. but finally got it and its pretty nice.

    • DoogDam

      Ordered mine at the end of December and it came in yesterday. The quality is amazing, the only product I can remotely compare to this case is my Grove case, which took much longer to get to me.

      The only communication I received from them was my order confirmation and the shipping info. In the end though, it’s worth the wait.

  • JSiNeM

    Oh no, these long shipping times are making me nervous… I ordered mine 12/29 and just came to realize I may not get mine for another 2+ months?! That’s ridiculous, I’m going to ask for a status update now…

    • Chris

      I had asked for about 4 status updates while waiting for my case. Each time it was something to the effect of, “we expect to ship your case by the end of next week.” I finally gave up hope after 5 months of waiting. Hopefully your experience ins’t as bad.

    • dreadnatty08

      Good luck on the status update. I got several “Only 2 more weeks” BS several times. Cancel and order something else unless you can go a few more months without a case.

  • Chris

    I ordered mine the first week of August 2012 and cancelled my order this week because I had yet to receive my case. I’m even more frustrated now that I’ve heard of people getting their cases even though they ordered their cases months after mine. They seem like a decent company, but that kind of wait time is ludicrous.

  • Thomas

    Love the review Eric. Nice job !!

    • NastyEmu

      How is this even being called a review. Aside from the two sentences in the last paragraph that actually talk about how the material feels, this reads like marketing material from Treegloo. Tell us about the fit and finish, the feel of the wood. Does anything get in the way of the volume buttons? How is the sound from the speaker when it is in this case? Who knows because this crappy review spent 90% of the time telling us how many options we have to pick from before we have to wait 3 months to find out for ourselves.

  • Dc

    I ordered one on November 7th and have yet to receive anything. Not worth the wait.

  • DroidzFX

    I got one for Christmas specifically the stream liner case where your tablet is stuck to an adhesive instead of having the wood frame it sits in. The quality of the case is good I just don’t recommend the stream liner version. Opening and closing case caused the tablet to separate from adhesive. I have sent it back and exchanging for the case with full wood frame.

    • Ali Leigh

      Dodo makes a case with similar adhesive, and for that I’ve only heard/viewed positive reviews. And it ships in 3 days. I’ve gone back and forth between that and one with the wood frame by Portenzo, but Dodo’s looks so much more like a moleskin journal and preserves lines of Nexus. It has to be similar stuff–hoping Dodo deserves reviews. A little nervous after yours. But not like the heart attack I had when I realized flash was gone and I was looking at Dolphin through the sad POV of an iOS user :-).

  • Tom Sturdy

    I ordered one 8 days ago for my Nexus 7. Still haven’t received a shipping notification. Pretty disappointed by the slow progress.

    • EricRees

      I tried not to let on how much the shipping had me frustrated in the review, but mine was ordered in the last week of September and I only got it a few days ago. Granted they said they were affected by Hurricane Sandy and then the holiday rush, 3 months is a long, long time to wait.

    • BrianT

      They do respond to emails with in a day or so and where very apologetic about the delay. It is a hand made product, so I guess it’s understandable. It is sooo choice though, I love mine.

  • BrianT

    I have this same case. Build quality is awesome. The long wait blows, but it’s worth it.

    • i was looking at these the other day. how long have you owned/used it? i have heard some cases made similarly for ipads came apart at the corners, anything to suggest these might ever do that?

  • Dave Sloboda

    I plan on ordering one for my Nexus 10 as soon as they have them available!