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Friday Poll: Custom ROM or Stock?


After the original DROID had finished its run as the top Android phone on Earth and we started to see new phones touch down on what seemed like a weekly basis, we also starting seeing a dip in the development scene. With so many phones, it was tough to pinpoint the best ROMs, best developers, and in our case, cover it on a regular basis. Also, phones these days are so incredibly powerful, that we rarely have to worry about overclocking to get better performance, tweak kernels to extend battery life (outside of the Galaxy Nexus), and remove custom OEM skins to fix a device. We understand that there is still an amazing ROM scene that is producing incredible features, but it’s just not as tight as it once was.

So as we do often, we will ask the status of your phone. Are you running a custom ROM or is your phone stock? And if you’d like, feel free to list out your device and specific ROM in the comments. If you are stock, be sure to tell us why.

Custom ROM or Stock?

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  • ROM FR33K

    Currently stock, but am in between roms I’ve been on about 11 different roms will be flashing whizzed bean Android 4.1.2 soon essentially its a nexus ROM

  • Trey Mitchell

    I was just playing around jeez

    i wouldn’t use the default miui launcher I hate it actually.
    the iphone’s interface is terribly limiting and i could never go back to a phone that small.

    as I looked in to it it occurred to me that i only liked miui cause i breathed new life in to my old droid x but on my note 2 I cant actually think of any reasons to go with it other than the hold home in lock screen to turn on torch and the customizable themes

  • GSM GNex, Blackbean 7

  • Itchy_Robot

    I have refrained form rooting my Verizon S3 due to some apps not recognizing the phone when rooted … redbox, isis

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    How about a leaked stock ROM that’s rooted?

    Or those of us that go back and forth???

    You should have an option for all possible combinations! /s

  • Prefer to use stock rom but if good roms are available for the device with great set of feature I would love to try them. If I don’t like than return to the stock rom.

  • Iphoneitis

    I can’t figure out how to put on a custom rom safely without risk of messing up the phone. So stock gs3 on 4.0 it is for my friend. My iphone 4 is on ios 6 though no hassle. Hopefully the moto x comes to vzw and gets updated no problem.

  • drickzee

    Stock? What is that?..lol, i root my device the first day i buy them and run a custom rom..well, unless there is no root yet but then again these devices get rooted before they even get released. 😉

  • I’m on stock Droid DNA because the ROMs / features out there don’t excite me enough to go through the weird unlocking process. If a great ROM comes out, or if the unlock gets a lot simpler, I will root. My previous phones all had custom ROMs.

    • ok


  • GnexRoid

    I’m running a custom Rom on my GNex I have been running custom rom’s since I had my Droid Incredible and every phone since then. I have no problem with the stock Rom’s I just like being able to customize and tweak my battery life and change the UI.

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  • John Wells

    People who would take this pole here are of the techy / tweaker type. The public as a whole would be very high on stock / no root.

  • Jwhap

    Gnex – Shiny
    Xoom LTE – CM10 or team eos I switch between the two, love eos but movie app does not work…
    Nexus 7 stock and rooted

  • shakypete

    Rooted bionic with stock ROM, but my Kindle is running jelly bean. I have tried several roms on the bionic, but none have been reliable enough. The jelly bean builds are not fully baked yet, but they are fun.

  • Yokleezy

    Is nobody using JB Sourcery on their Galaxy Nexus?! The animations on there are CRAZY!!! Pretty Smooth too.

  • Paulo Cedres

    I lives changing… sometimes I am in an stock rom, sometimes on a custom… I loves changing 😀 Now I am on a Stock rom, no root.

  • if you are running Stock 4.2.1, ROOT is extra but not needed in my case

  • Eddie Ramirez

    Im on stock because i Have a Droid Razr and cant unlock the damn bootloader. And theres really no good roms with a locked bootloader so yea

  • Simon Belmont

    I have a custom ROM on pretty much every Android device I own. The only one that is stock at the moment is my Nexus 7, but that will change in due time.

    So, my Sprint HTC Hero (CM7.2), my Sprint HTC EVO 3D (MeanROM 2.6), my B&N Nook Color (CM10), my HP TouchPad (CM9/CM10), and my wife’s Sprint HTC EVO 4G (CM7.2), are all running custom ROMs. Good times.

  • [MobGen]

    Sprint Galaxy Nexus root 4.2 jellybean

  • Mrpat67

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus running JBSourcery.

  • n0m0n

    How do you root a Razr Maxx HD on JB without going back to ICS?
    Then Ill gladdy ROOT

  • pongzkhie

    GNex running AOKP ROM…

  • Verizon note 2 with Cleanrom 4. I wanted my note as intended by Samsung not Verizon. Themed and some mods like full multiwindow control, ad blocking and perseus kernel.

  • bob mcleod

    Tried a couple good ROMs but came back to CyanogenMod…. Now with the daily itch!

    • Eric

      Same here. But when Cyanogenmod becomes official for the Note 2, I’m sending sbrissen a bucket full of money and never looking back.

  • Tyson Conrad

    As soon as there is a good custom ROM for the RAZR HD I will use that…

  • br_hermon

    Verizon (that alone tells you why I’m rooted) gnex, I’m on Bugless beast but I put it as stock since that’s basically what BB is. Why stock? I just love the stock experience, less chances for bugs, no extra bells and whistles to slow me down, I figure if I want a feature, I’ll download an app that can do it. Plus with stock you don’t need to wait for a devotion to update their rom. I know there’s value in custom roms but for me, I’m totally happy with stock plus mods where necessary.

  • Galaxy Note II running MIUI (touchwiz base) definitely my favorite rom so far.

  • Marc Unwired

    Galaxy Nexus / Bugless Beast, but will very likely need to go back to unrooted soon. My Employer is getting ready to deploy Good Mobile and they will be doing root checking … SAD 🙁

  • asdf

    stock based custom rom rules

  • DanWazz

    VZW GNex Eclipse 3.1 build 4

  • Nicholassss

    I would use a custom rom, but i’m so busy with school and the process one the Verizon note 2 isnt exactly simple or quick.

  • Wes

    N4 and N7 are both stock 4.2.1 rooted. My VZW Galaxy Nexus is stock 4.1.2 unrooted.

  • XGshortbus25

    Since updating to the leak on my RAZR Maxx I’m leaving it stock no root because everything works and doesn’t need anything tweaked!!! Yet!!

  • Daniel Sanchez

    Running cm10.1 on my verizon gnex I like root in all my phones

  • jewvee

    Droid bionic running blurrymaxx 3.8 of to 1.25ghz and am about to crack flash after this post!!I also have to add Hash codes safe strap recovery is ingenious

    • jewvee

      Motorola Xoom WiFi running CM 10.1 smooth as butter oc to 1.7ghz

  • Doug

    GNEX switching between AOKP and CM nightlies

  • Mantis99

    VZW Gnex: AOKP PUB
    P4WiFi: CM 10.1
    Droid X: Liberty

  • Butters619

    Jump between CM10 and CleanRom depending on if I am going to be using my camera heavy.