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Sony: Xperia Z to Receive Android 4.2 Update Shortly After Launch


Kellex and myself have had no problems sharing our love for the new lineup of Sony Xperia devices. Today, Sony has announced that the new Xperia Z will receive an update to Android 4.2+ sometime shortly after the device’s launch, which is still a mystery except for sometime during Q1. 

Xperia Z launches on JB 4.1, but will receive 4.2 shortly after launch. As always, we’ll share more info on this over the coming weeks on the blog.

And of course, we are still awaiting details on what carrier(s) we can expect to see the device launch on. This lack of information has sort of left us somewhat frustrated, given the Xperia Z and ZL are the first devices to come from Sony that have us legitimately excited.

Now would be a fantastic time for Sony to prove they have what it takes to compete in terms of hardware and recognition of people’s desire to be on the latest version of the Android OS.

Via: Phandroid | Sony Mobile

  • Nick Norman

    Please, oh please let the carrier be Verizon! That would make up for the feature lacking DNA.

  • meijin3

    Love it all but the icons! Messaging looks retarded.

    • JoshGroff

      Pick a launcher and use an icon pack, problem solved. 😉

      • meijin3

        That works but I’d rather have the icons look good on an OS-level 😉

  • paul_cus

    One of them will show up on AT&T. That purple Z is really nice, but the lack of bezel on the ZL is awesome.

  • Tim242

    I want the ZL. I know it will not come to Verizon though ugggh

    • Seems like we’re getting the shaft again being on Verizon. Why oh why do they continuously cause us to have to decide between good service and good phones.

      • JoshGroff

        If only Verizon was a GSM carrier with all their beautiful spectrum, then we could just grab unlocked devices. Then again, once they receive VoLTE and a full LTE roll out, we may be able to finally not have that problem

  • Awww…not THAT old gag! “Yeah….we’ll update it as soon as you buy it! ::wink wink::”

    • michael arazan

      Considering they have had to abandon devices after promising updates to newer os’, I am one that is skeptical. The only reason I see to buy a sony device is if you are a playstaion fan and want your device to be certified for gaming.

      • itznfb

        The only thing that has alienated Sony is their exclusivity to AT&T. I really wish their new top of the line phones were 4.7″ instead of 5″. I’m definitely not liking the 5″ phones. I still may have to get this though. The only reason I use my N4 over my Xperia S is because the S only supports Edge on T-Mobile.

        • Frank

          Alienated because of exclusiveness? Isn’t that what the iPhone did for years….

          • itznfb

            iPhone established a base while they enjoyed the market stance of being the only alternative to Blackberry. If Sony wants to be a major smartphone/tablet player then they are entering an already saturated market. So the two scenarios are not easily comparable. The Xperia line is barely a known brand but if the Z spent a month or so sitting in VZW’s storefront windows that would change very quickly.

  • Hunter Hambrick

    Kellen always says he loves the build of there zl. And I think the z is much better looking but obviously I’ve never used either one. I just always wonder if he means to be saying the z or if the zl is really well built and we haven’t heard as much about that one.

  • droidarmy

    Where are the updates for our 2 year old razr’s? Hello Verizon?

    • Tim242

      The OG Droid RAZR came out 11/11/11 at 11:11 am. That is barely over a year old.

      • JoshGroff

        So many 11s. It’s pretty hard to forget the launch date. 😉

        • Tim242

          They refused to sell it before 11:11…I was like c’mon, that’s crazy. Then I ended up returning it and paying a restock fee.

          • JoshGroff

            I really hate restocking fees. It’s just another way carriers love shafting customers.

    • LiterofCola

      Uh…..I have JB…?

    • Matt Wood

      I need Jelly Bean!!!!!

  • Is it coming to Verizon? I would think since this is a post on “DROID-LIFE” that it would be somehow Verizon related. I mean isn’t that other stuff for “ANDROID-LIFE” ?

    • Tim242

      No. That site is pretty much abandoned. If you read this site every day, you know that it is general news, not just Verizon any longer.

    • JoshGroff

      They merged the two quite a while ago.

  • Any links to that wallpaper?
    Answered my own question: http://mobotalks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Sony-Xperia-Z-Wallpaper.jpg

  • Tester

    I have this horrible bias and mistrust towards Sony and its history: Sony’s vaio computer line, root kits, negligence with security breaches, my glitched out bluray player (was a gift), purple hue SLR cameras, poor customer service, joined the RIAA etc… I avoid giving them my money when I can, now only to watch Spiderman movies in the theater really.

    • itznfb

      I’ll throw my money at Sony all day long for their phones and PS3’s 😀

      • JoshGroff

        I know right, the Playstation line in general made me a fanboy. 🙂 Hell, my PS2 still works like a champ.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Lol… Shortly after launch…. SONY Speak for 6months . . .They always say this.

  • Anon

    Due to the nature of cell phone carriers, I trust in cell phone vendors for one thing – the OS that ships on the device at time of purchase.

    Until vendors assert control over updates as a whole and tell the carriers how it’s going to be, promises of what a device will be upgraded to and when are pie-crust promises: easily made, easily broken.

  • RadicalPie

    It’s 5 pm and Tim and K are still strong on posts!!! Amazing. Now if only we could get Android funnies on Sunday.

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      • lamer

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  • Thomas

    OMG..that phone is so sexy !! Love that purple !! I would leave my Note 2 in a heart beat if it came to Verizon.

    • S2556

      you are a phone whore

      • Thomas

        You forgot “dirty” 😉

    • LiterofCola

      I would mosdef get this phone.

    • itznfb

      I wouldn’t count on seeing Sony on Verizon.