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Sliding Messaging is My Vote For The Future UI of Android Text Messaging

Sliding Messaging

Sometimes you come across an app that has that “wow factor.” I am pleased to say that Sliding Messaging has it. Based on the design guidelines of Android, this is the slickest text messaging app I have seen in some time. It is clean, minimal (naturally), and fluid. 

There are three columns – your inbox, each individual message, and then a compose column. Navigation is based purely through swiping to each one, which is what makes the application so gorgeous and easy to use.

Now, there are some things still missing, such as MMS support which is a deal breaker for some. It also doesn’t pair well with Google Voice. But, it does have a light and dark theme setting, Emoji support, quick reply popup which I have always been a fan of, plus it’s completely free on Google Play.

Try it out and let us know what you think down below.

Play Link

Cheers Tim!

  • Just downloaded the paid version. This is very nice!! I switched over from Handcent after they developed some issues after the last update. I’m so pleased with this I don’t know what to do. Keep up the good work and please continue to upgrade. Hope my .99 helps.

  • Dorian Brooks

    Trying it on my Razr M. Pretty straightforward & cuts out a few extra swipes. Of course MMS support will make it worth while.

    • Dorian Brooks

      1.20.13 There’s an update with a mention MMS will be included soon.

  • For those that have Mighty Text.. anyone having issues with it not sending the text to mighty text..

  • squrel23

    I’m in love with this UI…once it’s running like a champ it’ll be my default.

  • It’s actually really nice. I never liked using third-party SMS apps, but this one is an exception. I wish more apps would take advantage of sliding from the screen’s edges (much like Ubuntu is doing with their OS).

    I’m surprised that Facebook hasn’t even implemented opening their left-side menu with a slide as on iOS.

  • Tech_Lucy

    The demo-video is just constantly blurred out for “privacy” reasons. You can’t even see the thing. They REALLY couldn’t make a demo-video with test info???? Sheezess. Very poorly done.

  • wickets

    another overrated sms app….sorry

  • Michael swaim

    I like it. It’s not to bad at all

  • I’m running cyanogen 10.1 on my SGS3, I LOVE this UI but it’s a little slow when launching it, and no mms 🙁 I’ll keep it installed and await updates.

  • Matt P

    Group message support? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Looks like he already has an icon for mms notification so I’m sure it it’s in the works

  • braceyourself

    Can it only view emoji or can it view and send them?

  • Gave it a try, way too many force closes on the GS3. Seems like its pretty good once the support is better.

  • Bob G

    So………….. like WebOS?

  • John Burke

    Using my N4 it’s very laggy & buggy.

    Though I bought the paid version to support the Dev so hopefully the bugs will get addressed ASAP.

    Until then, going back to Chomp.

  • 1bad69z28

    Good pick Tim pretty slick, can’t wait for this app to improve 🙂

  • rei_load

    Needs MMS and then I’ll use it. But does it have facebook profile picture sync?

  • ajaxman93

    “Requires Android 4.0 and up” WHY?

  • Nothing beats Whatsapp! Its free 😀

  • Toby H

    Great app. Easy to use great design. Its brand new and getting new updates often so im sure the mms support will be worked in soon.

  • Adartilth

    Any recommendations of apps that support GVoice use too?

  • SeanBello

    checking it out and keeping it installed regardless of how it is so I can keep track of updates. great concept and will get better once MMS is implemented.

  • Lakerzz

    This definitely has the “WOW” factor. The only problem, (besides the known MMS, and G Voice issue), is when I have a shortcut on my home screen for a direct message, and I select it, it doesn’t automatically go to that contact in the app. That is a deal breaker for me. Has so much potential though!!

  • I love it! It just takes a while to load for some reason on my N4.

    • NicholasMicallef

      Yeah, on my S2 too.

      • deez

        on my s3 as well

        • XvierX

          Razr Maxx HD too… Also, I’m havin trouble with the emojicons

  • The UI doesn’t make sense in the respect that the title bar previews the names of other threads. This leads the user to believe they can swipe left or right to switch conversations, when they can’t. Left takes you to the master thread list, right takes you to new compose.

    In addition to this, for some odd reason there is still a new compose button in the action bar. So either the button or swiping right is now redundant, your choice.

    • NicholasMicallef

      you need to enable quick paging in order to be able to swipe between contacts (using that blue bar)

    • Lakerzz

      Start swiping from the middle area of the screen…not the edge.

    • Good thing you didn’t know how to work it. I was trying to figure out if there was a master thread list and how to get to it! I didn’t think of swiping from the edge of the screen… I really like this now.

    • Remy

      If you don’t swipe from the very edge you can indeed swipe between conversations. Only grabbing the lip seems to bring up the compose screen

    • MzA

      just don’t swipe from the edge and it will switch conversations

  • Mrhug3

    I haven’t used an alternative text app since my OG Droid days. But THIS, I like. As soon as there is mms support and it proves to be reliable, I’m in.

  • Ryan

    This app is great! My only complain it no MMS and when I enable emojis, the first few rows are all the little android dude. Is there anyway to change that?

  • sdcoiner76

    Unfortunately not compatible with any of my devices. Would love to see a video of it in action.

  • Doesn’t work at all on my GNex(Verizon) 4.2. Crashes as I try to open it

  • Brandal Wagener

    My friend that lives just down the street made this app all by himself! We attend the University of Iowa together

    • Crashing on start on Galaxy Nexus. :

      • Brandal Wagener

        I’m sorry to hear that. If you contact him with your model, android version, and possibly a crash report he is very responsive and will help you as soon as he can

        • Right. Noticed that he was happy to get feedback on email. Just mailed him the basic details. Would provide whatever info he wants to get this fixed. Saw another review from a user of Galaxy Nexus but the Verizon edition with a similar problem. Thanks.

          • Timothy McGovern

            It’s working fine on my Gnex

          • I have sent a logcat. Would keep an eye on it. I am running stock android 4.2.1 so not sure why my device is affected. 🙂

    • Bruce Pope

      like it

    • eL777

      Graduated from University of Iowa College of Pharmacy a couple of years ago. Go Hawks!

      • Brandal Wagener

        Go Hawks!

    • NathanDomier

      I’d like to send a logcat of FS on SC-06D, how do I contact him?

      • Brandal Wagener

        Follow the link to the Play store and click the Email Developer link

    • You should tell him to get in talks with CyanogenMod and see if they could implement this into cm or is this app open source?

      • Brandal Wagener

        Will do, we go back to school this Tuesday so development will probably slow down but he is very open to new ideas

    • Sqube

      Yo, tell your friend that there are a lot of people who are going to give this a real shot as soon as it gets MMS support.

      Hell, I’ve got it installed already. It’s just not going to get to do anything.

    • Other than MMS, I need to be able to set it to vibrate when I get a text. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see a way to do that.

    • michael arazan

      Can’t be bad if it is made by a Hawkeye!

    • Iowa represent! I used to live in Iowa City. 20 minutes away. Awesome! I’m downloading now just for that. lol

    • Tom Christopher

      great app! I really do love it. However the lag issues when opening are really turning me away. Idk if that’s something that is easily fixed but should definitely be addressed. But again this is the coolest sms app to date.

    • Hey, your friend did a great job on the app! 1 thing I’ve noticed, is that when you set the ringtone to be used and then press Ok, the app quits instead of going back 1 step to the settings page

  • love it! just add mms and it will be my default! its nice to think that i can choose my default apps unlike our fruit competitor!

  • Tom

    I find it hard to tab between threads. Sometimes it starts a new text, sometimes it takes me to my list of threads, sometimes it does what I want. fantastic concept though, hope all the kinks get worked out soon!

    • Ben Brown

      Swiping from the edges of the screen will open the message list or the new message tab. swiping in the center of the screen will switch between conversations.

  • Once they have MMS support, I’m down for trying it out!

    • Sqube

      Yar. At this point, the only reason I’m using Handcent is because I use SwiftKey and emoji support for stock Messaging is nil. A pretty app like that which will allow me to use emoji and doesn’t have a million bells and whistles that I don’t care about?

      Yes and please and thank you.

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  • fish1552

    Not bad.

  • And yes, Google Voice is a go! My new favorite app lol

    • How do you setup Google Voice? I don’t see that option.

      • I just set Voice to go through the stock messaging app then turn off other notifications. 🙂

        • Doesn’t this end up your plans messaging though? Maybe I’m a few years (two updates) behind?

          • Seems to work just fine for me after I changed up the settings. Give it shot for yourself? 😛

          • Gave it a shot. Def getting charged through my verizon account for using Google Voice Via the stock messaging app. No go for me

    • You dirty dirty little liar..well, unless you want to use your text messaging plan with Google Voice. Then you’re in the clear. 🙂

      • I am able to send texts through Voice on this app. It’s true!

  • Yeah, I definitely think they should use this design, when Google combines Google Talk, SMS, and Google+ Messenger. That would make a sweet iMessage competitor. I’m hoping for it in KLP.

    • Eduardo

      Half the time I talk to someone about leaving their iPhone for Android, one of their top reasons is iMessage and how it is unified with the text messaging app, if Google were to combine everything, or at least give the option, which should be simple enough, it would be yet another plus for Android as a whole. It would help people feel like they are moving to an OS that is more unified as well as customizable than IOS.

      • I definitely agree. It’s stupid for a company to have two different messengers that aren’t integrated in any way. Hopefully the Meebo acquisition addresses this.

      • +1

      • Anthony Saylor

        and group messaging. its such a nice feature that works so well too

        • deadsix

          Group messaging works in 4.2

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’m not against trying out new things, so I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens. It does look pretty cool.

    But I’ll probably still continue to use GO SMS Pro though.

  • ill give it a shot…