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Samsung Shows Off Amber Brown and Sexy Ruby Wine Red Galaxy Note 2 Colors

Samsung Note 2 Wine

This morning, Samsung introduced two new colors for their popular Galaxy Note 2 device, amber brown and ruby wine. We have seen amber brown on the Galaxy S3, but this new ruby wine red color looks pretty fantastic, in my opinion. As far as availability, it looks like those only in Korea will have access to the new colors, at least for now.

So, tell me what you really think of these colors. If I pony up for a ruby wine Note 2, I don’t want everyone mocking me. Would you sport either of these two new hues?

Via: Engadget

  • Raven

    I am sure my wife would love the Ruby Wine color, but it is basic black for me.

  • Eric

    I still like the Titanium / Grey / whatever it’s called, but I’m curious — Can you buy the OEM battery covers for the GS3 and Note2 anywhere for a decent price? I’m not putting my Note2 in a case, and figure that if it eventually gets worn/scuffed/scratched, I’ll just replace the battery cover.

  • AranelAlasse

    the red looks nice, but I really wanted pebble blue… glad I didn’t waste my time waiting, and just got the titanium grey.

  • Dominick_7

    They’re ok I guess.. If I had to choose I’d go with the brown, but why can’t they just release one in black:/

  • hkklife

    Ridiculous. Hurry up and get 32/64Gb versions of the Note2 released outside of Korea, Samsung. It looks lazy, petty, and childish to be fooling around with new colors for your flagship device…but what else do you expect from the company that brought us TouchWiz?

  • If they do the same as they did with the GS3, the red will be an AT&T exclusive. Bummer.

  • the red is a *little* too purple-y for me, but i really like the brown, poop jokes aside. i’m glad to see samsung giving us more than the usual black and white options, if nothing else

  • Woomi

    How did you know that’s Ruby Wine from the pictures? Do you have Korean speaker?
    Anyway, the Ruby Wine color looks great! But I don’t think the Big Red will order that color.

  • Scott in MA

    I like those colors. I might go for the red one myself, if it is ever available here in the US.

    • Aimee Zoe

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    • michael arazan

      But does it come with UB40’s red red wine song?

  • Travis Erickson

    I love the red wine!

  • I’m thrilled. It may seem silly but really, thrilled. That brown one is going to look perfect in nice leather folio / journal case. And that wine one. Well that wine one is pretty awesome too. They really have this sophisticated thing going for them.

  • New_Guy

    Don’t blame you for liking the Ruby Wine, but I’ve actually been waiting for the brown color to show up. Thank you Sammy!

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  • tanknspank

    Those colors do not mix well with the back designs at all… A matted design in the red, however. That I would buy up in an instant.