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Nexus 7 “Aquarium” Commercial Returns!


When this Nexus 7 “Aquarium” commercial was first posted by Google, it was pulled or set to private before most of us had a chance to watch it. Most assumed the pulling had to do with timing since Hurricane Sandy had hit the east coast and the image of an aquarium and people under water on the top of a New York City building was probably in poor taste.

But now that it’s 2013, the commercial is back! It’s also reminding you that there is a T-Mobile version of the tablet as well.

  • feztheforeigner

    I do this every day on my Nexus 7!

    You know, to pass the time…

  • zack thrasher

    thats funny the song is from the life aquatic with steve zissuo and the concept of the commercialis from that movie

  • bkosh84

    This is the dumbest most pointless commercial I have ever seen.

    • Alex

      You obviously havent seen any commericals for a Motorola Razr.

  • This is weirdly more impractical than vaguely Asian spy robots.

  • honest question – does anybody actually spend their days like this?

    • KOBALT

      I would have gotten back to you sooner, but I was busy finding a gask mask from WWII via Google.

      • ha,
        Today’s TODO list:
        – hang out in refurbed loft with friends
        – google random stuff
        – build submarine
        – dance around on rooftop

  • Thomas

    Manti Teʻo here, I love the catfish at the end of that commercial.

  • Thomas

    Manti Teʻo here : Hey guys I love the catfish at the end of that commericial. 😉

    • KOBALT

      Minus one for posting multiple times with the same comment.

  • Commercial in poor taste? Maybee we need to quit being butthurt so damn easy.

    • Josh Flowers

      i can’t believe they used the word ‘poor’, it’s ‘economically challenged’. come on, people. /s

      • I can’t believe they said “taste”. Think of the poor ageusia sufferers!

        • Josh Flowers

          much obliged for the new tidbit of info.

          • michael arazan

            When the flood of ’93 happened and the mississippi broke levees radio stations played When the Levee Breaks by Zepplin, people did not find it in bad taste.
            An Aquarium and a hurricane is stretching it to be bad taste.

  • Octotron

    Nexus 7… now with 300% more hipster.

    • michael arazan

      Almost makes you want to ditch it because of promoting hipsters.

      Hipsters, the downward fall of western society

  • Twofourturbo

    This commercial is just plain stupid.