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LG’s French Director of Communication Speaks on Nexus 4 Supply Issues, Takes Blame Off of LG Again

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It has been an interesting ride for the Nexus 4, with spotty availability and then two companies basically pointing the finger at each other with who to blame for said spottiness. Finally, LG’s French Director of Communication, Cathy Robin has spoken out on the issue, giving folks a somewhat clear answer in terms of why the Nexus 4 only seems to be hard to purchase. 

When asked what the deal is, Robin immediately shares that the problems are not completely related to LG. Due to a lack in demand in certain countries that Google had planned to be much larger, and demand being larger in countries where Google did non expect such success, devices are simply not there. Then, once the problem is realized, it takes time for supplies to get there. She gives an example that in certain countries like the U.K. and Germany, demand for the device was 10x less than which was initially expected.

As far as LG stopping production for their new flagship, she laughed it off. Quite the contrary she says, as production rate will actually increase over time going into mid-February.

All we know is that Google needs to fix their retail issues before they launch any more hardware. Please, no more of this.

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Cheers Steve!

  • A titre d’exemple, les prévisions initiales de Google étaient 10 fois supérieures pour le Royaume-Uni et pour l’Allemagne. thats what she said, lolz. other sites (i dont speak french myself) translated it as “the demand was ten times higher” then predicted by google, not lower. tho google translator says 10 times less, but who knows. judging by my personal experience, the demand was at least 10 times higher. so many pissed people still waiting.

  • Austin

    I have my 350$, just waiting on the phone availability

  • TheRobotCow

    I know I’ll be getting a bunch of hate for this but I was dead set on getting the nexus 4. But a tragic launch stopped me from doing so. I ended up getting an iPhone 5. I still have my galaxy nexus and nexus 7.

    • JMonkeYJ

      no hate. you do what you gotta do. the supply shortages kinda forced you into that (Google/LG’s bad). so the big question: how do you like the iphone?

      • TheRobotCow

        To be honest it’s pretty damn good. Compared to my galaxy nexus that was rooted and running roms it’s faster, smoother, and the battery lasts me all day!

    • Droidzilla

      That makes zero sense to me. Getting an iPhone 5 since the Nexus 4 wasn’t avaiable? What about the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II, RAZR HD Maxx, etc.?

      That’s like saying, “The new Camaro I wanted was sold out, so I got a $20,000 bicycle instead.”

      • TheRobotCow

        Well I have a galaxy nexus and none of the current android devices on Verizon caught my interest. I would have gotten a Nokia Lumia but that’s an AT&T exclusive at the moment.

  • Unexpected Truth

    What a jaw dropping lier Cathy Robin is. The Nexus 4 was sold out in minutes(!) in the Play Store in Germany. Since then (me included) people desperately try to buy it.

    Unbelievably how a spokesperson can be so impudent.
    Maybe she gambled that nobody of the US audience could ask someone in Germany.
    You can’t buy the Nexus 4 since the 1st week of december.

    • Droidzilla

      Ditto UK. I have friends there who have been trying to purchase one for some time.

    • jeff manning

      When she said 10X less she meant that they expected the phone to sell out in 6 seconds (math check) instead of a minute.

    • you can buy some at saturn at the moment, slightly more expensive but still okay.

    • michael arazan

      Another Executive blaming others for their faults. BS the success of the Galaxy Nexus is why the Nexus 4 is soo popular and in high demand. People in the UK can’t even buy one anywhere say my friends there. Since they came out no one has been able to track one down there or in Europe.

      I guess demand is Low in Europe since there aren’t any in the market to buy and people have to settle for other devices. Stupid B&tch

  • arthuruscg

    I wounder why the factory doesn’t slap the UPS label on the box. This would get around the slow customs shipment issues. And it would be neat to see Google doing a live tracking as the ship crosses the pacific.

  • I’m just glad to have been of the few people lucky enough to game the Play Store and get an N4 back in November. It is easily the happiest I have ever been with a phone and I’m thrilled to be on Straight Talk and off of Verizon. I’m just sorry that when I recommend it to others, I have to qualify that I have no idea when they would be able to buy one.

    • JasonS

      Are you satisfied with Straight Talk? I have been thinking about buying a Verizon phone off contract and switching to Straight Talk when my contract is up. Do you have any difficulty with streaming audio? I have heard that they do not allow streaming. I seldom stream video, but would like to be able to use Slacker Radio once in a while. I use Wi-Fi to stream when I am at home. I typically use less than 2GB of data in a month. Does anyone else have any experience with Straight Talk?

  • roberthenderson

    Between disabling apps and free launchers any tard can pretty much get to stock Android look and feel. Root and you can permanently zap bloat. Custom ROM is vanilla android on ‘roids, so it is beyond me how people overlook a so-so non-removeable battery, pathetically small non-expandable memory, no lte, and ugly onscreen buttons.

    • lou

      $350, no contract.

      Custom ROMs are great but they are behind the curve as far as updates go and are never as stable as a Google’s own Vanilla builds. Also, you never know if your device will be supported, or for how long by the dev community. Encrypted bootloaders also suck. It adds up to more waiting and more unnecessary tinkering.

    • jhawkkw

      I personally love the onscreen buttons because they’re totally customizable on custom roms in terms of count, functionality, and looks. Can’t do all of that with hardware or capacitive buttons.

  • mbaldwin85

    Got one yesterday from T-Mobile. Taking it back today and keeping my Gnex on Verizon. I simply cannot deal with this service. T-mobile is strictly EDGE here and its annoying. Wish I had the $500+ that people are gauging for online or I’d just buy it off contract and put it on a different carrier.

    • I tried T-Mobile too and the coverage was pretty shotty. I switched to Straight Talk and order an micro-SIM that prefers AT&T’s network. My coverage is awesome – even better than it ever was on Verizon.

      • mbaldwin85

        The thing is, T-Mobile has pretty decent coverage in MA where I’m from but I live in NC right now and it’s garbage. If this phone was actually available to order in the Play Store I would try your way. Until then, grandfathered unlimited for me on Verizon.

  • Michael Nichols

    By time they fill all production demands Lemon Layer Cake (version 6.0) will be out.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m going with Liquorice.

      • Axel Foley

        Lemon Meringue?

        • Droidzilla


          • Axel Foley

            Lava Cake?

          • LionStone

            Oh yea, you win! 🙂

  • Axel Foley

    I know these are all rumors at this point, but is the leading rumor that LG will get to make the next Nexus (I love alliteration) too, and it will just be a sequel to the Nexus 4, instead of a relatively “stand alone” device?

  • lou

    can you buy a nexus 4 in the UK play store?

  • Bewara2009

    Haha hahaha “Google needs to fix their retail issues before they launch any more hardware. Please, no more of this.” the wait say again?

    • mgamerz

      el goog was like, “what problem?”

  • jhawkkw

    And this is why they needed preorders of at least 3 weeks. This way they get an idea of demand ahead of time.

    • That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a looong time.

    • master94

      No one wants to be teased for 3 weeks though. I agree though. Good thing comes to those who wait

      • jhawkkw

        True, but I’d rather be teased for 3 weeks and get it right around launch than have to fight over a select few like a pack of hungry wolves and 2 months post launch not be able to by one for Google Play retail.

        • Christopher Riner

          Yeah remember how vicious people started getting over the lte nexus?

  • I hate it when companies say 10x LESS. Do they really think people do not understand “1/10th of the demand”, in this case? Or are they just trying to sound dramatic? I mean, if you expected to sell 10,000 units and demand is 10x less than that (100,000), it means that your phone is so bad, not only do people not want it at all, consumers have made 90,000 fake ones just so they can return them and you are having to pay consumers for phones you didn’t even create. So lame.

    • moelsen8

      are you on the pipe?

      • No, but have the flu which is making me cynical.

        • moelsen8

          fair enough 😛

  • Frankly I don’t care who’s at fault My contract is up in a week and I want to buy a Nex4 and get on ST as fast as possible. Wish they would hurry up and get some available in the States.

    • moelsen8

      good luck getting one, and welcome to the club!

    • anezarati