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Verizon and Asurion Open Enrollment Is Open, Good Time to Insure That Device

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Between now and March 8, customers who purchased a new phone but declined any type of insurance on said phone have a chance to opt-in thanks to open enrollment. You qualify if you upgraded to a new device or activated a new phone within the last two years but did not enroll in an equipment protection program in the first 30 days. 

You have 3 options should you choose to add on coverage during this open enrollment period:

  1. Total Equipment Coverage:  At $6.99 per moth for phones and $10.99 per month for tablets, TEC is the most comprehensive plan that protects against loss, theft, damage (including water damage), and mechanical and electrical defects after the warranty as expired. You also get access to their Mobile Recovery app that allows you to remotely lock, track and wipe your device should you lose it or have it stolen.
  2. Wireless Phone Protection: At $5.18 per month for phones and $9 per month for tablets, this covers damage to your phone, but from what I can tell, does not give you access to their Mobile Recovery app.
  3. Extended Warranty:  At $1.99 per month, this extends the factory warranty on your device for as long as you continue to pay the $1.99 fee.

If you wish to sign up for coverage, you can visit the VZW Protection Plan site.

Cheers Brian!

  • Benjamin Hodges

    I’m assuming Asurion doesn’t check to see if you have rooted the device and invalidate your warranty for it?

  • Prole

    So what exactly are the terms of TEC? If my phone is acting up, say, dropping signal, or restarting repeatedly – can I get a new phone for free? Is there a deductible?

  • Bob

    Just tried to register my GSIII online and it said “We are unable to complete your request online. Your transaction must be completed directly with Verizon Wireless, please call 1-866-208-4395 to enroll in equipment protection.”

  • Dreamchaser

    I have been using Asurion since 2007 as a Verizon customer and LOVE it. I pay the TEC $6.99 fee every month and it is well worth it. I was on vacation last summer and lost my SIII was able to have my new phone (brand new with new battery, headphones, etc) shipped the next day to my vacation spot. No hassle or anything. It’s only a $100 deductible for smartphones and $50 for non-smartphones.Limit 2 claims per year. It takes like 5 mins to file a claim online. If your phone is no longer in stock they offer you the next best phone that’s out there. Back when I had an LG Voyager dropped it and broke it and Asurion said they didn’t have that phone anymore so I was upgraded to a Droid 2 global as a insurance replacement. Sometimes they send you a refurbished device sometimes a brand new out the box device. I mean 9 times out of ten when you get a replacement phone from the store it is usually refurbished.

  • duke69111

    I just hate that they send you a refurbished device.

  • Greyhame

    Has anyone used the warranty from Samsung (or is the warranty through VZW)? I have a GNex whose screen is getting to the point where it’s whites are blue and burn-in is constant. I want to get it replaced, one way or another, and wondering how long warranty replacement takes, and what the overall experience of it is. Thx in advance.

  • Brandon

    So if i currently have a broken phone, I can hope onto insurance, and pay deductible, get a new phone, and cancel insurance?

  • help

    I broke my screen a month ago and just decided to wait on my upgrade in a year or so. If I enroll today, can I claim it immediately?

    • Futbolrunner

      Yeah, just say it happened after you bought the insurance

    • I can confirm this works, you might have to re-activate the broken phone and then add the insurance. Say you broke/lost it today and they’ll ship one out same day.

  • Can someone verify that this doesn’t alter your plan term at all? I ask because I still have the old limited data plan, and if I file a claim with Asurion on my Razr Maxx and they send a new one, that wouldn’t affect the contract at all, right? I hope that was clear…

    • When I worked at ATT any asurion claims did not alter TOS.
      I also have the unlimited plan with Verizon and was able to file a claim without altering my plan.

  • rawheat200

    I bought a brand new unactivated Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Verizon on eBay. Any idea if I’ll be able to at a minimum apply for the extended warranty? I know Verizon voids warranties on devices that were activated off of donor lines and Samsung’s warranty is non transferable. I bring up these issues because I have no idea if the phone I purchased was sold to me by someone who used their upgrade and tried to make a buck; or someone who is a reseller.

    • Franklin

      Did the same thing with at S3 i wonder if im eligible for it since i activated it a few weeks back

      • rawheat200

        I was able to go through thw process and register for the extended warranty for my Note 2. Lets see if they bounce it back and state that im not eligible.

  • I’ll stick to squaretrade, thank you

    • duke69111

      I’ve never used them. Does their warranty cover you for about anything like if you crunch your device?

      • Yes they cover accidental coverage.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Had insurance on my wife’s Droid Charge. She broke her phone and they replaced it with a refurbished Charge that turned out to be faulty. I called it in and they replaced it with a new in box HTC Rezound. That was worth every penny of the deductable. Frequently, if you have an older device, this is an easy way to recieve a nice “mid-contract” upgrade. No, she didn’t get an SIII, but moving from a Droid Charge to a Rezound was a nice little jump for her. Now, our contract is up in 8 months and we will see what lays ahead. (Still on unlimited so I am not sure what’s gonna happen.)

  • avinyc

    I would recommend checking homeowners or renters insurance policies for electronic equipment coverage. For a small one-time fee, you can add onto your policy and cover phones, laptops tablets etc. without a high monthly fee. Plus, asurion has different deductibles and exclusions that could end up costing you more than paying out of pocket. If the deductible plus monthly fees and taxes during the contract period add up to the cost your laid out buying the device, it might be better to go without insurance.

  • markopolo

    Will they replace a droid RAZR with a crack screen I never use any insurance before.

    • sc0rch3d

      you can go on asurions website, i believe, and quote it before you go through with the process. i weighed that against my other options of replacing or fixing myself.


  • Matt P

    Isn’t there a deductible on these plans? I bought the coverage through Best buy for 9.99 a month and there is no deductible.

    • Exactly what I did. Best insurance ever. And replace your device as many times as you want.

      • michael arazan

        My asurion is 6.99 and the deductible is 99$. I think the average is $99, was for my D1 and Gnex, just used it for the first time on my Gnex smashed screen. 3 years of paying Asurion. Nice to have it and they sent me it overnight and got it on a Saturday.

        • Smashed my Note II the first 3 weeks I had it.

        • JohnPA2006

          I have had phones from Verizon sent to me that were refurbs, if I claim against Asurion, are those retail new phones, or same refurbs you would get from the Verizon store?

    • JohnPA2006

      There is a deductible. If in fact their is no deductible then that insurance company is operating its business at a profit loss on every claim.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      I’m pretty sure best buy does not cover total loss which is a big deal to me. I have lost 2 phones since having a cell.

  • The $5.18 insurance does provide access to the application if you live in certain states, like Florida. Usually, the TEC has to be unavailable, though.

  • sc0rch3d

    For those on the fence and have Android, TEC is worth it. I’ve had it for 2 years without using, but then suddenly I dropped my GNEX (3 feet) and the screen shattered. Asurion had me a refurb phone the next day with an additional battery to keep. The refurb phone did end up having radio problems a few days later, but Asurion sent a brand new phone (standard in box with accessories) the next day. Great customer service.

    • Just don’t forget about having to pony up that deductible…

      • sc0rch3d

        $100 is not a bad deductible for a $500+ phone (at the time when it happened)

        • Mike

          I would rather opt out and either fix it myself or send it back to samsung. My father’s screen shattered after 3 days of use Galaxy SIII and he sent it to Samsung and they replaced the screen in it for $150. You paid for TEC for 2 years and paid a $100 deductible. So you paid $267.76 ($100+$6.99 for 24 months). Now you tell me which choice is better! Only time this would be worth it is if you drop and break your phone VERY often and if that is the case maybe you shouldn’t have a phone if you don’t know how to handle or protect it. Before that my wife had an OG droid and I bought and replaced the digitizer screen myself for the cost of about $75 and my time. Not giving greedy Verizon any more money than I have to!

          • sc0rch3d

            if you saw my post up there, i’m in a unique situation where a company discount nullifies most of that cost. i also keep 2 backup phones (Droid 2 and RAZR) just in case my primary breaks. No offense, it’s not like you guys are educating me on something I didn’t already consider in my budget. I take risk as I see fit best for my family and possible unforeseen costs in a year.

          • Big_EZ

            Its not Verizon, its assurion. You can tell they are separate from Verizon because they replace your phone quickly and hassle free, and have great customer service.

          • Liquidretro

            I agree with you, they limit you to 2 incidents a year I believe.

          • Yep, there’s a reason these insurance companies stay in business.

          • Sam_K

            I love the way people count the savings when they don’t get insurance. First, you only pay the $100 deductible if you actually need to get a replacement so if you opt out of insurance you’re only saving $5.18 or $6.99/month for 2 years so you’re only saving $124.32 or $167.76 at the end of 2 years. If your father had gone through insurance only 3 days after getting his phone, he’d have paid only $106.99 to get his replacement phone ($6.99 for the first month of insurance + $100 deductible), less than the $150 he paid for the screen to replaced. You’re counting money saved on insurance that you father hadn’t even paid yet. If he broke his phone after owning it for 24 months then your math would be accurate. And what if he breaks his screen again a few months later? That’s another $150 to Samsung without insurance or $100 deductible to Asurion (plus the monthly cost of insurance that you’ve been paying) and I’m sure it’s faster to get the replacement from Asurion than to get Samsung to repair your phone.

          • Mike

            Sorry I forgot to mention he had an OG droid as well before his SIII with no insurance and no problems, so you can add another 2 years or $167.76 to his savings with easily makes it worthwhile not to get the insurance. Also believe it or not Samsung had the phone back to him in about a week, which he just reactivated his OG Droid in the meantime. With 5 people on my account I am more than willing to take the risk than to shell out $419.40 a year in just TEC fees.

    • Liquidretro

      Let’s say you have had the GNEX since launch on VZW. You have paid $90.87 in monthly fees, and then you paid $99 in no refundable deductible for a refurbished phone with problems. A total of $189.87. Granted they replaced the phone again, but right now on Swappa (Not the cheapest place to get a used phone) they are for sale for about $190-210. Personally I will take my chances on the fact that if I don’t have a problem with the device on my 2 year contract I saved $167.76 on monthly fees alone.

      • sc0rch3d

        Completely agree. My reasoning for my route is that I get a company discount on the plan. Whether I need a new phone or pay a deductible, I can recover quickly. Plus, we all have bigger fish to fry….the math is so close either way from my budget, that having insurance makes one less headache for me.

      • Sqube

        That’s a good point. But with Asurion, I’ll just… get the phone the next day. No fuss, no muss, no getting unlucky and buying the phone from an illegitimate seller, etc.

        I know the odds of all of those things happening are very small. But I also know that I’m going to get my device from Asurion.

      • Sam_K

        Your savings is all based on the assumption that you will never have your phone lost, stolen, damaged, etc over the entire life of the contract. Would you have said the same thing if 2 months into your 2 year contact your phone was stolen or damaged beyond repair? I don’t think a replacement GNEX would have cost $200 after only being on the market for only 2 months, probably more like $500+. You’re paying $5.18 or $6.99/month for peace of mind so if anything does happen you’re not shelling out hundreds of dollars to buy a replacement.

    • Mack

      Same thing happened to me, although dropping the phone isn’t what caused the screen to crack. I had to go through more than one replacement device before I got a new one with no issues but Asurion always had a replacement at my door in less than 24 hours. The third device from them was brand new with no issues, the first two were refurbs with screen or data problems.

  • edgarw

    like I would give big red anymore of my money!