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The Droid Life Show: Episode 12

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After a long and at times slow holiday news period followed by a long and incredibly slow (on a news front) CES, we’re finally back to regular programming. With regular programming, you get The Droid Life Show on its regular night and…30 minutes earlier than normal. OK, so that’s not that “regular,” but we’re still back! We’ll have the whole team tonight to talk about our final thoughts on CES, so that we can move on to 2013 and the exciting times ahread.

Join us at 5:30PM Pacific (8:30PM Eastern). We’ll have live video and a chat below.

If you can’t make the show tonight, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, or the feed. 

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  • Alexander Garcia

    I’m with Tim in that this year, Sammy is gonna kill everything in its path with the S4. But… I really really hope that another OEM (I’m lookin’ at you Moto) will take Sammy down from the throne. Greatshow as always guys. =)

  • tomn1ce

    Good show guys….Yahoo!….who?

  • Apostrafee

    My boss went to CES this year and saw something at the Verizon booth called eagle eye or something like that…it’s basically google glass but the rep said “better” and launching end of this year….essentially trying to launch it before google glass…so perhaps they are after Google

    • Apostrafee


  • bobbymay1

    You guys need a Droid-Life theme song to start the show with.

    • They could use one of the old Motorola ringtones. 🙂

  • paul_cus

    Tuesday would be a good day for the Tato show.

  • Thomas

    Yahoo rocks !!! WTF ???