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Seidio Enters the Tempered Glass Protector Arena, Releases VITREO for Galaxy S3

vitreo galaxy s3

We’ve talked a lot about tempered glass screen protectors over the last year. They are certainly a popular item in the accessory world because of the level of protection that they can provide those big beautiful displays of ours. So it only makes sense that companies would continue to invest in the technology, especially the big dogs. The next to enter the business is long time accessory company, Seidio

Their new VITREO tempered glass protector comes in both white and black (yes, black not blue) and carries the same 9H hardness that we have some from others like XGEAR. It also has tapered (rounded) edges, a strong silicon adhesive that won’t bubble or lift, and adds only .55mm of thickness to the device.

Here are the highlights of the VITREO:

  • Specially process tempered glass stamped with 9H hardness rating to safeguard devices from heavy duty scratches and abrasions
  • Tapered (rounded) edges provide a sleek, enhanced profile on the device while reinforcing critical points of impact that bolsters durability
  • Strong silicon adhesive for easy installation without bubbling or lifting
  • Adds only .55mm to the device making it lightweight and portable
  • Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and smudges

We’re a little confused as to why they went with black over blue to match the color of the phone, but it is what it is.

The VITREO runs $39.95.

Via:  Seidio [Amazon]

  • disqus_2jTI4jgif7

    I just purchased one of these via ebay… The upper drop down bar is less responsive???? I love the feel, but this unresponsive thing is killing me! Did I get a faulty one?

  • Alix8821

    Just Got One…. Looks Great, feels great. But its a fingerprint magnet!! My GFs Spigen iPhone one isn’t this bad..

  • Mike_Cook7

    Are that many people really scratching their S3’s? My S3 is neked and hasn’t scratched yet knock on wood. I got a few scratches on the GNex but the S3 seems rock hard. I got sick of looking at more scratches everyday on the soft screen protectors and would rather suffer the few minor I might actually get.

  • J

    Simply amazing…just purchased the SURFACE CASE, and now they come out with the VITREO, what are the chances that both would go together…lol….

  • Casey Puyleart

    would like to see more side-to-side or head-to-head comparison between this and the other two out there for the S3. I’ve been running naked since July, and I have a few scratches now because of it. I refuse to use a film protector – every one I have ever had I eventually get sick of…but the glass ones look promising to me.

    • Paradisimo

      Save yourself the money, the glass ones aren’t that great either. I have owned both the XGear and Bulletproof glass screen protectors for my S3 and was just as disappointed with them as I am the film protectors. Both of them scratched rather easy and lint gets between the screen and the protector. I’m now out of $60 and am carrying around a naked S3.

  • Alix8821

    this is .55mm …. is that thinner, thicker, or = to the others?? JW. Love the idea, but been shying away due to the bulk.

  • Scott Hammerslag

    Umm…you know Verizon makes a black GS3 right? There is also an international one. So it’s not like it doesn’t match a phone in existence or anything.

    • Daistaar

      When you design or mass produce, you don’t target the least common denominator. Ceramic White and Pebble Blue make the most sense. It’s like starting with the Brown and Red variants…

  • I still don’t understand why they aren’t making these all clear? What’s the point of trying to mimic what the phone looks like on the protector if you could just make it clear? Makes zero sense.

    • havrin

      I have one of these made by another company for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and from what it looks like to me, the reason they don’t make them clear is because they put the adhesive that holds the protector on underneath the colored edges. That way you don’t see any bubbles or the adhesive. It keeps things looking nice and neat.

      • brkshr


      • Ah, thanks for the response. I’ve wanted to try one of these, but it made Kellex’s screen look like a window because it was raised up on the GNexus that I never bought one. So there’s actual adhesive behind the colored spots. Bummer, I’ve actually taken off my regular screen protector after a year or so with my Galaxy Nexus and haven’t had a scratch yet. Think I’m done with protectors for now, at first I was a huge advocate, but my protector was getting a few scratches, ripped it off and never put another one back on and screen has been perfect.

        • owan

          lucky… my GNex screen seems to scratch far more easily than my old DInc. The XGear is a necessary evil for me

    • The manufacturing process is different. Also, with the colored border it blends in better and gives you a more stock look. The clear has flaws that the color border addresses.

      • LOL

        I hope you know that the hardness scale rating only goes up to 9H.

  • Interesting…

  • “We’re a little confused as to why they went with black over blue to match the color of the phone, but it is what it is.”
    They must have seen Samsung’s long story about how hard it is to make pebble blue.