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Samsung Godiva “Stratosphere 3” Outed in Pics, R.I.P. Keyboarded Phones

samsung godiva1

The Samsung SCH-i425, or better known as the Godiva, appeared in its first set of pictures this morning. The device, which some were expecting to be the next in the Stratosphere line since the model number matched up to previous Strato models, may not be all that similar after all. Notice anything missing from the phone? Yep, that would be a physical slideout keyboard.

Other than the missing keyboard, we should be looking at a HD (720p) display, NFC sensor inside the back cover, and an Android version of 4.1.2. It’ll likely be an ultra-affordable 4G LTE device for those not willing to pony up $200+ for the latest and greatest Android device.

No official word from Verizon on name or release date, but if it’s in the wild like this, it may not be far off. Plus, Big Red has yet to announce anything for Q1, so we should be hearing and seeing something very soon. 

samsung godiva2

Via:  Engadget

Cheers Scott!

  • RIP keyboarded phones. I don’t know why some people get up in arms over these phones. I thought Android was about form factor choice? There’s plenty of slabs out there anyways, why not some sliders too to liven up things a bit? 🙁

  • smwandrie93

    i wouldnt say this shows any signs of the end of physical keyboard phones. more than likely this is a second generation model to the samsung galaxy stellar…

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    How is it that this piece of junk get’s a micro SD card slot yet some of our premium phones these days have removed them?

  • Whew. Well as someone that JUST purchased a Stratosphere 2 (because I need a physical keyboard), I’m actually pretty relieved to hear this.

  • Corey Hass

    That would be wireless charging in the back cover, NFC is in the battery.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Actually nope. Samsung marks the NFC batteries with the “Near Field Communication” right below the Samsung logo. This battery is not labeled as such and also, Samsung uses a “two pin” connection for their wireless charging covers, not 4.

    • JetBlue

      Note 2 on Verizon has NFC in back cover not in battery.

  • Looks like a good bit of kit from the S3 parts bin, at this date, it may even have the Snapdragon S4 just slightly underclocked and 1GB of RAM, since the GS3 is still flying off the shelves at $199 on contract and they wouldn’t wanna gut it. Stock inductive charging back is a nice touch, unless that’s NFC. I just don’t care for the buttons, since it appears they’re still visible with the backlight off, unlike the S3.

  • Scott Martin

    i need my physical keyboards. these on screen ones suck more than a hoover.

    • I went from a droid 2 global to the S3 thinking I would miss the keyboard. But the big screen plus swiftkey makes me wonder why I ever worried.

    • Josh

      If there isn’t a high end slider Android phone on Verizon by this Fall and I’m forced to go keyboardless anyway then I’m jumping on a Windows phone. To me, the differences in Android, iOS and Windows are minor nitpicky things anyway.

      • Cowboydroid

        You must be blind. Not even the lack of a keyboarded Android could get me to use that trash called windows phone.

      • Marc

        I agree, they provide pretty much the same functionality. There are only a few apps Windows doesn’t have yet for me. By this Winter if there is no Droid 5 or equivalent then I may just go for a Nokia Windows phone

        • RoninX

          Is there even a Nokia Windows Phone with a physical keyboard?

          • michael arazan

            Would love to see a case that has a built in keyboard that you could slide out for regular phones via bluetooth. After my D1 I just learned to use speak to text which is a lot faster than a keyboard anyways

  • Damian

    Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S3 mini?

    • hkklife

      Close, but not exactly. The mini does not have a 720p display, for one.

  • Keyboards aren’t dead. Haven’t you seen the Motorola Droid 34 releasing late spring. It features a full size flip out Saitek gaming keyboard and a pizza pizazz…

    In all honesty i think the keyboard is a smart business’s move, it makes the transition to a smart phone easier to stomach for the older generations. You know… the type that can’t figure out the self checkout at the Walmart or how i just posted for my gas with my phone, those people.

    • LowRes

      … or somebody who prefers physical keyboards. … or you know, we could just generalize people into broad categories while passing a moral judgement on the entire group.

      • We could also take sarcastic, snarky comments from complete strangers who like to joke around on the internet far too seriously, but then where would we all be…butthurt. Much like someone I’ve just recently had the distinct pleasure to become aquatinted with 😉 See what i did there… sarcasm. I suppose you would also defend a man touting an abacus proclaiming that it is superior to the modern calculator. Preach to someone else, i was simply making a valid point. Wrapped in a bit of humor, or so i thought, but nine the less valid despite it.

        • LowRes

          No, you specifically made a judgement that older generations (a rather broad and vague group) are the ones keyboards would be made for, and that those same people are extremely non-techie. That’s pretty insulting

        • bigdav1178

          That was a hilarious comeback, I was rolling’! Now, imagine you were told no one uses Android anymore, the only phones you can buy are iPhones, and then the next Daniel Tosh decides to tell you to go back to Lamda Lamda Lamda, nerd! ROTFL
          Oh my gosh that was funny, I think I just peed a little.

          • bigdav1178

            Apparently, no one got that my post was intentionally bad; illustrating how insulting, immature and lacking in actual humor Damon’s orignial comment was. Oh well…

  • DigitalDK

    Isn’t this the Samsung Galaxy Stellar? It looks exactly the same.

  • Looks like a smaller Galaxy S3…..Smaller screen, with legacy buttons.

    But, why..?

  • J Davis

    R.I.P. keyboarded phones you will NOT be missed..

    • I’d still love to get my hands on one, but with actual high-end specs.

      • hkklife

        The Moto Photon Q is NOT a bad basis for a high-end keyboard phone. It’s 4.3″ qHD which is honestly a larger screen than I ever thought we would see see on a QWERTY phone. All they really need to do itok make it worthy of being a Droid 5 is to bump it up to a decent 720p screen, (4.5″ would be ideal due to the softkeys) double or quadruple its internal storage, and, most importantly, put in a better camera and a much higher-capacity battery.

      • LowRes

        I would buy a slider in a heartbeat if there was one with SGS3 or so specs. I was holding out for Droid 5 before I bought SGS3, but my OG was showing its age and the Droid line has gone strictly downhill since the OG in specs. Severely disappointed 🙁

      • MotoRulz

        There are a still a few people out there that want the high-end spec keyboarded phone the problem is that there are only a few. There is just not a demand for that and unless something changes its just not going to happen. Long live the OG droid..

      • Raven

        Me too. I am still loving my Droid 4, it was a nice upgrade from my Droid 2. But, I would like a higher res screen and definitely a bigger battery. Otherwise, I think it is one of the best phones ever made. They just need to come out with a Droid 5 HD MAXX and I would be the happiest phone owner on the planet.

        • Sam_K

          I agree. One of my best friends wanted a keyboard phone a month ago and the Stratosphere 2 was the best available with a replaceable battery but the specs were barely mid range. They didn’t bother improving the screen resolution or camera resolution between the original Stratosphere and the 2. The 4″ 800 x 480 pixel screen is a joke by today’s standards. They could have bumped it up to 4.3″ qHD or HD resolution. And the 5mp camera could have been bumped up to 8mp so that it could record video in 1080p. I was hoping the SCH-i425 would have a keyboard so I could tell my friend to buy it for full price and then sell his Stratosphere 2 on eBay.

    • Maybe by you…some of us still want a keyboard. Android is the OS of choice, and that is our choice…until they take it away from us. Come on Droid 5!!!

    • testtesttest

      I LOVE keyboards AND real buttons. I love the home button on the S3. I think regular people prefer hardware buttons and many regular people also like QWERTY keyboards. Myself I am a power user sure but I vastly prefer the tactile feedback of buttons, and keyboard shortcuts are awesome. I was all set to buy a Strat 3 if the specs were good. i also hate how sliders have crap specs.

      • LowRes

        I think the best balance for me would be to have no physical buttons on the screen, but a nice solid slide-out keyboard.

      • MotoRulz

        If “regular people” preferred hardware buttons and QWERTY keyboards thats what the phone manufactures would be making.

        • Yes and no. Sales numbers are big, so when a mid- or low-spec keyboard phone flops, they think it’s the keyboard’s fault, when really it may have been the lackluster specs.

          On a side note, this is the same fate that the Xperia Play suffered. There are countless gamepad contraptions out there, so there’s a market, but that phone failed by most all accounts. I would’ve gotten one myself if it had top-shelf specs

          • testtesttest

            very very good reply. I also may have exaggerated when I said most people but I would at least a large chunk of people like Android for the universal buttons, and yes for the hardware buttons particularly. They’re just easier and quicker for my fingers and probably for a lot of other folks too. For this same reason I also miss my camera button my Droid. However, saying “CAPTURE!” is AWESOME (allows for pics when you hold it up, say, above a crowd at a concert). I hate the onscreen keyboard (even swiftkey) so much I usually use voice to “type” when possible.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      The ideal answer would be to make a removable slideout keyboard. Something that the
      keyboard could be attached to the phone for those who want it, but removed for those who don’t. Give me a phone with the thickness of a RAZR but double in size to make a giant Droid 1 with the keyboard attached and I would be pretty happy. I could see myself keeping the keyboard on while at work but then removing it while on my days off. I do the same with extended batteries. 🙂

  • Jake

    Most likely the Galaxy Stellar 2. or something to replace the Stellar.

    • DigitalDK

      Didn’t catch this post, it looks exactly like the stellar. I’m with you.