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PlayStation Mobile Hosting Six Weeks of Free Games, Kicks It Off With Samurai Beatdown

sony xpera play

Yes, this will only be relevant to the handful of people with Sony PlayStation certified devices, but hey, we figured we should spread the love. Starting today and for the following six weeks, PlayStation Mobile is handing out a free game every seven days for anyone rocking a certified device.

This week’s game is Samurai Beatdown, so I will continue to feel justified in not owning one of these devices. On the other hand, I really wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Xperia ZL. I want it now.

If you want your free game, go here.

Via: Sony Mobile

  • Free Games

    loved play station mobile. It has really made the time easy going.


  • Donny

    Using a Xperia Play 4g R800at, but PlayStation Mobile is full of garbage games, I can’t believe what little Sony had done with PSM!

  • bummed my n7 isnt installing apps after the PSM update. still runs the games i bought/loaded in Oct when A-police ran the blog of how to install. now to look for a workaround. 🙂

  • Kheir Francis

    that’s a good deal, but when are they making another Xperia Play phone, only time will tell

    • Donny

      Sony has basically claimed an Xperia Play 2 is not going to happen 🙁

  • Jon Drain

    Damn the Sony Store just had the Xperia X10 for 50 bucks too.

  • Definitely just grabbed this on my Vita, which also has the Uno exploit 😀

  • kwubba

    Sweet..time to update my daughter’s Xperia Play with some free games!

  • Just FYI to those that didnt know. PlayStation Vita is also a certified PlayStation Mobile device.

  • Is it too much to ask for an Xperia Play Z? I really wanted an Xperia Play but couldn’t settle with the specs and lack of 4G.