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HTC DROID DNA Drops to $99 at Amazon for New Customers

droid dna amazon

After we reviewed the DROID DNA by HTC, it was easy for us to call it one of the best Android phones on the market. With a class leading 1080p display, 2GB RAM, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, and reasonable $199 price tag, there were/are few phones that can match up to it. What if you could get it for under $199, though?

Amazon has dropped their prices for the device to a low $99 on 2-year contract for new customers and $149 for upgrades. The upgrade price isn’t a steep cut from Verizon’s price, but it’s still a cut. If the DROID DNA has been on your radar, now would be a good time to think about jumping on it.

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Via:  Android Police

  • jcast187

    Everyone is a moron….the note 2. Is more of a tab thats why it has a stylus..the DNA is only a super phone…not a half tablet/half phone…and you say you sell phones….hahaha

  • Syrio35

    Could use a suggestion of a good verizon phone to get off contract. This one is nice enough to forgive the Thundercrap (actually cost me an A+ in a class when rebooted at night and reset the alarm several weeks ago), but it is still too expensive.

  • therealwaynebrady

    $99 for a phone, but you are paying about $600 too much a year with Verizon, go get Straight Talk Att or a Tmo no-contract plan already.

  • fa3sr011

    Please forgive my ignorance regarding Amazon and upgrading my phone but I have a few simple questions I’ve always been confused about.

    If I’m a grandfathered unlimited data customer I understand that any new phones must be purchased at full retail. My current phone is a RAZR MAXX running JB and I’m very pleased with it. With this particular offer I’m thinking I would NOT be eligible to keep my grandfathered unlimited data if I chose to upgrade my phone using the options that Amazon presents with this current offer. Correct?

    I would have to chose the “phone only” option and pay full retail to keep my unlimited data, yes?

    Apologies for what I’m sure is a very clear-cut question for many of you it’s just something I’ve always been a bit confused on regarding Amazon offers. Thanks for your help.

    • atthevoltain

      That is the only definite way to make sure you don’t lose unlimited, but I’ve had people tell me on forums that they used their upgrade through amazon, the activated the phone as a replacement on VZW (instead of Amazon Wireless) and were able to keep it. I know i had to order (and activate) my note 2 on another line and then switch it to mine to keep unlimited.

  • Art Holguin

    after using this phone for a few weeks the screen is awesome but I had to return it as i kept getting lag issues on sms and hiccups throughout the OS i’m guessing its the sense doing this as the Nex 4 I previously used had non of these issues could be the difference in resolution though. But I couldn’t deal with it being on contract I decided to return it and stick with my GS3 for a bit longer. If anyone needs or would like a diztronic black case and screen protector which was never used email me at kameleongt @gmail Dot COM small price of course

  • I have no problem with sence, and I love the hardware. My problem is with slow inconsistent updates, and no long term updates. Although I loved my Rezound, it was all but forgotten.

  • Ryan5609

    Would love the DNA but I am holding out for the Galaxy S4. Still awhile off yet I know, but I think that will be worth the wait if any/some of the rumors are true.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Love the hardware but the Sense UI isn’t really my thing. For $99 this is totally worth it for me

  • Dogbird

    I just came back from my local h.h.Gregg store, and they have the Droid DNA for 1$. You have to order it in, but they said mine would be available for pickup in under 48 hours. Available for New or Upgrading customers 😀 I’d call in first though to make sure the person there knows the deal is going on. Also, it’s eligible for a 50$ Mail-in rebate, so you essentially get paid 49$ to upgrade. Great deal 🙂

    • areffes

      Dude I hope you paid and have contract in hand, cause Gregg’s site has the DNA at $150 and the Incredible 2 is the one that’s $1

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I would be more interested in one if it wasn’t running the very very tired sense UI

  • 99.99 on letstalk.com for new and 119.99 for upgrade… got a note 2 from them for 179.99 a few weeks back. they rock

  • As much as I was hoping this might be the replacement for my DInc, I simply will not buy a phone without a MicroSD slot unless it comes with at least 32gb of storage. So disappointing, HTC. First the Thunderbolt, extremely underwhelming sequels to the DInc, no OneX for Verizon, then this. It’s no wonder you’re struggling.

  • Can it run AOSP?

  • Silver Veloz

    Hmmm? Tempting for an upgrade $149.99. But I’m still eager to see what’s up with the Motorola X.

  • zepfloyd

    I have to say, still love mine. Solid device.

    • Love my Note II.

      • zepfloyd

        Good for you? Relevant at all to the topic….?

        • michael arazan

          Its a phone that came out the same time as the DNA w/o verizon publicity, with a better processor and battery life and better software and more storage, the HTC just has a better screen. If i was in the market I’d get the Note 2 over the DNA

          • crazysamz

            I just wanted to know how the note II’s cpu is better than there snapdragon s4 pro?

            This is coming from a Verizon Note II owner…

            I sell phones for a living so this info if true would be helpful…. Plus I’m curious.

          • QQpayne

            I sell phones for a living as well, and all benchmark tests have them neck and neck, or at least the multiple tests I have seen run online. Personally I went with the DNA for my own phone because the screen was amazing and the note II was just too big for me. I get up to 2 days of battery out of mine, and use cloud storage for most everything so it is the perfect device for me.

          • crazysamz

            I mean from what I saw online yes they were basically neck and neck but the DNA was a hair faster as is the optimus G with the same CPU.

            I went with the Note II for removable battery (I swap batteries 1-2 times a day/night), the fact I am able to use memory cards as my internal memory (swap ext SD to internal mod) gets me around Verizon’s dumb option to only sell 16gb phones (I came from a 32GB S3) and I personally think the size is great for someone with big hands like myself.

            Not only that but I prefer touch wiz over sense and the S-pen is much handier than I thought it would be!

            Almost went with a DNA too, just battery + memory.

            Its funny, once you go bigger than 5.3inches, you don’t want anything smaller (if you can handle it)

            Was going to get the galaxy s4 but I don’t know if I’ll like the smaller screen

          • Bionicman

            i always chuckle when i hear people getting 2 days out of the DNA. i would think you would have to have sync off or maybe even mobile data turned off most of the time and screen time is something low like 30 minutes? there is more reports of people getting half a days usage out of the phone than anything else because i believe that is the true realistic usage for this phone. such a shame because it had so much potential.

          • LionStone

            Yea, I only get this much… 🙂

          • LionStone

            Better processor? I don’t think so. Bigger battery doesn’t necessarily mean better…DNA’s battery can be said to be “better” because it’s more efficient. Software and storage, that’s preference.

          • Asadian

            Bigger IS better in terms of battery. If the S4 pro was so much more effeicent than the Exynos then wouldn’t we see just as good or better battery life from the DNA over the Note 2? Yet the battery life comparisons aren’t even close. The Note 2 takes a S&#) on the DNA in that aspect.

            In the situation of a locked down battery not replaceable by the user bigger is better. No doubt about it

          • LionStone

            Sorry man, the Note 2 needs that extra battery because of its inefficiencies. Lets compare similar capacities such as GSIII (2100 mAh). I’ve seen only 2 hours screen time with 30% battery used, wow. You can see my post with 4.5 hrs screen time, only 10.5% used and that’s with a 1080p, 5″ screen, so, not even close.

      • Bewara2009

        Love my note 2 too ^_^

    • LionStone

      I concur.