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This Google “Time” Smartwatch UI Concept is Neat


Smartwatches are all the rage these days. Everyone seems to want to feel more connected to their smartphone, a product we already can’t peel our eyes away from for two minutes. We have seen Pebble, one of the more highly regarded products, along with I’m Watch, what may be one of the worst smartwatch attempts in history. There are choices to be had, but what if one was completely Google-inspired? Take this Google Time concept for example. 

UI designer Adrian Maciburko took the idea of a smartwatch, along with Google’s current UI scheme for a variety of products, and transformed it all into this concept. He walks through notifications, responding to messages (Google Talk and Google+) via voice, weather forecasts, accessing homescreens, clock themes, and more.

It’s a product that again, is only a concept and will likely never become a reality, but it’s still pretty cool to follow along with his vision. This is definitely the type of smartwatch I’d be interested in.

Managing Notifications

google time3

Pinch-to-Zoom to Enter Homescreen

google time1


Swipe From Top to Enter Homescreen

google time4

Thoughts on the current infatuation with smartwatches? If there were to be a Google-inspired watch like this, would you be interested?

Via:  Dribble | Maciburko

  • FAL_Fan

    I don’t know how I missed this! Thanks for linking to it Kellen! I would truly and genuinely consider buying the square one! I hope this comes into reality for $ 100-$150!

  • I WANT IT NOW!!! I don’t know why but I’ve been just hooked on these smartwatches lately. I love the Pebble for it’s looks but not it’s functionality and I love the I’m Watch for it UI but not it’s style….hoping the G-Watch will be a perfect balance of style and function. Come on Google….hit this one outta the park!

  • ameer

    what is the cost ,please ?

  • Shane Redman

    All types of yes! Google Chrome-nometer

    This iPod nano as a watch is not cutting it. Its stupid, stupid device. I only wear it cause I like the look of it, but other than that Apple did a terrible job with this device (no surprise there).

  • Adam Neighbors
  • jclokwork

    I hope to see this come to fruition. Best implementation of a smart watch I’ve seen so far.

  • antwonw

    Take this idea, and have it sync to both my Nexus phone and/or Google Glass and even Tony Stark/Iron Man would get it!

    Oh boy. If this truly real and Google Glass was out and the two could sync together with your Nexus phone, life would be amazing! I’d probably feel like a superhero walking around!!

    Captain Google to the rescue!!

  • Wm. Coley

    Sign me up!

  • That looks like something called “Perfection”..!! Hope Google makes it themselves, otherwise some OEM might put a stupidass logo on the face..

  • Barlog

    I didn’t think I would like this idea, but after seeing how the Pebble one looks and the Bluetooth possibilities, I think these are awesome. They are able to make them look like a nice stylish watch and not at all what I thought of when I heard Smartphone watch. The first thing I thought of was the RAD Nintendo watch I had when I was 10

  • Benjamin Parker

    As long as the UI is usable and it works the way I want it too, than I’d buy it.

  • Nicholassss

    Id be interested in this before a pebble thing or an active or whatever its called. and definitely cleaner looking than the ipod nano watch thing

  • frank_motta

    Having used (or tried to use) the following I have some interesting findings:
    WIMM (really a watch – but it is a reference point)
    i’m Watch

    Metawatch is the best integrated of the 3
    i’m watch is the best interface of the 3
    Metawatch has no touch screen
    i’m watch has touch screen (responds sluggishly)

    Metawatch has fair support
    i’m watch has somebody to read the manual back in support cases
    Metawatch contacts the the service directly (gmail.com pop server direct)
    i’m watch wants you to give them your password so they can proxy this

    (presumably via Italy)
    Metawatch is open source SW and available now
    i’m watch I guess will be available – who knows
    Metawatch is not running Android OS
    i’m watch is android OS
    Metawatch wrote a proxy/service app that straps many if the INTENTS for common

    interface communication
    i’m watch seems to require the phone have “bluetooth tethering”

    (cannot find this for any of my 5 test android phones)
    Metawatch runs for days on a charge
    i’m watch runs 2 charges per day (and I am only using bluetooth headset)
    Metawatch has no mic (like a headset/speaker)
    i’m watch has a mic that rubs against the wrist band of a shirt
    – Neither work with the email clients I use (alerts are limited to mail and gmail apps)
    – Neither work with AVX nor Eva
    – Neither work with Voice recorder
    – Neither integrate as though they were just responding to voice input from phone mic

    Minimally, what is needed are:
    – Dual-stack bluetooth. One for phone and one for another headset
    – Mic and speakers on top
    – communication that works with user-settable intents (strap into Droidmail alerts

    and AVX/Eva alerts and listen for AVX/Eva, …)

    I have many many more opinions/findings but only so much day in the day…

    I do not have a pebble yet. Maybe I will not.

  • I’d totally buy a watch like that. Google’s new design style is gorgeous.

  • Stephen Zipprich

    As beautiful as it looks, why is the time not displayed on every screen? It is a watch right? Maybe it doesn’t make sense, but if I’m going to buy a smart “watch”, that’d be my first priority for it’s functionality: tell me the time anytime and all the time.

  • I’m pretty sure it will happen down the road. Unlike Apple who again is not doing anything interesting at all. Just plain lazy from them.

  • This is something I would invest in.

  • Yes

  • This looks amazing! I hope we can get a few days worth of battery out of that watch. The color screen leads me to believe it’ll have terrible battery life, like the Sony/Moto watches. I still really want this.

  • Furkan Yavas


  • JMonkeYJ

    Kinda funny that none of those pics show the time very well 😀 guess the “watch” would go the way of the “phone”

    • grumpypants

      I noticed this as well. The primary screen should not focus on calendar (IMO) it should be a big clock, then swipe to access upcoming appointments/weather/etc

  • grumpypants

    This looks awesome. Sadly, I doubt we will see something like this from Google as I think it would be taking away from Google Glass. It will be interesting to see which product wins – smart watch or smart glasses? I’ll take one of each please. =)

  • flyinggerbil

    i’d buy one.

  • NicholasMicallef

    I love the design of the UI but I don’t really get the point of smart watches, other than the coolness factor, they’re completely impractical.

  • Brent Cooper

    Make it waterproof and tough and this would be awesome!

  • mechapathy

    Um. Yes. Yes I do want this. Now. Google, hire this guy.


  • MikeCiggy

    Make it square and give it a stylish strap and im in

  • r0lct

    I would have to go with slimming the square one down to a rectangle like a regular watch head. I don’t need signal and battery on the home screen.

  • Erik Nerrie

    Give me the BodyMedia Core with an android interface and music output and I’d be happy as a seagull in a pepperidge farm trash can

  • Buy This

    YES x1000. This is literally what I was thinking about the other day. Give it a headphone jack and let it sync with my Google Music account, bam no more ipod shuffle and no reason to remain in the Apple ecosystem. Give it audiobook playback capabilities and allow me to use an adjustable strap so i can wear it on my wrist or my arm for workouts. SHUT THE F*CK UP AND TAKE MY MONEY,

    • would you settle for bluetooth connectivity in lieu of headphone jack?

      • niuguy

        Yeah, headphone jack to your watch would be…interesting 🙂

        • Buy This

          Word but imagine an adjustable strap. Slide it up to your bicep and thread the headphones up your shirt sleeve to your ears. Now you have a simple media player.

          • picaso86

            What about a retractable earbuds included in the watch? Awesome idea.

          • Buy This

            That does sound awesome and would go great with an adjustable strap. Or BT headphones/buds developed in house by Google.

      • Buy This

        I can’t remember if you asked this the other day, someone brought up the (very fair) point that putting in any type of radio would be pretty bad in terms of battery life and price. I would settle for that though. I want, more than anything a shuffle type device that links with my Google music account. I don’t care one bit about any other functionality as long as that is addressed. The goal is to completely eliminate itunes as both a music management program AND as storage/sync service for the music on my computer. My phone is great and all but I don’t enjoy a bulky Gnex crowding my junk. Space is already limited in that area ha.

        • noc007

          Why not just get some bluetooth headphones that connect to your phone? Most of them have Play/Pause, Back, Next, and volume controls. There’re behind the ear models, models that are compact and can take normal earbuds, and the rare model that looks like a BT headset with a removable earbud that goes to the other ear.

          Sure you’d have to pull your phone out of your pocket to do more than just the basic controls, but it would free you from iTunes Hell. Personally I wouldn’t want a cord going from my wrist to my ears, but that’s just me.

          • NexusPhan69

            Exactly what I do. But. Very difficult to work out with a giant phone in your pocket.

          • Buy This

            That’s where the adjustable band comes in. It would be just like a band or sleeve for ipods. Slide it up your wrist to your bicep. YoU EvEn LiFt BrO?!

        • whoa

          Why not make the whole watch strap a battery

      • yes…I’ll take it

    • My thoughts word to word. Just that I’d like Bluetooth (A2DP has brought the audio quality up by a lot) instead of a 3.5mm socket. It would spoil the look of the watch and wires dangling from your wrist wouldn’t look neat.

    • Jesse

      what about if it connected to your smartphone through bluetooth, and you could control the music playing on your smartphone with it?

    • AGREE…1000%

  • I would buy a simple round one.
    give me time,weather, Google music, notifications (calendar,sms,gmail), and some running/Biking tracking integration and i would be happy. and if google can sell the Nexus 4 for $300, i would expect this to come in under $80. and i would buy.

    i dont need places, voice search, maps, or anything that google now offers.

  • That’s a lot of tech for such a small Item! Gotta save room for a battery, right?

  • Jonathan Bunch

    best looking smart watch Ive ever seen as long as its thing should be a hit!

    • Now if only we can talk someone into making it a reality heh.

      • someone get google on the phone!

  • Kerry Davies

    Why do you guys even post links if they dont lead to anything other than the same post! (I’m Watch/many many others)

    • NicholasMicallef

      Those links show a list of related articles (a site search pretty much), of course this one is the latest, so you will see it first. Just scroll down for more…

  • Ben Modica

    I don’t wear a watch but I would buy this.

  • mustbepbs

    I’d love something like this..but at the same time I’m worried it would become too popular, carriers would jump on it, and it would become another OEM pissing match to see who can make the biggest smartwatch screen.

    • nwd1911

      I would get a chuckle out of a smartwatch being advertised to watch 1080p movies. Samsung will use their flexible display to create a smart-armsleeve.

      • Ha! Smartsleeves.. oh my. I can really see that happening too.

        • Raven

          Anyone watch the premiere of Continuum last night? They had a pretty good rendition of flexible screen tech from 2077. The lead character wears a bodysuit that can change color and display screens on the arms and legs and oh yeah also happens to be bullet proof.

  • With a watch like this, my main concerns would be visibility in sun light and battery life. Can’t wait for my Pebble to ship! Don’t have to worry about either of those.

    • I’m with you, can’t wait for Pebble to ship. I’m ready for a smartwatch in my life. 🙂

      • moozicmon

        As psyched as I am for the watch to ship, I’m more excited to see what developers come up with. It’s going to be quite an awesome adventure!

    • iPod nano lasts me at least a somewhere between 1-2 weeks before it needs to be charged. So unless you’re using this to listen to music and not using it THAT much. I could see it lasting at least 3 days.

  • Laki S.

    Good start, but you know, there’s nothing wrong with making a technological piece also look good…… If it wouldn’t look awesome as a regular watch, being able to swipe Google+ won’t make me want it any more. It just looks ugly. Same thing with the Pebble. I’m excited to get mine (early backer), but I wish they made it look like a nice watch and not a cheap plastic toy.

  • Danrarbc

    I see some stuff here that’d still work in a more feasible Pebble device. The color UI as shown though would just be ridiculous.

  • If they could make them look fashionable, and not strictly for techno geeks….these would sell like hotcakes

    • Laki S.

      Exactly. I want them to put as much time into its aesthetics as its function or no one is gonna wanna wear it for long.

  • S.Ober

    This looks amazing!

  • mog386

    The more and more I see Google’s design language take shape, the more and more I fall in love with it.

    • Buy This

      It’s pretty cool to see them actively putting all the pieces in place for their own little media ecosystem. There was an article a while back about how the net went from being a closed portal like AOL to open and now is moving back towards closed portals where content is selected for you. This is sort of the direction I see Google going.

    • Brett Besa

      Indeed! It’s sleek and modern. The more of it I see, the more I like

    • calculatorwatch

      Agreed, putting Matias Duarte in charge of Android design is the best move Google has made since acquiring Android. It makes me wonder when people will actually realize how cheezy the iPhone’s UI looks in comparison.

      • michael arazan

        Would love then to design one like stra trek TNG communication device with the Star Fleet Symbol that was worn on the front of the uniform, just tap and talk or tap and ask questions to google now like the computer to the ship.

  • Eric Franca

    Would love this somethin fierce. In for one at $50 or less. Can’t wait for google to screw up selling this out of the play store. So psyched.

    • Laki S.

      Don’t be so cheap.

      • Eric Franca

        By the time this would come out, 7 in tablets will be pushing $100. Maybe I could go in for one at $100. It’s a moot point anyway. This won’t be coming anytime soon.

        • I highly doubt that.. I agree with the, “this won’t be coming anytime soon” part. But your other points and requests are laughable at best. Tablets like the Nook will remain at that price, and maybe very cheap 3rd party tablets. But 7inch tablets with Tegra 3/4 processors and latest version of Android? No. They’ll remain at the price point they’re at now.

    • that would be so not fierce

  • Joshua Dudash

    looks like a great start. Show me battery life, Price, Memory, Google Music integration etc..

    • Danrarbc

      If it was like this it’d be $500 and last a day.

      It needs to be pruned down to become a feasible product.

      • 500 won;t even get you a mid-range analog watch. I’d be happy as could be if a watch could do all that, and be slim for only 500.

        • Danrarbc

          Those watches don’t last a day.

          The Pebble lasts a week for 1/5 the price.

          • I don’t think you understood my point..

          • Joshua Dudash

            Its E-Ink. Of course it lasts a week. Look at the #1 usage of battery life in your phone. The display! Something needs to change, either better batteries or lower power soc’s.

  • ksat

    They better submit the patent now before Apple says they stole the idea!

  • tanknspank

    I’ll admit, I can’t wait for my Pebble to ship.

    • Andrew

      Me too!

    • noc007

      Same here. Of the smartwatches available or ones proposed which don’t have some vaporware technology, I think the Pebble is the best one. Though nifty, I don’t think this Google one is worth bothering to be made if the display can’t be on for days at a time without needing a charge. If I’m wearing a watch, I expect to be able to glance at it for the time without much effort and no fiddling.

    • Same here, I think I might be in the first batch of the shipments so I am pretty excited.

  • This would be pretty cool. I admit I’ve been intrigued by the smart watch idea, because I probably take my phone out of my pocket most of the time to check the time, weather, or for notifications. This would be a lot more convenient, and help prevent accidental drops