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New Samsung SCH-i425 Device Spotted in Benchmark, Headed to Verizon as the Next Stratosphere?

samsung godiva

Is the Samsung Stratosphere 3 already in testing? A new benchmark that appeared over at GLBenchmark hints at a device that certainly fits into the model number scheme that Verizon and Samsung have used for their Stratosphere series. 

A phone under the codename “Godiva” and with model number SCH-i425 showed up with a 720p (1280×720) display and dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. It also has Verizon branding all over the software build, so we’re jumping to a bit of a conclusion by giving it the “Stratosphere” name, but not much of one. The original Strato was i405 and the Strato 2 is i415.

It seems a bit odd that Verizon and Samsung would be ready to push out a new Stratosphere device after having just released the Stratosphere 2 in November. Without announcing much at CES, they are going to need Q1 devices, though, so maybe this makes sense after all.

If you were considering the Stratosphere 2 as one of the last phones on the planet with a keyboard, you were probably disappointed in the low end specs. Maybe this new version will be just what you were hoping for, assuming it has a keyboard.

Does a phone with a keyboard still have a place in your heart?

Via:  Ameblo | GLBenchmark

  • feztheforeigner

    There was a Stratosphere II??

  • Daniel

    I’m still loving my Droid4 and would like to see a high-end qwerty slider on every network, especially Verizon where Droid’s used to always be the top.

  • bigdav1178

    Hanging on to my physical keyboards as long as I can. There just is some functionality and ease of use that you don’t get from the software keyboards.
    For example, a friend has a Galaxy Note and asked me yesterday where the arrow keys were on the soft keyboard. I showed him that he could touch the screen and move the cursor to a different point in the text he wanted to edit. He said he knew that, but found it to be a pain, and just wanted to arrow over. I then pulled out my Droid 4 and said that was why I settled for a phone with lesser specs and a crappy screen, but a keyboard that has all the keys I need easily available.
    Personally, I too use the soft keyboard when I’m just typing out quick responses; but if I have a real email to send, need to edit a document, need to do some kind of symbol work (like command-line or typing out a specific URL) or even just want to have better accuracy when I’m typing, I’ll pull out the slider. Maybe the majority of people out there do little more than quick texts and short emails, but some of us still rely on those hardware keyboards.

  • Kheir Francis

    Keyboard phones will always be needed. not everyone likes a touch screen or can use a touch screen. G1 was the best 1st keyboard phone, and hopefully the next stratosphere 3 won’t be the last.

    • Tim242

      Not everyone can use a touch screen? Haha Maybe they don’t need a smartphone if they can’t use it. Keyboards make phones clunky, and moving parts on a phone is never a good idea.

      • bigdav1178

        Touchscreens make phones fragile, and glass on a phone is never a good idea.
        Yeah, that has about as much validity as your argument does.

        • Tim242

          If you don’t take care of it, it is fragile. Constantly opening the keyboard is wear and tear. The ribbon gets damaged and problems arise. I should know, I repair phones.

          • bigdav1178

            I have owned keyboarded phones for several years, long before android, and have never had a keyboard die on me. My reply is the same, if you don’t take care of it, it is fragile. Your argument continues to be weak.
            That point aside, I have never understood your type (the physical keyboard hater). You put down the idea of having choice in phones. It reminds me of an iPhone user – they don’t like choices either.

          • Tim242

            There are many issues with physical keyboards. They make the phones bulky. They make them loose. The less moving parts, the better. Not to mention, they are hard to type on. Phones are too big to accommodate a bulky clunky keyboard. You do have choice. If you want a keyboard, you get a smaller, mid-range phone.

          • bigdav1178

            I do get smaller, mid-range phones with keyboards because that is all there is; but yet there are always people like you that have to whine about there even being smaller, mid-range phones with keyboards. I just don’t get it. If those bulky, loose phones don’t work for you, don’t buy them; but stop complaining about them, because for others of us, they do work.

  • Ryan Keller

    Yay! Long live the physical keyboard!

  • yi peng

    It is expected heading towards Verizon Wireless. And as the name suggests, I425, this looks like it could be another Stratosphere.We will not know it for sure until Samsung makes an official announcement.After all, that handset has a 4-inch 800 x 480 display and a 1.2 GHz processor. Should happen in the fall – This discovery could also be a good timing for a future release, which, if you follow the pattern of the previous versions Stratosphere. Bottom line here, it is unclear whether this is the end of the Stratosphere III, but it looks like Verizon will be more and more mid-range, but still LTE-capable device(volkkauf).

  • I honestly don’t see why everyone here loves the physical keyboards. I personally wanted to get a phone without one (I first looked at the Eris) but was convinced to get the OG Droid. I was so glad to get the GNex as a replacement for my Droid because of the lack of physical keyboard.

  • phone maven

    Please, please, please let Verizon offer a high end qwerty keyboard phone. I have Droid 2 and am not releasing my hold on it until something better comes out with a detaichable battery. Even a follow on Droid would be OK. Strat II is not up to par. Why do all the phones with a physical keyboard come out as mid-range? It is business users who buy them…

    • Tim242

      Because physical keyboards are a terrible idea. Moving parts means weak points.

  • hkklife

    If it has at least reasonably close to GS3-level specs AND at least a 4″ (4.3″ or 4.5″ with softkeys would be even better) 720p screen AND good battery life, this definitely has “wife’s next phone” written all over it, especially if the pricing is in line with previous Stratospheres

  • We’ll see what the specs are but, that would be kind of a kick in the balls to anyone who just purchased a Stratosphere 2

  • Damian

    Stratosphere HD anyone?

  • Oh how I miss the physical keyboard on my previous phones…

  • danofiveo

    No, a smartphone not need a keyboard. The OG DROID cured me of that with its awful keyboard.

    • michael arazan

      my keyboard still worked after the keys started falling off from so much use, the 3 & 4 were better for durability with dedicated buttons then the glue on strip. Loved the D1 but voice to text is a lot faster i found but makes a lot of mistakes.

    • Daniel

      see, but if you had a better keyboard, like that on a Droid 2 or especially a Droid 4 you’d prolly not want to give it up

  • Dave

    I’m not sure why another device is dropping if there is no large hardware increase like a quad core or 1080 screen. Being a mid range device it makes more sense.

  • John


  • sc4fpse

    “Godiva”? If I didn’t see Samsung, I would have thought we were looking at the next LG Chocolate!