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Google Now Boarding Pass Card Goes Live, Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Google Now Boarding Pass

Starting today, Google has flipped the switch on boarding passes through Google Now. When arriving at the airport and given your flight info is in your linked Gmail account, Google Now will prepare your digital boarding pass for easy access once you check-in online, making airports all the less stressful as long as your battery isn’t about to bite the dust. 

For now, the service is only available for select airlines, but you can expect that to change as time goes by. Fingers crossed Virgin America is supported.

For the full list of Google Now cards, check out our post here.

  • tip: make sure brightness is all the way up when scanning the barcode. mine was having a hard time reading and an employee told me that was why.

  • I just used it this past weekend on my snowboarding trip to Mammoth. It worked perfectly. I have the Gnex too.

  • ostensibly

    I’d love this except I always fly with a child, and iirc you can only have one digital pass per phone.

  • Not all airports have the ability to scan at 100% of their locations. Stand in line for 10 minutes then go back downstairs to get a printed boarding pass to stand in line again. Saw it happen in Vegas on Friday while leaving CES.

  • William_Morris

    Can’t make me breakfast.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i think this went live a bit ago, or maybe i was on the pre-trial, because i used it to fly home after Xmas and for my business trip last week 🙂

    i take a screenshot of the card so i can use that as a backup if Google Now fails or there’s no data, but so far Google Now has come thru every time.

    this card combined with the flight tracking card makes for great travel. the flight info card even updated with new gate information while i was in the airport! can you imagine what Google will do with Google Now in the future??!

  • ontheroadalot

    Been using this for a couple years flying Delta.

  • I saw some person using their phone for a boarding pass and it really saved no time. In this instance her phone kept rotating when she tried to scan it so it didn’t work right…oh the joys of technology.

  • Russell Tanner

    Love it, but I tried using a digital boarding pass at the airport one time and they looked at me like I was a crazy person. Fortunately I also printed one for this experiment…

  • Still waiting for a Fandango/Movie Ticket card!

  • mwjii

    Google Now is awesome!

  • mec

    It can’t give me college scores…

    • I want 100x more college football than the NFL. hopefully it comes out soon

      • mbaldwin85

        Well, I don’t see the rush now since the season is over. Damn you Bama!

        • mec


    • chas1723

      +1. I thought it strange that it did not have NCAA

  • cizzlen

    Google Now will finally lead us to world peace.

  • enigmaco

    Only if our government was as efficient as google now this world would be a better place.

    • Alex P.

      As efficient at systematically tracing and recording our every single move, yes.

      • enigmaco

        well you can’t be in the land of the free without being tracked duh!

  • Silver Veloz

    Last time I flew with some friends to New Orleans, my friend Ken and I had hard copies of our boarding passes with us in line. Our other friends laughed at us for not having it on our smartphones to just scan. I held up my phone and had it there. I said, “Nothing wrong with having a backup, just in case” I’m all for paperless, but sometimes things can go wrong.

    • I end up flying at least once a month on business, and every time I go to the airport I print out a boarding pass in case there’s a problem. It only takes a couple of seconds and it prevents the TSA goons from manhandling my phone. If I should happen to lose my paper copy then I have the electronic version as backup.

      • NexusPhan69

        Missed a flight because of a stupid electronic boarding pass. Never again. The electronic boarding pass said my flight had already left when I scanned it because the flight was delayed. They couldn’t let me on because it posed a “security risk” Had to go back to the ticket counter, print off a paper boarding pass for the flight that already left and get bumped to the next one.

        • Sounds like you were as much a security risk as the cupcake seized in Las Vegas due to suspicious icing.

  • David Verba

    “as long as your battery isn’t about to bite the dust.” – I guess us GNex users are out!

    • and DNA! Zing again!

    • Kane Stapler

      “is there anything it can’t do?” turn on wifi

    • Graham Merrill

      I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s the Google Location services. It’s cut my battery by a third, so I gave up.

  • Pedro

    Well, it still can’t convert a Shipped! email from Amazon into a tracking notice.

    • Mine tracks just fine

    • Christian

      Package tracking for Amazon orders has been working great for me, too.

      • Pedro

        I have a comcast account that I use for Amazon. I set up Outlook at home to forward EVERYTHING that had Shipped in the title to my Google Now account. Nothing. Nada. I get the emails. All of them have UPS 1Z tracking numbers. I get no Google Now card.

        • Christian

          Hm very strange. Maybe it could have something to do with the other email address, but I have no idea.

        • I have the same issue and have found that its because Google Now only picks up the ones sent from the official Amazon email-address. Its kinda annoying because I have already set up all of my online shopping accounts with a Road Runner email address but most websites allow you to change the email address without having to go through *THAT* many hoops.

        • Tom Z

          That does suck. I use a non-GMAIL account for all my orders and stuff. I tried forwarding them and it didn’t work. I don’t want to use my Personal Gmail account for my junk email(purchases, etc.)

    • SubMatrix

      just ordered 3 things off amazon last week, got 3 cards…not sure whats up with yours :/

    • michael arazan

      You can also track through amazon,also they will send emails

  • Booyah

    “Limited airlines”? Wonder which ones…

  • at some airports, digital boarding passes take longer to get through security. Also, the curved screen on the Gnex doesnt help the scanners any.

    • Dan

      Scanners seem to do just fine with my gnex…

    • Crazydog

      It depends on the scanners. Laser scanners will not work on something that is emitting light. Optical scanners do, but they are more expensive and less widespread.

  • testing 1 2 3

    going on vacation next week, gonna give it a shot

  • Hunter

    Google Now for President!

    • But who is the running mate?

      • Pat Hamilton

        Google Then.

      • Hunter


      • Crazydog

        Google Later

      • Pedro

        Let her watch on the sidelines.
        Yeah! I’m Vice President! That’s… almost good.

        Siri… what good is the vice president?
        Siri: Almost

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Google Malware….