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White Galaxy Nexus Shows Up on Verizon’s Site, Doubt It Means a Thing

white verizon galaxy nexus

Last February, a source of ours told us that Verizon had a 16GB white Galaxy Nexus ready to ship, along with a 16GB regular version. For whatever reason, the white G-Nex never did arrive in stores, even if we saw official white backs for the device and frame housings show up in online retailers. The device was definitely real, but at some point before it could be purchased, it was killed. 

When we were tipped to the device showing up on Verizon’s site, in a My Verizon tutorial video, we couldn’t help but chuckle a little. The device above, looks to me like the GSM variant and not the Verizon version that was. The wallpaper used on the device is the one used in GSM press images, not the Phase Beam live wallpaper that Verizon chose to use in their images. I’d say this is simply another Photoshop failure from Verizon’s graphics team, something we are all too familiar with.

So no, I don’t believe this is a sign that a white variant will appear a year after being axed. It’s pretty obvious that Verizon has moved on from the Galaxy Nexus experiment.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Bweb2185!

  • Total_telecom

    when you take a photograph um often times you get a reverse image

    • mechapathy

      Yeah. Especially if you’re standing in front of a mirror, duck-facing.

  • Total_telecom

    seriously think about this, why would anyone currently buy a Galaxy Nexus without some serious improvements- when there are such great phones as the Galaxy s3 and the note2 ?

    and then another 3 months there will be new devices that make even the S3 look like a dinosaur

  • Looks gross with that original dark gray border anyway imo

  • I’m betting Verizon was sorry they every agreed to carry a Nexus phone. “WTF is with all these users wanting updates and support for this phone???!!!! We don’t do that! Dump it quick!!”

    • michael arazan

      The Galaxy Nexus is probably the only phone on Vzw to receive so many updates of any device they have ever had.

      • Exactly. They were probably pissed they had to do two.

  • bananatroll

    hmmm maybe Big Red will get a refreshed gnex rather than the Nexus 4? I can see that as a possibility. Samsung is still a disappointed choice for your reference devices though… tsk tsk tsk google!

  • Sqube

    Man, talk about a day late and a dollar short…

    • michael centeno

      lmao! exactly.

  • El Big CHRIS

    I’d love to turn my VZW GNex white. But the housing was only for the GSM version

  • Dave

    I couldn’t imagine buying a 16 month old phone on a 2 year contract.

  • Jeff Broders

    GNex S!

  • DanSan

    ive always wanted them to sell the white shell for the VZW nexus… such a tease


  • Bionicman

    yikes not interested anymore. i mean Gnex is old news! 😛 and i think my white Note 2 with a black case looks better 🙂

    • Dave

      my screen protector is getting ruined by the case. Otherwise I have that combo and like it.

      • KleenDroid

        I trim my screen protector so the case doesn’t lift the edges.

        • Dave

          I’ll try that this weekend. Did you just use a straight blade? I need to be careful I don’t cut the face of the phone.

          • KleenDroid

            Yes I used a straight blade but I trimmed it before I put it on the phone. Dont cut it while it’s on the phone.

  • Christian

    Was the white housing ever really available anywhere online? Don’t think I ever saw it.

    • It was available in limited countries

    • Mack

      For the GSM Galaxy Nexus? Yes.

      The LTE/Verizon/Sprint model? No.

  • 4n1m4L

    Not to mention the pogo pins are on the wrong side.

  • John


    • mjmedstarved

      There isn’t on the front of my Gnex..

      • John

        I know. I was just joking around.

  • NickRo7

    After looking at my own Verizon GNex, it is showing the power button and POGO pins on the wrong side as well. Add that to the list of failures in this picture.

    • picaso86

      You know Verizon and Photoshop do not get along.

      • nightscout13

        Prolly cause ShamWOW is the one doing the work

    • Inquizitor

      Strangest part is that the sensors and camera are on the correct side, however. I don’t understand how/why that happened. Clearly it was more than just a mirroring.

      • TheOiulkj

        My guess would be that they took the picture, mirrored it so that the phone was facing the way they wanted, then mirrored the face again so that the icons and such weren’t backwards.

    • NegativeOne13

      Go home Verizon, you’re drunk.

      Hope this posts now that I’m drunk.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Along with the Verizon Pogo dock!!!

  • MichaelFranz

    its a Unicorn…

  • mike

    Is the GSM nexus like the GSM N4, in that it only displays 4G if you pick up LTE? If so that is showing 4g in the picture and would be a verizon shot. Still doesnt matter, but just pointing out something you claim not to be the case (assuming of course that the gsm gnex works like the gsm n4)

    • 4n1m4L

      I believe when you are on hspa/+ it displays “H” .

  • Eddie Jr

    So then the purpose of this report is????

  • jak_341

    Still hoping and holding out for a GNex 2.

    • Yeah that would be an awesome naming convention. Nexus One to Nexus S to Galaxy Nexus to Nexus 4 to Galaxy Nexus 2? Not confusing at all.

      • Capt. Crunch

        Then again you have the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

        • Both which are not phones and refer to size. But yeah, Nexus 4 could have used a better name.

          • Capt. Crunch

            Yeah I know, then again the Nexus 4 has a 4.8″ display so i know this is a reach but it sort of fits into that naming system too.

          • athom07

            I am pretty sure that was the whole point of their naming system-
            Nexus 4 – 4 inch phone
            Nexus 7 – 7 inch tablet
            Nexus 10 – 10 inch tablet

          • Possibly, but it was also the 4th Nexus phone.

          • mechapathy

            Which is what makes it so clever!

          • moew

            You can make calls on the 7 and 10 voip or xmpp. They certainly are phones.

      • tomn1ce

        They could’ve named it Optimus Nexus….nothing wrong with that since LG uses Optimus on their phones…

    • Captain_Doug

      Same body, SLCD2 screen, larger battery, 13mp camera, and Snapdragon 800.

      • and the adreno 340 or 360 or w/e that comes with it…..

        • Captain_Doug

          The 800 comes with the Adreno 330 which is twice as fast as a 320. The 330 should do just fine.

          • That’s the one! I’d be thrilled with that. Also, no curved glass so the phone will be useful outdoors.

          • Captain_Doug

            Meh. Whichever.

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Same body, SuperAMOLED display from S3 or Note 2 or maybe SAMOLED Plus, and all the rest you said, that’s for me, hehe.