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NVIDIA Posts CES Booth Tour Video – Shows Off Cars, Tegra 4, Project SHIELD


It seems a little poorly timed, given CES is wrapping up, but NVIDIA has released a short booth tour video which gives folks an in-depth look at the NVIDIA CES experience. With a quick look at the Grid Cloud Gaming system, a behind the scenes peek at Project SHIELD, and the Tegra-powered cars, the NVIDIA booth was definitely one of the best ones there. 

  • So we will have smart cars….Spending $10,000 on a car yet it does not have android OS, if it was powered by IOS it would crash 🙂

  • master94

    Tegra powered cars, amazing, one day we will have Tegra powered smart toilets. Cant wait

    • michael arazan

      Auto makers are teaming up with Google to have cars with android preinstalled and Google apps available to you day one, basically GMaps will be integrated into the cars and what ever else you want, I think it’s Ford but might be others too

  • EvanTheGamer

    Now it begs the question…where the hell are the NVIDIA booth babes at? They appear absent from all the CES craziness! What gives?! 😉

    • Mack

      They’re at my house.

    • NVIDIA doesn’t need booth babes to make people pay attention to their booth. 😉

      • EvanTheGamer