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The Droid Life Show: CES Special

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At 5:00PM Pacific, we are going to attempt to launch our first ever live CES special episode of The Droid Life Show. It should be interesting, if anything. With this year’s CES turning out to be one of the slowest in recent memory, we can at least laugh at the lack of news, take you through our lives on the show floor, and fill you in on our random encounters with people like Dennis Rodman. The show may be slow, but Tim and I are still having a great time. 

Join in a few minutes after 5:00PM Pacific (8:00PM Eastern) to experience CES through our minds. There is a live video embed and chat below.

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  • Where’s the download?

    • Thomas

      Touch / Click on the pic of Tim & Kellen & it should give you a viewing option. Browser or YouTube.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Excellent show “Geek Guys”! Man I wish I was there to witness the Rodman encounter IRL. Haha. =)

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      HA I think I feel another DL shirt coming on Geek Guys

  • Thomas

    Thanks Geeks, great show ( you have to watch the show to get that one ).

  • Silver Veloz

    The Dennis Rodman story was hilarious. Thx.

  • Trevor

    I’m actually pretty excited for the Sony ZL. Hope it comes to VZW and doesn’t take 20 years to launch.

  • Greg

    Thoughts on gorilla glass 3?

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I cant wait for MWC

  • andru

    Anything on the vuzix smart glasses

  • JamesU513


    • JoshGroff