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Pebble: First Batch of Smartwatches to Ship to Backers on January 23


We just got out of Pebble’s press event and came away with a bit of info that will certainly be good for anyone who backed the company through Kickstarter many moons ago. The company announced that production, while meeting some hiccups, has gone well and the first batch of smartwatches will be shipped on the 23rd of January. Going further, Pebble hopes to have the watches fully shipped to all backers within 6 to 8 weeks. 

Other than that, they announced a couple new colors (orange and grey), and that’s about it. Like I mentioned, this event was pretty much directed towards backers on Kickstater. If you are new to Pebble and want to learn more and maybe buy one for about $150, you can check them out here on their site.

  • Can’t wait to get mind in the mail. Hopefully I’ll be one of the early backers to get mine.

    • dreadnatty08

      Same here. Went with White. Looks sharp, can’t wait!

  • andrew galvin

    kind of interesting but want to see a review before getting one

  • anezarati

    whats the range for bluetooth? will this be able to connect to my phone when i am across the room?

    • Bluetooth range is always about the same. It’s 30 feet or so.

    • WAldenIV

      33 feet is the typical stated range for Bluetooth.

  • At least the 22mm strap is replaceable. Had the bezel been at least a little bit more thin, I’d be all over this instantly. But for 150.. I’m not sure. I’d easily, probably, do 100.

  • BenMock

    I don’t even wear a watch and I want one.

    • Mack


  • MMobley

    They really should have just made the color face plates removable and replaceable. So you could switch the watch colors to your outfit. Sell the extra face plates for an extra.

  • BenMock

    I don’t even wear a watch and I want one.

  • Thomas

    For only $150 it’s worth a shot I guess.

    • Right? I couldn’t think of anything that I would rather spend that much money on. Oh, wait…

      • Thomas

        So are we back to the Bunny Ranch comment ? You can get alot there for $150 or so I’ve heard. 😉

        • 1bad69z28

          I thought they closed that place down many moons ago. Hmmm, i think someone is not letting on what they’ve experienced LOL

      • Droidzilla

        I’m with you, @Timotato:disqus . For $49 more you can get a Nexus 7 8GB. I just don’t see the value. Then again, it’s a watch so the people who are into it aren’t about function, but form.

        • Mack

          Yeah most watches have the same functions but there are people who willingly pay thousands of dollars just because it says Rollex or is plated in gold.

    • Guest

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