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Pantech Perception Render Spotted With Verizon LTE and HD Screen


Pantech is looking to make a bigger dent in the US market this year with the recently announced Discover headed for AT&T and the Perception that we believe is headed for Verizon. Start off with a HD 720p screen that’s powered by a Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and this device is looking fairly decent already.

Unfortunately there isn’t much more information other than that. The Discover is set to launch on AT&T for only $50 however, so if that price is close to the same when it lands on Verizon this could be a very powerful mid-range device.

Via: Unwired View

  • itznfb

    Pantech will release this phone at some point and we will all dismiss it as nothing special. Because it won’t be anything special. However, if they were to release this phone with vanilla Android OS they could instantly gain serious credibility (as long as the hardware didn’t crap out) and take a huge leap forward. Are these manufacturers not allowed to release a vanilla Android? Are they being forced to put their own stupid skin on it? When will they learn it compromises stability and delays updates?

  • Wow I actually like they way they skinned the softkeys but idk about the rest…

  • Michael

    As a graphic designer it just blos my mind how ugly this is. How do any of the icons relate to the others. Look at the phone icon for example. Why is it a circle? The whole thing looks ugly. Also the Soft Keys look like motoblur.

    • Michael


    • schoat333

      Agreed, very ugly UI.

    • Ibrick

      definitely all over the place with the icons.
      Should have followed the ‘Apps’ icon for the rest IMO.

  • Android2013

    I love how most phones shown off at CES have soft keys!

  • VZWIndirect

    Very Powerful and Pantech do not belong in the same article.

    If you want a cheap device, they are perhaps better than some other brands like Huwaiai (or however you spell it), but that is all they are…cheap.

    I used to cringe every time a customer wanted to “buy” a Pantech. (I say “buy”, because nearly every Pantech device was actually free after rebate). I even stopped offering the Breakout because it was such a horrible piece of equipment. The Marauder was an improvement, but was still about as low end as you could get.

  • mustbepbs

    I don’t know if I could trust Pantech to make a high end device. Their low end devices have always been garbage for me.

    • Captain_Doug

      I’m hoping they step things up. They could do well if they keep this up.

  • Trevor

    Ok, if Pantech can do onscreen nav keys, then everyone should!

  • Nice phone! That looks better than the Galaxy S3 I had and the Razr Maxx HD I have now.

    • J Davis

      Lasik eye surgery can correct that problem you seem to be having with your vision…

  • i also want to know what clock that is..

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      I know, right? Is it part of the whole wallpaper or does it just over-lay whatever picture you use. It’ll show up in the wild soon — just like that 3 ring clock thing that Moto did before they released their phone.

    • Ibrick

      My first thought too, definitely diggin that clock widget.

  • pilot25

    what is the clock app?

  • chris125

    Good to see more higher end specs on cheaper devices. Hopefully this helps the devices stay somewhat future proof

  • Greg Morgan

    Hey Look! Soft Keys!…Ahem…HTC….

    • Samsung too!

    • duoexo

      but look at that ugly UI 🙁

    • TheCheapGamer

      I still fail to understand why people want on screen keys?
      I love having dedicated, always there, never taking up any screen space S3 hard keys.

      • No hardware buttons = more room for screen