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Watch Intel’s Live Press Event at CES 2013

Intel logo

While Kellex is busy at Huawei and I sit in this massive line for Samsung’s press event, Intel is holding their event down the hall which we are unable to attend. From what we know, there will be quite a bit of talk on some mobile processors and other goodies that could be mobile related. 

If you are interested in what Intel has to offer in 2013, feel free to watch the below video from CNET, who will be live streaming the event.

  • SH

    God, hes not the most exciting person in the world to be talked to from is he? Great Products/ tech though

  • Earl Echols

    Article says “by Kellex” but the author refers to him in 3rd person. I confused.

    • nightscout13

      Good catch….

    • Trevor

      Tim’s shenanigans, I bet.

  • teknic

    I missed it, is it available anywhere else?

  • FAL_Fan

    Human interfaces…? Skynet?

  • nightscout13

    Haswell FTW! I will be holding off my Alienware purchase, and wait for Hawell!!!!

    • Sloan Marion

      Alien ware makes good computers, but you’re paying for all those lights and aesthetics, if you want more bang for your buck get an Asus gaming laptop, build your own desktop or get a custom build.

      • nightscout13

        I already have a custom desktop, and have owned Alienware desktops and laptops in the past. The reason I choose Alienware, is the resale value. Have you looked to see how much the Asus gaming laptops sell for after 1 year of use? Alienware hardware on the other hand holds value, even when it’s over a year old. But the single most important reason for me, is the availability of a 680M. Asus does not offer that. And this year, the M17X R5 will have a Haswell CPU, and probably a 780M!

    • feztheforeigner

      You could get a much better computer with all that money. Check MSI and Asus for example.

      • nightscout13

        neither ASUS or MSI have a top of the line video card option. No 680M. Alienware has the 680M. And also, Alienware has way better resale value. In 1 year, you can get 70% back when selling on ebay. With ASUS and MSI, it’s more like 40-50% of initial price. No thanks.

        • feztheforeigner

          MSI does. Best option is to build/upgrade it yourself.

          • nightscout13

            its not easy to upgrade a video card in a laptop. You have to have a heatsink that fits, and you need drivers, which are a bitch to install if the video card was not initially supported by the laptop. But again, resale value is low with MSI.

          • feztheforeigner

            The purchase of my MSI laptop was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive paired with 512GB SSD, 4GB DDR5 Graphics Memory, Blu-ray read/write, 1080p screen, NVIDIA Geforce 570M, five USB ports (2 are 3.0), eSATA, VGA, HDMI, SD card slot,
            four auxiliary ports, AMAZING speakers with 7.1 surround, INCREDIBLE multi-color backlit Steel Series keyboard, HD camera, giant battery (don’t know the exact size).

            Bought that eight months ago for $1,700 and I’ve to see a laptop that can match it in the wild. For $1,700 you would still be hard-pressed to get those kind of specs…

  • Mr Sandy Bridge E

    Ivy Bridge E please.