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Video: NVIDIA’s Project Shield in the Making


NVIDIA’s newly announced Project Shield will likely be the talk of the week here at CES, unless of course, someone else has a massive gaming surprise up their sleeve. With its Tegra 4 processor, 5″ HD display, impressive cloud gaming technology, and stock Android operating system, this device is the ultimate mobile gamer’s dream. And actually, it may be any gamer’s dream device, as it works to create an all-encompassing gaming experience from Android to PC and from handheld device to TV.

In this highlight video above, you get to see the barebones side of Project Shield.

Depending on price, are you ready to buy one?

  • Jimmy Mac

    I hope the screen opens up more. Looking at it head on from a 90 degree angle sounds awful.

  • The recessed buttons and analog seem like that would be very uncomfortable very quickly… I’ll wait for the reviews to roll in on this.

  • Twofourturbo

    Lame.. This will never become mainstream.

  • itznfb

    I really have no use for mobile gaming. I game when I’m at home and have nothing else to do. This looks like a really well though out and well designed device though. Stock Android? Awesome. Nvidia knows how to make things people want. If the price was right I might considering picking this up to play while I’m on the couch and my gf is watching some TV so I don’t have to retreat to my cave.

  • better idea then ouya

    • used_tampon

      i believe thats lithium ion batteries not standard batteries you thinking of

    • j__h

      They are not 3 AA they are rechargeable Lithium Ion cells.

      Not they they would ever put them AA’s in in but 3 cells and 38Wh means that the energy density is much too high to be 3 AA’s.

  • Joshua Dudash

    It definitely looks like an interesting project and I will continue to follow it.

    Pricing and support are everything!

    • michael arazan

      So is memory, if thing has only 16 gb, forget it. Especially if they say pc games will work on it, unless Steam is suppose to work with it some how

  • NVIDIA is brilliant. This is where Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are going to fall behind if they don’t jump on the mobile gaming bandwagon.

    • wrong, microsoft has never been in the mobile gaming market, the sony psp vita and the nintendo 3DS has better titles then any android game i have seen, plus nintendo have pokemon, zelda, and mario, i think they are set

      • decayo

        Android games are between $1 and $10. You tell game developers that they have a standard by which they can integrate conventional controls in a product that can demand a $30-$40 price tag on a platform that has really good saturation and avoid the Sony/Nintendo licensing model while they’re at it and we’ll see. We are finally seeing products that deliver something other than touch-screen inputs and I don’t think you are really considering what that shift could mean if done right.

  • Kevin McDole

    This conjures up bad memories of the original Xbox’s behemoth controller.

  • JoshGroff

    I’ll wait to see how much support it gets and what all you have access to before I consider getting one.

  • Whether I’ll actually buy one depends on a lot of things but they have my attention

  • feztheforeigner

    Take my money!