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Live: Samsung Keynote [CES 2013]

samsung logo

We’re live from Samsung’s CES press event! 

  • Anyone know what is the phone Samsung introduced

  • bogy25

    I am in the wrong profession – DL guys are lucky 🙁

  • Vermillon

    So When are we American’s getting the ‘Premium Suite’ upgrade on our Galaxy SIII’s?

  • Vermillon

    So when are we American’s getting the ‘Premium Suite’ upgrade for our Galaxy SIII’s?

  • Ibrick

    Would have been nice if they would have given us a little something on the mobile front besides, ‘look how many S3’s we sold, and VZ gets a new/old tablet’

    Maybe something about the future of Exynos processors and mention their 5″ 1080p display at least. TV’s looked nice I spose..

    • JoshGroff

      Well, to be fair, the SIII and Note II are still fairly new, so I think we’ll have some time until we see a new phone.

  • nightscout13

    Me want eighty four inches!

    • Thomas

      I’ll never look at you on these boards the same way after that comment…lol. :).

      • nightscout13

        😀 I get your pun, but my 55″ is looking smaller and smaller every day…..

        • Thomas

          Is this where I come in & say, that’s what she said ? 😉

  • Thomas

    I thought they were going to present a new logo at this years show ?

    • nightscout13

      Oh ya… forgot about that… But we still have till the end of the week 😀

      • Thomas

        I thought they would have opened their event w/ the new logo.

  • Silver Veloz

    Thanks Kellan and Tim. Fun getting live updates.

  • JamesU513

    Hmmmm….smart couch?

  • PhoenixPath

    MWC it is then….

  • Julian Coronado

    Retracting table! Ftw!

  • Keep it up Samsung! I’m astounded by the sheer number (and variety) of products they produce (everything from smartphones to washing machines).

    • michael arazan

      They are going to introduce appliances that can be operated with the use of your smartphone. Now my washer/ dryer can notify men when the clothes are done. I guess I can NFC tag all my food in the fridge and the fridge will let you know what needs to be replaced or has expired.

      • I think a barcode scanner would be more efficient, scan when you put in fridge scan when you take out or something along those lines.

  • Clint O