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HTC Posts Yearly Sales Numbers, Lowest Profit Since 2004

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We all know that HTC has been in a slump for a few months, but analysts expected the launch of the DROID DNA and two Windows 8 phones to turn that slump around. Unfortunately, the sales numbers from the last quarter were not enough to impress anyone with the year-ending financial report. HTC ended up only pulling $1 billion net income out of $60 billion income overall in the last year.

The difference between 2011’s final numbers and 2012’s are quite large, but HTC CEO Peter Chou thinks that the darkest days are over. He said the company would be raising their marketing budget to compete with the likes of Samsung to make sure that 2013’s numbers go a little bit better.

What would it take to make you choose an HTC device this year?

Via: The Verge

  • John Ward

    What would it take for me to replace my TBolt with another HTC product? How about a FREE replacement with a DNA AND a two year contract with VZW that has an opt out when HTC screws up that phone too!

  • No sd card is a no go.

  • JDub

    I loved my Dinc2 and pulled it out of the drawer the other day. It ran flawelessly and, over the wifi, almost as fast as my Galaxy S III. If it were 4g and had 32gb, I would prefer it over the Galaxy – much better build quality and the battery lasts just as long. I recently dropped my Galaxy from about 2 feet off the ground and the screen is all washed out. Never had that problem with my Dinc or Dinc2. If the DNA had 32gb, I would go buy one now. Can’t wait for the M7!

  • Diablo81588

    Larger batteries, global availability and better marketing will put HTC on the map.

  • Kheir Francis

    let me now when the M7 comes out.

  • Ian

    Improve sense, Make a flagship series available on ALL CARRIERS, give the phone removable batteries that are big enough stock and an external SD slot. The cameras and hardware on HTC devices are good enough already. I love my Incredible 4G even though nobody else seems to.

  • feztheforeigner

    I can still remember Samsung’s announcement that they would surpass HTC and Motorola in the smartphone race. Everyone thought it would be impossible to pull HTC from its throne…

  • Doug Wing

    To come back to HTC after two disastrous purchases (Thunderbolt and Flyer) they would need a REAL long life battery if Motorola can do it, why can’t HTC? They also need to ditch Sense or at least make it almost invisible. Battery life is the big key for me, a larger batter and better optimized software are key.

  • sk3litor

    Everyone in the world knows who Samsung is. Everyone knows who Motorola is. Put an htc phone in a rap video and watch the dollars role in. Average consumers have no idea who HTC is. Put the DNA in the hands of mc hammer (or whoever the kids are listening to these days) and every 16-23 year old will buy it.

  • Ilya

    I must be alone on this…

    I LOVE Sense and my HTC EVO 4G LTE is a great phone IMO. Oh well, so be it.

  • Daistaar

    Remember, you guys are the MINORITY! HTC’s only real failure is in fact the marketing. You can sell the public a turd if you shine it up real pretty for them. We are a dissenting minority, a niche few that are knowledgeable within the mobile space. 97% of the general public do not know or care about mobile. They only care about two things: What’s the most popular product and what works. People buy iPhones without ever even having used one because it’s what’s in. No one is going to complain about MicroSDs and miliAmp Hours but us.

  • ryanallaire

    Plus, Sense really does make everything suck for the user..

  • ryanallaire

    If the DNA had expandable storage, i would’ve chose it over the GSIII…

  • coolsilver

    To answer the question…. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Never again.

  • Tyler

    They would need to debloat sense. Sense used to be a good skin but now its not necessary and HTC needs to make it more similar to either Samsung/LG or Motorola. They need to either create a clean stock-like skin like Motorola or create a clean interface with fancy features like Samsung and LG have done.

  • Sobr0801

    POSSIBLY a bigger screen on their WP8 offering. The 4.3 inch on the 8X just didn’t cut it.

  • Aaron

    Hate.Their.Crap = HTC

    Can’t stand using their bloated and utterly sh*t looking Sense, not to mention their sh*tty build quality.

    You think their phones have good build quality, but when you work at a phone reseller like me, you see countless numbers of shoddy quality HTC devices that are barely a year old.

    • calvin35

      Completely agree with you. Sense looks about 4 or five years old and is beyond sh$$t!!

    • frhoward

      Um, sh*t build quality? Are you serious, HTC makes some of the most beautiful phones in the US. The Droid DNA feels like pure luxury in comparison to the Note II, Galaxy Nexus and SIII plastic feel, not to mention their horrible radios. I have had most models of HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Apple. And the build quality of Apple/HTC phones are the best. Hold a Droid DNA in your hands and if you call that build quality sh*tty then you must be crazy. Now Sense 4+ on the other is really ugly aesthetically but has some very nice features. IMO

      • DubbleD

        That’s the common misconception people have about HTC, and it sadly works in their favor.

        1. HTC also makes their phones out of plastic and they feel plasticky.

        2. You should see and hear about the myriads of HTC owners who went with HTC because they thought it had good build quality, but found out how crappy the build quality is. Cracking and creaking bodies, color leaching, breaking buttons, etc you name it!

        3. This misconception that HTC has decent build quality needs to be put to an end. Or else it’s just going to piss off more HTC buyers who end up with cheaply built phones.

        • frhoward

          I agree on most previous HTC phones feeling plastic, except this past year or the Thunderbolt which felt like a brick, but they do not feel like plastic at all anymore. And to the cracking and creaking bodies, Samsung phones are notorious for having that problem. All of my Samsung phones start creaking after using it for only a month and I get test phones from both HTC and Samsung and ill never purchase an actual Samsung phone until they put in better radios. Breaking buttons? I’m assuming you are referring to the volume or power buttons as those are the only buttons on the phone. But broken? I’ve never experience any of those problems and I use all of my phones without cases. If I experience the creaking or broken button with this DNA then I will update. But 2 months and have not had a broek button, creaking or even a scratch on this DNA. The note 2 started creaking after a month due to the back plastic cover as well as the bottom left of the screen where the S pen sits.

          • Aaron

            Huh? HTC’s phones have been more plasticky of late than in the past.

            Samsung phones typically do not break They may creak, yes, but breakage is usually not a problem. They creak not because of structural issues, but because they use a thin, flexible back cover, which is a huge plus since you can replace batteries.

            HTC phones have problems with breakage, not just creaking. And that’s a problem when you don’t even have the excuse of a back cover. Unibody and still creaking? That’s poor build quality.

            I probably see and use more phones in a day than you use in a decade, and that’s nothing more than just because of my job. If you deal with different phones on a daily basis, you would know HTC is sh*t quality.

          • frhoward

            I highly doubt it since my job/company is to test phones, conduct surveys etc. Samsung phones most certainly do break, especially with the back cover tabs that holds it in place, which in my studies are the main culprit for the squeaky sounds when you press the back of the cover. Not to mention on the Galaxy Nexus/S3/Note II the bottom left screen creaked which is not due to the back cover but more so due to the glue that holds it down loosening. And the most important aspect of having a phone is the ability to talk on it. But with their “Samsung” crappy radios that can be a task in places that do not offer adequate signal. From my studies all of the phones I have tested slightly creak with thorough testing except the DNA. All of the One series, Incredible lines, Galaxy lines, and the Razrs. I actually prefer Apples build quality over all of the phone companies, however they are extremely fragile and blocked/boring UI.

          • Aaron

            That’s great then, since both of us see high volumes of phones. I don’t know what you test, but my job sees a lot of long term conditions of phones. Your survey like I mentioned earlier also only measures the perception of quality after only playing around with devices for a brief time.

            I didn’t say Samsung phones don’t break. I said they have a lower breakage rate than HTC. No offense but you don’t seem to be reading what I’m saying, which is why most of your replies don’t refute what I’ve said.

          • frhoward

            I thought when you was said “Samsung phones typically do not break They may creak, yes, but breakage is usually not a problem.” I was merely stating that they do break ALOT due to the flimsy back covers, which your company probably would not see much of those, since you can just buy another battery cover. But since your company see a lot of long term conditions, I am sure you have seen your fare share of Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy SII phones. Of course, all phones break. There is not one phone that does not break. And yes in the past HTC phones build quality was very mediocre, especially in comparison to the newly developed phones of 2012. But, to say HTC build quality sucks without explaining what is the majority causes of the breakage you are claiming or even what breaks on the phone does not prove your point. Now, if you could put Motorola build quality with the look of HTC, then sir you have a really “sexy” phone. But given the plastic build of Samsung phones which is used to make the phone lighter and more “durable” even though the phone does not feel “solid” in your hands actually holds up quite nicely in my drop tests. So, saying that with HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Apple, etc its all dependent on individual preferences on Skins or build quality and Marketing. However, I actually prefer Motorola over any of the other manufactures including HTC and Samsung, imo of course.

          • Aaron

            You sir have a reading comprehension problem. You pretty much repeated what I already said (thanks for agreeing)

          • frhoward

            No sir, not agreeing you at all on that HTC build quality sucks or is sh*tty. I merely stated in the past it was mediocre or average. I hope you can understand the difference… And without explanation of what breaks makes your point on HTC phones breaks null and void. Next time please thoroughly read my post before commenting. Thanks Aaron.

          • Aaron

            Parroting back my suggestion will get you nowhere. Anyone reading this chain of comments will see I already stated what breaks on HTC devices in the very beginning. So who’s the one who needs to read more thoroughly?

            You also continue to state misinformation. Past build quality was better than that of recent times, not the opposite which you’re stating.

          • frhoward

            Please tell me where you state what actually breaks? “HTC phones have problems with breakage, not just creaking. And that’s a problem when you don’t even have the excuse of a back cover. Unibody and still creaking? That’s poor build quality.” Those are your words sir. You have NO facts on what makes the build quality diminish as technology/QA advances.

          • aaronf

            My mistake, I thought I mentioned already what breaks on HTC phones. I do have facts. Given that my only mistake so far has been thinking I already said something, versus you who keep making mistakes of fact and reading comprehension and critical thinking, I think I’m doing OK. Some common breakages of HTC devices off the top of my head are cracks in the unibody, power or volume buttons falling off, screens separating, poor paint jobs.

            This occurs in every manufacturer’s devices, but I’ve seen a disproportionately large amount of HTC phones in bad condition.

            Anyway, this is getting boring and tiresome now. It doesn’t really matter what phone you or I like. If you’re happy with yours, that’s cool. That’s all that matters. Don’t let someone on the internet make you think your buying choices somehow make you better or worse than others. I’m just a phone fanatic in general, be it Apple, Samsung, Motorola, etc, so I wanted to give my 2 cents. I call it the way it is, so I had to correct the misconceptions. Peace out and best of luck over there.

      • HowdyFoody

        With all due respect…..wtf are you smoking?
        HTC makes some of the fugliest phones, not to mention using red accents is just nasty. The dOne X was awkward with the nipple/fish eye camera area on the rear.

        • frhoward

          Please explain your claims? Red accents is nasty? Why? Its pretty cool to me. And what are you comparing it to? I hope not ANY Samsung or LG phones. Neither company will win in the category or having a “sexy” phone compared to HTC. Maybe the SIV will look more appealing…

          • Aaron

            It seems from your comments that you’re basing most of your claims on your own opinions, which isn’t bad. i’m glad you like your phone and it’s treating you well. I also personally don’t like the red accents, and know a lot of people feel the same way. I also think the S3 and the Note 2 are sexy, and know a lot of people think the same.

            Just realize that the majority of people don’t share your same experience when it comes to HTC

          • frhoward

            Ok, which is what this discussion is all about. S3 and Note 2 being sexy. Why? What about it separates it from LG or Motorola in it looking “sexy” There is absolutely nothing special about how they look. And as far as people you know, well I had to conduct a survey for one of the companies that I cannot mention and I used dummy handsets. I was able to get the opinions of 524 random people who picked up the phones and played with them. The SIII, DNA, Motorola MAXX HD. Guess which phone had the most votes on having a high quality feeling (how it feels in your hand)?

            DNA – 73%
            Moto – 16%
            SIII – 6%
            Undecided – 5%

          • Aaron

            Your survey only further proves my point. You’re still talking about how it “feels” versus actual quality.

            The S3 and Note 2 were designed with curves. It not only looks aesthetic that way instead of your standard rectangle, it significantly improves ergonomics and comfort. Not many other phones are designed this way.

          • frhoward

            Lol @ “designed with curves” is that the only thing that makes the Note II, Nexus and S3 look sexy? And comfort should never be used in the same sentence as the Note II. That phone is massive especially if it was not for the single-hand task implemented into the Note II software. And the curves are at the top and bottom of the phone/phablet. Has NOTHING to do with ergonomics as most people do not hold the phones from the top or bottom but on the side. But maybe you are different or maybe you are talking about the curve nature of the screen which also has nothing to do with the ergonomics of the phone but more so on the screen quality. Basically like the CEO stated, HTC sales are due to marketing as well as the numerous handsets that they put out every month. It has nothing to do with build quality, removable battery (all iPhones, Nexus 4, etc). As the normal everyday comsumer is not you nor I, but Grand mom, Grand dad, Mom and Dad and most have not a clue who HTC is but can name either Samsung, or knows Galaxy due to Samsung’s marketing strategies as well as having 1 series of smartphones per year. (I.e. Galaxy lineup.) Hate it or not, but HTC like the old “Apple” changes the game when it comes to phones. first 1080p screen, first 4g LTE smartphone in the US (Terrible Thunderbolt), and the kickstand which I actually kind of miss that feature, since I dont use phone cases. Not to knock any Samsung phones because they actually makes descent phones minus the horrible radio which EVERYBODY seems to over look. And they market their products extremely well. Like one poster stated, you can sale a turd to anybody with the right marketing strategy. (I.e. iPhone 4s, 5)

          • Aaron

            You ask me what makes the S3 and the Note 2 stand out, and I give you one of the primary distinctive design language from any other phone, and you simply dismiss it? oooooooooo….k.

            The S3 is extremely comfortable to hold, but who said the Note 2 is as easy to hold as the S3? That’s your own assumption. The Note is larger, but the curved design improves ergonomics and makes holding a large phone surprisingly comfortable. Again you display poor reading comprehension.

            Some of your comments also show you don’t know what you’re talking about. You get simple facts blatantly wrong. For example, neither of the 2 phones have curved screens. Also, the curved design is around the edge of the entire body, not just the top and bottom. That makes holding it in the hand easier and more comfortable. That’s ergonomics.

            HTC is hardly known as a game changer. Things like 4g LTE or 1080p or processor speeds are not game changers! They are incremental upgrades. Someone was always going to do it at some point, the timing is simply a business decision. Game changers are things like innovative software or effective ecosystems that improve how a user uses the phone.

            You are right though, marketing does play a significant role in market share.

          • frhoward

            Um sir, if that is your claim on what makes the S3 or Note II distinct then you sound just as bad as Apple Fanboys. And to the statement about 1080p or 4g LTE not being a game changer is quite idiotic. First, 1080p screens were not done on a smartphone period, but once the rumors started flying about HTC having one in development back in August, well look at the other companies scrambling to put out devices with the exact same specs. That was the same with 4g LTE technology being implemented into smartphones. “Incremental Upgrades” lmao. And incremental upgrade is a bigger battery, more memory, more storage. Not how you view smartphones. This time next year it would be impossible to find a new high end phone with out a 1080p screen. Game changer I think so. Will the DNA be what HTC needs to get out of this slump. Nope, but again marketing and streamlining their product lines will be what saves HTC.

          • Aaron

            “What about it separates it from LG or Motorola in it looking “sexy””

            That was your question. I answered you with a distinct design language that many people think looks sexy. Period. If you don’t see that, you’re helpless.

            1080p and 4g are incremental, just like memory and processor upgrades. How is viewing a screen not considered incremental? Is going from 420 to 720 to 1080 some revolutionary upgrade? Plus when someone goes quad core, most of the rest will decide to go quad core. When someone has 2gb of RAM, same story. Yet you just said these aren’t game changers. Like I said, these are business decisions. You think Samsung or Motorola couldn’t put out 1080p screens before HTC? They simply decided not to. It’s purely business. If you can’t see that, you’re helpless.

            You just jump around messily from one issue to another after I keep refuting all your claims. Given that you keep repeating misinformation dogmatically and have yet to disprove anything I’ve said, it looks like you’re the one who sounds just as bad as Apple fanboys. They’re notorious for living in a distorted reality.

  • Joe Isaacson

    Update my stupid Thunderbolt already!!!!! Actually, that won’t cause me to buy another HTC anyway.

  • sith77

    i have always bought HTC products for almost the last 7 years and have always been happy ( minus the thunderbolt ) i currently have the DNA and it is by FAR the best phone out there . i have actually had a few iphone 4s users switch to a DNA after trying out mine because of how much they liked it . HTC is moving in the right direction but they need to step up their android process and stream line their products better across all carriers.

  • Aj522

    I want around the mall to look at the DNA, Best Buy Mobile, Radio Shack, Verizon Authorized Retailer, and none of them had the phone in stock, or even a dummy unit on display. Unlike the people here, most people go and shop for a phone this way, without the phones in stores, how do they expect to move units?

    • JoshGroff


  • My biggest problem is software (Sense). I got the DNA and Nexus 4 and my experience with the DNA is bad enough that I’m leaving Verizon after 5 years to go to a non-LTE phone with inferior network coverage.

    And the DNA’s hardware is clearly a step up from the Nexus 4’s.

  • Rob Watkins

    I also would have bought the DNA if it had a 2500 mah battery and a SD card slot. I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and not under contract.

  • Zach Armstrong

    The removal of Sense and faster updates.

  • Stevedub40

    I love my DNA!

    • jdub

      How are you managing with only 16gb of memory (11gb useable)? My music takes up more than that!

  • Bigger batteries and focus on value-added services such as cloud backup (similar to iCloud), cloud photos/videos storage, and other services. It appears HTC provides some of these services via HTC Sense on their international devices, but not domestic.

    3000+ mAH batteries with cutting edge photography, value-added services, and quicker updates will be a huge step forward for HTC. I will switch to such a device any day (from iPhone 5). They also need to have various screen size options, and it would be nice to have such a package with a 4″ and a 5″ screen. I don’t like using both hands for performing most tasks on my phone, so I would prefer a 4″ screen. However, I realize there is a big market for bigger screens as well, so 5″ screen option will also be good to have for HTC.

  • Devi8

    The thunderbolt was the death nail with HTC for me, The crappy radio in the Gnex ended samsung for me, I’m surprisingly sticking with moto and the OG Maxx, it would be really hard to give up that battery, 3 day charging cycle is still magic.

    • SPG900NY

      TBolt killed it for me too. I initially bought it because i liked that HTC pledged unlocked bootloaders, and the TBolt was one of the first 4G phones on Verizon. But the buggy software, HORRIBLE battery and constant promises of updates but nothing happening on that front (OK, I know a lot of this is Verizon’s fault, but…)… It’s all Nexii for me from now on. I want a phone that’s pledged unlocked, has a lot of developers working for it, and has a decent (big, HQ) screen.

      • SPG900NY

        Oh yeah, and NO SENSE!!! Seriously. Offer at least ONE phone with stock Android.

      • I’m with you on Thunderbolt. How could HTC release a phone which becomes useable only after you put a ROM on it? Oh, and I never liked Sense anyway.

  • Christopher Williams

    nexus… 3300ma removable battery… expandable storage… 2gigs of ram… voice over data… quad core processor(same one used in the dna)… logo-less screen… on screen buttons… need I say more?

  • Simple fix. Stock Android, huge battery, gorgeous display, only 1 or 2 phones a year with a fixed brand name (like Galaxy), then ADVERTISE THE PISS OUT OF THEM.

  • Dave

    bigger batteries and on screen navigation keys aren’t going to fix their problems people. This Android community accounts for about 1/10th of 1 percent of Android phone buyers. if they were smart, they would look at what Samsung has transformed into after the last 2 to 3 years.

    • Dave

      take some notes, and amp up your marketing and advertising.

    • Eric

      That may be so, but the question was what would make *US* buy a phone from HTC.

      I think HTC’s problem is branding. When the average user walks up to the DNA on display at the Verizon Store, the first impression is what matters the most. The edgy styling and crazy cyborg wallpaper / black and red motif might make a positive first impression for teenagers, but for your average adult consumer looking for a smart phone wants something more professional and refined.

      • Dave

        Exactly, just look at the quarterly figures published today. There is no doubt that Samsung out sold Motorola, LG, HTC, and Sony, combined. they are clearly doing things right.

  • Eric

    Bigger serviceable battery, no rubber port covers, and since Sense will never go away, at least make it look like stock Android. If it’s close enough to looking like AOSP, I could live with just replacing the launcher.

    • Eric

      Oh, and a more subtle, refined, grown-up design. None of this black and red cyborg crap.

      • JoshGroff

        There’s nothing wrong with black and red, but more color options for people who don’t like it would be nice.

        • Droidos

          The way HTC uses black and red is simply hideous.

  • FAL_Fan

    Larger removable batteries and an SD card slot would do it. Regardless of larger internal storage, which is nice, I still am holding on to my SD card.

  • schoat333

    For me to buy HTC, they would have to make another Nexus device. No Sense, and unlock able bootloader.

  • zepfloyd

    Hey a profit is a profit, still better than a loss…

    • schoat333

      While true, share holders are never happy unless the previous record profit is broken.

  • John

    Stop trying to screw your customers every which way.
    If it’s not the battery then it’s storage. Go screw yourself.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    A Nexus device would make it for me. My last HTC phone was my G1…

  • Dane Carpenter

    They are going to stay in their slump if they keep letting Verizon do their commercials for them.

    • Ibrick

      Agreed, HTC and Moto are the best OEM’s IMO, but they both could stand to learn something from Samsung with it comes to commercials. Blowing holes in your roofless, desert apt, or a phone turning you into a cyborg or something is just rediculous.
      Normal people, showing off the features of the devices in everyday situations (for the most part) with a little humor thrown in. Not exactly a groundbreaking idea.
      Marketing to 13yr old boys isn’t gonna do it, no matter how good the actual device is. And the DNA really is a good device, despite all the misplaced hate in this thread. I had a TBolt too.. I feel your pain, move on.

      • areffes

        TThose commercials are verizon’s doing. They are gawd- awful. I don’t think HTC has done any of their own marketing for the DNA, sadly. I’ve had my DNA almost a month now, and it’s fantastic. Such a high quality feel in the materials, the battery is beast….I get nearly 2 full days of heavy use out of a single charge. To me, that’s the single greatest convenience. My Nexus lasted 4-5 hours and I was afraid to go anywhere without a spare battery.

        • Ibrick

          Yeah, that’s kind of my point, I love my DNA. I think its the best phone on the market at the moment. But HTC is relying on VZ to do all the marketing and it’s killing them.

          HTC had mentioned with the One series, in a perfect world, they would have released the One X across all carriers, but they don’t have the clout Samsung or Apple has to do that at this point.

          Id say a good start would be taking control of their own marketing. I can’t imagine HTC likes what they see when a DNA commercial comes on..

  • Ben Modica

    Better battery, on-screen navigation keys, and either get rid of Sense or at least make it look more current.

    • Captain_Doug

      On screen keys! Argh! Just happen already.

  • I picked up the DNA a couple weeks ago. The battery holds up surprisingly well.

    • Eric

      I’d still like for it to be serviceable, even if it’s not easily removeable. I want to be able to replace the thing when it starts having trouble losing a charge after two years of constant use.

  • Ignacio Cardenas

    I would of gotten a droid dna instead of my note 2 if it had a micro sd slot and a bigger battery. .

    • JoshGroff

      would’ve* Sorry, I had to correct that. 🙁

      • brando56894

        Sieg Heil!

        • JoshGroff


    • Ignacio Cardenas

      Lol sorry..

    • Steve

      Nah, on top of that HTC software sucks. You made the right choice with the Note 2.

  • titogonewild

    A better battery

  • Bionic

    HTC is only NOW starting to impress me. Take the DNA for example. Great phone, however it’s really stupid decisions like putting a 2020 mah battery in it that piss people off. Processor efficiency be damned, people want 3000mah batteries or GTFO.

    • JoshGroff

      I’d say they’re my fourth favorite Android OEM after Motorola, Sony, and ASUS. Samsung would be higher up if their radios weren’t god awful.

      • Bionic

        No way in hell I put Sony over HTC.

        • itznfb

          Sony rocks the hell out of HTC. Better build, better screen, better battery life, better camera, better overlay… better everything.

        • JoshGroff

          I only put them over HTC for their global devices. Their US devices have been a major disappointment.

      • Dave

        that problem may be fixed finally. My note2 punishes my razr maxx on signal reception and speed test results.

        • Eric Brissette

          I’m still using my old Droid X which gets consistently better signal than my wife’s SGS3. I am thinking about picking up a Note 2 later today, though, if nothing super-interesting comes out of CES.

          My only reservation about the Note 2 is my worry that the reception will be similar to the SGS3, in which case I might end up returning it.

          • Dave

            Reception is much better. My brother can get about 15mbps in my yard with a S3 (not killer, but plenty fast for everyday use) my Note2 pulls about 22-25mbps right next to him. Call quality is great, notification and ringer volume need to be louder, even though I work in a loud environment to be fair.

          • rals

            Clearly there is an issue with your wife’s S3, my wife gets 16-17 hours with moderate use. Check to see if media is the highest consumption for the battery life. I think when it got upgraded to the Jellybean, the media took up the most of the battery life. We formatted the SD card and works great.

        • JoshGroff

          I personally haven’t used the Note 2 outside of a Verizon store, but I live in a weak 4G area, and my friend’s Rezound outperforms my G-Nex and friend’s S3 in both signal strength and speed test. Then again, I expected as much from the G-Nex. Also, often times when I drop to 3G, he’s still sitting at 3-4 bars of 4G.

          • Dave

            Check out my reply below….same applies to your comment.

      • James

        With the S3 and the Note 2, Samsung is definitely my favorite. Signal issues could be location specific, since I’m getting good coverage in NY.

  • da

    Unless HTC starts putting bigger batteries into their devices, they’re going to remain right where they are. At the bottom. The fact that their CEO thinks “raising the marketing budget” is the solution speaks volumes about where HTC is headed.

    • rals

      The issue isn’t always the battery. It’s the CPU and software that has to be optimized to run efficiently. Before my wife got rid of her Rezound (Upgraded to ICS) that thing would last 7-8 hours, and finds that OS was beyond taxing on the system than before it was on Gingerbread.

      • Diablo81588

        The issue is always the battery with HTC. They consistently put tiny batteries in their flagship phones.

        • michael arazan

          Sense sucks, they need a phone with stock android decent memory and DNA specs, if that happened, they would have a #1 selling phone for a fiscal quarter at least

    • Jonathan Bunch

      They need to get rid of or start over with sense if they want people to start buying their devices again

    • PhoenixPath

      1) 3 phones: 3.7″ 4.3″ and 5″. (same spec other than size)

      2) 2 tablets: 7 and 10. (same spec other than size)

      3) All running the same versions of Android. All high-spec.

      4) ???

      5) Call them HTC Prophet (Profit?)

  • Radgatt

    I hope HTC makes a comeback. They have to be competitive.

    • Everest

      Good riddance to HTC.

      I learned the hard way with their crappy build quality and hideous design.

      In truth, HTC devices are cheap end quality since they break down quickly.