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Consumer Reports Marks Apple’s iPhone 5 the Worst of the Best

iPhone 5 Consumer Reports

In a recent report, it looks like Apple’s iPhone 5 is losing its grip on the everyday consumer. According to Consumer Reports, the iPhone 5 is now listed as the lowest rated top 3 smartphone on each carrier, minus T-Mobile who haven’t had the device on their network. Topping the lists are the Samsung Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile, the LG Optimus G for AT&T and Sprint, and the RAZR HD’s for Verizon. Crazy enough, the iPhone didn’t even make it onto Big Red’s list, which is actually quite surprising.ย 

How Consumer Reports handle their rating of said devices isย unknownย to me, but it is great to see Android becoming the forerunner in smartphone operating systems. Android devices have certainly come a very long way in terms of consumer praise and advancements in both software and hardware since the days of iPhone supremacy.

Guess it’s time to start awaiting the iPhone 5S and the magical features it will wield.

Via: Business Insider

  • Mark Korchak

    Its better than Galaxy S3, however neither Galaxy nor iPhone are anywhere near the quality of Motorola’s Razr Maxx HD. Razr got two days worth of movie watching battery, faster processor, more ram, more storage and a true HD Screen. Neither iPhone nor Galaxy have the HD screen. Razr also accepts sd cards, has an FM radio, gorilla glass, and kevlar body.

  • Christopher Riner

    Its articles like this that make my morning coffee taste just a little sweeter. xD

  • Lucky Armpit

    I think consumers are finally wising up to the fact that Apple and their products, while innovative several years ago, simply don’t offer them much “bang for their buck” like they used to. We all know that each iteration of the iPhone is nothing more than a slight refresh while introducing a few new featues that, in many cases, Android-powered products have been enjoying for quite some time. Apple fans are starting to realize that fact.
    I’ve got a friend who has been a rabid Apple supporter who confessed to me he’s seriously considering either the GSIII or the Razr HD. I said, really? He said, “Yeah, I bought the iPhone 5 and I’m pretty disappointed with it. Aside from being a little larger than my iPhone 4, there really isn’t much difference.” I reminded him that’s what I told him when he said he was gonna buy one. He told me to shut up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The iPhone 5 didn’t go down as well as they had hoped that’s for sure (Maps, Wi-Fi), I know people who reverted back to the 4S (I cant remember anyone doing that from the 4S to 4).

    Who knows though, the rumor mill is churning on reports that the iPhone 6 could be on its way in a few months, with a whole new executive team on-board and the experienced hand of Sir Jonathan Ive…

    It will be interesting to see what happens with the Galaxy S4 though, I’m quite excited in seeing the launch.

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    Let’s all let that sink in for awhile…

  • suckitapple


  • Butters619

    IMO the One X+ should be on that list

    • nope,because the release date was in november

      • Tim242

        Which was in 2012…

        • yes, but the point is that wasnt enough time to build up a big user base, if you check the list most of those phones are ones that came out around june -september time period

          • Mark Mann

            razr and razr maxx hd’s both were released october 18th…

  • I think Apple’s hold on the US market is starting to slip and this article just solidifies my thoughts! Just look at how Best Buy is already discounting the iPhone5 JUST to get sales! Before when the iPhone 4 and 4S were released almost the day after the product launch you could go to a public venue and just see that the majority of users rushed out to upgrade but now with the iPhone 5 I have literally only seen 2 or 3 devices in the wild while I can just walk into Walmart or Publix and see 20+ Samsung Galaxy SII devices and if you look hard enough you can even find some Samsung Note 2’s.

  • It’s good that Android devices are finally getting their due, but there’s just a touch of hyperbole in the the title. I get “why” Tim titled the post as he did, but I can’t help but feel that this post is splitting hairs by saying the iPhone is the worst of the best. The difference between the iPhone 5 and Android devices is a single point or two. I’d like to see the criteria for evaluation.

    I guess that I am just someone that believes that you don’t have to tear something else down to elevate your “thing.”

  • I think it’s great we have many good choices.. I love android as my phone and tried to love android tablets but ios tablets are better to me.. Long live choices for everyone

  • TruCatsMeow

    The wolves have offically taken out the sheep. Everyone pat yourself on the pack. Mission accomplished.

  • jnt

    Goodness, the comments here… it’s a phone, not a way of life or reflection of a person’s character.

  • iPhone-Life

    Typical “reporting” from Tim-O-Tato…You could have written a story on how great the Android phones are, but no, you have to bash the competition. Sounds like someone is a little insecure.

    Glad to see that things here at Droid-Life are still the same. Kellex, why don’t you just change the name of this site to “Anti-iPhone Life” and get it over with? How many stories do you post that bash the iPhone to make up for Android’s lameness?

    • Are you here to just troll? Yes this site may make a story or two here and there bashing Apple but lets keep in mind that this is the same website that went out of their way to have live chats during the iPhone 5 press event, initial reactions after the launch of the iPhone 5 and even wrote a somewhat lengthy article that basically wished Apple good luck before the launch of the iPhone 5. The Android fans (including Droid- Life) don’t want Apple to completely fail because if they did then there would be nothing to motivate Google and the entire Android ecosystem to evolve and improve upon themselves! We are all in favor of fair competition and as I have learned from personal experience sometimes it is ok to have someone acknowledge your flaws and sometimes even make a quick joke about them because it gives us a basis for improvement!

      • Thank you for being smart and cool lol

  • Zach Armstrong

    I just noticed that’s there only one HTC phone on the list.

  • its a big given at this point. This year with their 5S and, ipad mini 2 and ipad 5/6 later on its all going to be a minor update for the hardware. software not sure until WWDC. They need to change their catch lines to most boring and now least favorite/worst phone of 2012. Hopefully the new change to ios 7 will save them but at this point I highly doubt it.

  • Charlie Sheen


  • br_hermon

    Not to be the party pooper but… look at the top ones for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, notice anything? Verizon’s is $100 more! When are they going to get off their high horse and stop charging $299 for their phones? (admittedly, they have gotten better in the last 6 months or so)

  • Prime7

    That’s nice and all, but I’d still take Consumer Reports’ word with a grain of salt.

  • KRS_Won

    Total opposite of the Verge’s ratings.

    • Mustang5Oh

      CR is an awful website anyways lol. I don’t know anyone personally who uses their site to help them buy anything. I’d trust sites like The Verge and Engadget any day over CR.

      • Bob G

        Hello sir, I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge and a houseboat under it.

      • I wouldn’t recommend Engadget. I used to be a big fan but as of lately the Apple bias has been overwhelming! Not to mention every time I goto the comment expecting a civilized conversation about the topic in the article, all I can find is people battling over Android vs iPhone or Android vs iPad or even Windows vs Mac.

        • I’ve noticed the same thing. It really bugs me how they word their post heading/titles to cause fanboy war… they’re trying to get page hits and views.

        • Tim242

          Most Engadget writers use Android phones. They spend 99% of their mobile podcast praisng Android.

          • The people who write the articles must NOT be the same people who host the mobile podcast. Also, with a title like the mobile podcast you can assume that it will be mostly about Android because there really isn’t that many new things to discuss in the world of iDevices on a weekly basis!

          • Tim242

            Myriam, which is the Senior Editor, uses Android phones as daily drivers. She trashes the iPhone a lot. You must not listen to the podcast.

  • Moto is the most underrated OEM now

    • jak_341

      Samsung is running away with the smartphone game right now.

      • Dave

        Better than 6 out of every 10 new Android activations. That’s called murdering the competition.

    • ok

      They aren’t really doing anything that’s grabbing attention anymore. Once they make a bleeding-edge spec’d phone with their amazing battery life they’re basically good to go. Or the X Phone. Outside of the battery life, the MAXX HD is just a midranged phone with a nice screen. I love my RAZR M to death, but you have to admit.

    • I have own’d all motos since the T720, cept for 1 Nokia (candy bar phone) and the LG Glimmer.. Since Android, I have had the D1 and currently the Bionic.. And when I replace it, it will still be a Moto.. I love my Motos so much, I didnt give up my D1 and still use it as a back up mini tablet.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Trevor

    Oh jeez, here come the lawsuits.

  • sc0rch3d

    This could be a good thing for Apple. Remember when CR thrashed the Civic? Honda turned around its best model yet in light of that.

    I’m only speaking good in the case for Apple b/c competition is always good for the consumer.

    • I feel the same way. If Apple cares what CR has to say, this could be an overall good thing for us, the consumers.

    • Mack

      I feel like if Apple changed anything they would still end up with the same result as Honda. The Civic was improved quite a bit but it was still not as good as the competition.

    • Danrarbc

      The 2013 Civic is still not the best model yet.

    • Dave

      Domestic compacts are killing the Civic right now. Honda has started to fail to innovate like Apple.

    • joejoe5709

      Thinking the same thing. I think recent media – including CR’s review – will kick Apple in the pants. Maybe not for the 5S, but the iPhone6 for sure. I don’t think they’ll ever be number one ever again except for the rare occurrence They just can’t possibly keep up with Android’s momentum, but I think they’ll make enough “innovations” to stay among the most popular smartphones for many years to come. Like or not, the iPhone is still the standard. I would like Apple’s place in this world to be the “refinement” of ideas with Android (and possibly Windows) leading the way. A behind-the-times, but super polished experience for those who don’t like tinkering.

      • pappy53

        Apple is number one now in the U.S., as they have taken over the marketshare.

        • Tim242

          You are very confused. Apple had the best 4th quarter market share, because of the spike in sales from iPhone 5’s, $99 iPhone 4S’, and free iPhone 4’s. That was just sales in one quarter. Android is still the market share leader. Android = 54%, Apple = 35%.

  • yungqb7

    People are finally realizing that the iPhone really isn’t bringing anything “new” to the table.

  • Greg Morgan

    I was at a VZW store the other day…the iPhone had one small display in a corner. Some customers had to ask the reps where they were in the store because they couldn’t find it. My how times have changed….

    • EvanTheGamer

      Android is slowly taking over the mobile world. Trust me, in 10 years, no one will even breath the word “iPhone” anymore, it’ll be all about Android! That is a world I want to be a part of.

      Living an Android world!

      • PhoenixPath

        “Trust me, in 10 years, no one will even breath the word “iPhone” anymore, it’ll be all about Android!”

        Sounds like a pretty stale future. What’s going to spur Google to make sure Android keeps getting better if there’s nothing out there competing against it?

        • TheWenger


          • PhoenixPath

            That would make it “all about Android…and Windows!”

            I don’t care who the competition is (so long as they *can* compete). “Android-only” brings to mind the horrible days of IE3/4…when there was no *real* competition among browsers. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have an “IE3” smartphone…

          • But there is a BIG difference here.. MS was the sole builder of IE.. OEMs didnt even have the option to do anything with it, just as it currently is.. Now if it was an Open Source browser, OEMs could have built upon it to create say an OEM IE build for just HP, which in order to get that version/features you would have to buy an HP.. That is how the Android phone market works.. So regardless if it would ever be down to an Android only smartphone market, which it never will, there is still a push for development, not only by Google to keep their OS fresh, but also by the OEMs to make is so their phone stands out compared to other offerings.. Which by def is competition..

          • PhoenixPath

            See my response to your last post…

            …add to it Firefox and Chromium. Show me the OEM bundles of those, please, since they are both open source….

          • OEMs bundle computer with Firefox if they are selling an Ubuntu box. Other than that…

        • EvanTheGamer

          True. But Apple is not much to compete against in the first place, so…

          • Mustang5Oh

            That’s flat out ignorant to say. Apple sells more iPhones than any OEM sells of any one device. Apple is the reason we have all the stuff we have in the smartphone world today like it or not. Before them we had BB and WinMo and yuck. Love or hate Apple lets not be blind fanboys.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yes, and there are lots of people who like simple things, too, like the iPhone.

            I’m not trying to be ignorant, I just refuse to give into Apple or their iPhone. Some of my friends have iPhones and they love that device, and that’s all fine and dandy.

            I’ve never owned an iPhone before, but I have owned other smart phones, my first being the Blackberry Storm, and that device was a terrible sh*t storm. And then I found the Droid X(or did it find me? lol) and never looked back. Android is where it’s at. I don’t care what people say. I’ve always loved openness among platforms and open-source, and that’s what Android is all about. Apple’s iPhone will never be open, which is why I will never fall for their bs.

            So anyways…that’s that.

          • Stevedub40

            Evan don’t even pay attention to these fools. A world without apple would definitely be a better place. They aren’t doing anything new, and are actually driving down competition. I would be perfectly content with Android, Blackberry, Win Phone 8, and maybe this new Ubuntu floating around.

          • Really, So why didnt the iPhone launch w/ Copy/Paste.. Android pretty much did.. Keep sipping that Apple Kool-aid. So what if Apple sold the most of 1 model of phone.. If they would let other manu’s make phones w/ iOS, that wouldnt be the case..

          • EvanTheGamer

            So what if Apple sold the most of 1 model of phone…” Exactly! Took the words right outta my mouth. They are a ONE phone company, and that’s it. They have ONE half-eaten Apple(with other versions of iPhones(small additions here and there), while we have an Army of Androids ready to attack at any given moment.

            They are pretty much a one hit wonder(although I would not call the iPhone a wonder, far from it), but just saying that all they have is the iPhone and that’s about it. People like variety and if you go with Apple, you’re in the wrong place.

          • Trevor

            I agree. I love Android all the way, but the iPhone is exactly why our current smartphones are the way they are today. Now obviously, other manufacturers have included their own innovations and all that good stuff, but the iPhone has a huge fan base, and unless that disappears, they are still going to be competition for Google. Google can’t slack if there are other manufacturers who could potentially steal customers.

          • Actually the SIII outsold the iPhone 5.

          • EvanTheGamer

            AMEN to that!

          • Tim242

            Samsung outsells Apple in smart phones. Even better, the SIII outsells the iPhone 5.

        • Trevor

          I agree. I hope Apple sticks around to help push Google to continue to not suck. Competition is a good thing for consumers. And to be honest, I don’t think Apple’s iPhone is going by the wayside anytime soon.

          • EvanTheGamer

            But when Apple releases the same damn phone time and time again, just with one or two new features…that’s not much competition to speak of.


          • Dave

            That same concept doesn’t seem to be working for Motorola either….LoL

          • LegalAmerican

            So you didn’t look at the Verizon part of that graphic I presume?

          • Dave

            I meant releasing the same phone over and over again. Just a cheap shot at releasing a new device every time a new technology hits the market.

          • Christopher Riner

            I have a feeling that googles recent acquisition of moto is still fresh on OEMS minds, and they’ve probably been holding back a little so they’re aren’t viewed as utilizing an unfair advantage.

            I’m just hoping that soon they throw all that out the window and start throwing some crazy tish our way.

          • Stevedub40

            Exactly. Apple isn’t really pushing the bar to drive competition. In fact, they are more of a hindrance with all of the frivolous lawsuits and shady business practices. To hell with apple!

          • Fattie McDoogles

            Up until this summer they were the #1 selling phone in the world. I would say thats pretty stiff competition.

          • Anil Reddy

            iphone will have it own market of high end users, but that will shrink slowly as more and more premium products like Galaxies, Optimus, Razrs etc keep coming!

        • That’s the point about Android though, the push to make it better is intrinsic in its own multi-vendor (open) approach. Competition between OEM’s will never die, and as they iterate to make their own “version” of the software better, Google has no choice but to continue iterating itself to keep its customer base. They are hopefully intelligent enough to see that sitting back and resting on popularity is what destroyed RIM and, to a lesser extent Nokia.

          • PhoenixPath

            “Google has no choice but to continue iterating itself to keep its customer base.”

            …and with no competition, the base will go…where, exactly?”

            “They are hopefully intelligent enough…”

            I am sure the same was said by many folks about Microsoft regarding IE back in the day…and yet it wasn’t until Firefox popped up that we started seeing any improvement in IE.

            Competition isn’t optional. It is necessary.

          • dangolds

            A million times this. For all you Fanboys out there who have wet dreams of one platform dominating the other with no competition, you have no foresight as to what this will do to us as consumers. I like both platforms and don’t harbor this silly resentment for Apple, but even if I strongly preferred one over the other it would be in the context of personsal usage, not wishing for a company to exit the market. The smart phone experience that users enjoy today is due to large contributions and innovations from Apple, Google and several OEMs. To act like this is not the case is every bit as ignorant as thinking the Earth is flat. Rooting for Apple to go away because you want to “win” a stupid fanboy argument is extremely short-sighted, and will contribute nothing to the future innovation you claim to crave so much.

          • Umm did you not read his first sentence.. There is plenty of competition within the Android OEM’s.. Not every single Android phone is the same, the way iPhones are.. Some have features others dont.. Thats competition isnt it.. And not all these features come from Google, some is from the OEMs push to include these things.

          • PhoenixPath

            His first sentence was about competition between OEMs…which is great if you like generation after generation of crap bolted on top of 4.2.1.

            If you want 5.0 to be anything more than service update, however, you need competition from *outside* the Android playground.

        • Its Google. They are always making changes to their services just take a look at Google itself. A lot of their features and functionality aren’t a response to the market but to rather be ahead of the market. Google doesn’t play catch up instead they try to be the leader; they are more willing to take a risk on hardware (Google Glasses) that may eventually fail, but they still try.

          • PhoenixPath

            Google does make a lot of new stuff….that quickly either gets binned or left for dead. Google has launched/bought 50+ services/products and keeps constant upkeep on *maybe* 6 of them…

            They are not Gods. They are just like every other business out there.

            Throw a bunch of sh*t at the walls and see what sticks.

            So you like their sh*t more than someone else’s…yippie-damn. It doesn’t change how business and competition work.

            Before you go and accuse me of being a Google hater or some stupid sh*t like that: I use gmail as my sole email provider. I use G+, Picasa, Google Music (I admit grudgingly), and my family (myself, wife, children) own 7 Android devices amongst us. I am not a hater or a fanboy. I am however, a realist.

            To fill out some more: I *loved* the Zune Software interface, use Windows unless I am building AOKP from Source, and wish like mad that Apple would sell iWork for Windows because “Numbers” is just plain friggin’ awesome.

            I am not bound by brand.

        • MooleyBooleyTroll

          Internet Explorer is a prime example of what happens when there is no competition.

          • EvanTheGamer

            IE used to be a pretty good browser back in the day, but no longer. I personally favored Chrome for along time, that is until it started bringing the BSoD upon my computer. Then I switched to Firefox again and haven’t seen a BSoD since.

          • More than likely wasnt the browser itself, but a 3rd party extension that was causing you’re BSoD.. I have used Chrome since day 1 of beta.. I have never had any crashing issues myself, but Im very cautious about what I install, including tool bars.. And have it on every device I can install it on..

            A friend of mine however, has had a lot of problems on/off w/ chrome, usually reinstalling or removing the extensions that are installed has fixed the issue.. MIO- Chrome is by far the most stable and fastest browser I have ever used.. And I have tried every major browser and some unknown ones..

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yeah, that could definitely be it, too. It doesn’t happen all the time, just maybe once or twice a week, if that even. But when it does happen, basically all I do is launch Chrome(along with two other programs(Raptr and Steam), and then all of a sudden my computer goes into BSoD mode. It could be Chrome, installed extensions, or perhaps because three things are loading at once.

            Plus 7 taps in Chrome automatically open when launched, which could be a factor, as well.

            I know I have enough memory(6GB RAM total, but only 3.50GB usable as I’m on Windows 7 32bit), so memory shouldn’t really be an issue. I want to figure out what is causing the BSoDs, but not entirely sure as I don’t want to brick my entire computer due to too many BSoDs. lol

          • Zero0

            I understood differently.

            Somewhere before Firefox came around, IE was good. Then it went to being atrocious. At around IE9, it became a good browser again. I prefer Firefox and Chrome, but IE9 and 10 are decent. They’re a bit weak on moving forward with HTML and CSS, but fast and mostly secure.

        • It’s just like what happened way back when IBM came on the scene in the PC world. Apple innovates but keeps doing the same damn thing in a closed system which leads to stagnation.

        • feztheforeigner

          I just hope a new competitor replaces Apple. Apple doesn’t deserve to be as big as they are. Maybe Ubuntu could be the competitor?

          • PhoenixPath


            As I said above, “I don’t care who the competition is (so long as they *can* compete).” Ubuntu looks interesting. We’ll see.

        • Anil Reddy

          @PhoenixPath:disqus Google will not stop innovating or bringing in fresh ideas, even if apple loses the grip. Google has continously improved its products, be it gmail, google+, google maps, android, etc. I am sure it has something bigger feature to launch everytime a major version of android is released. Moreover,if not iPhone, Windows Phone is also there to keep it busy! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • PhoenixPath

            ” Moreover,if not iPhone, Windows Phone is also there to keep it busy! :-)”

            Look at my original reply. You just restated it.

            The OP’s comment was that it should be “Android Only”…which I believe is ridiculous.

            Google has continuously improved a *few* of it’s products, as I stated above. Just like any other company, however, there are plenty that got left behind…The ones that you mention have plenty of competition to spur Google to keep advancing their tech.

      • I no fan of Apple, but i want them to stick around for a long time, Also want Windows and Blackberry to make a better comeback,Competition is what advances technology

        • EvanTheGamer

          This is very true, but like I said before, Apple is no real competition for Android. Not really. Sure everyone buys into their IPhones, but I never will. I’m not easily convinced. People are just suckers I guess. lol

          • PhoenixPath

            …then the competition is among “suckers”…which by your definition, is a large portion of the market (in which Apple seems to be competing quite well).

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yes, there are a lot of suckers, which is why Apple is doing well. I’m not among them.

            Hey, just my opinion, take it or leave it.

        • Dave

          RIM…Haha. I have friends that work at Sprint and VZ, they have 1 BB in the back room if somebody asks about it. Neither carrier has delegated official retail space in the showroom for it. Can’t help much….

          • Yes, but the more companies in the game, the better for the consumers

        • Stocklone

          Yay BB10! I’m switching platforms after 3 years of nothing but Android phones. I’m not unhappy with Android at all. This is actually the happiest I’ve ever been with Android. JB is amazing! I just really like what RIM is doing with their platform and I want to experience it first hand. I find the heavy gesture navigation and their centralized communication hub very intriguing. I will keep my Android tablet so I can still use my hundreds of dollars of apps I’ve bought over the years. Probably going to give my Galaxy SII to my brother though. Poor guy still has the original Evo.

          • Tim242

            Unfortunately, RIM is dead. BB10 will not save them. Reminds me of when they launched the Storm. You will be experiencing a sinking ship, firsthand.

          • Stocklone

            If RIM doesn’t release on all four carriers simultaneously, they are dead. They need everyone who wants buy a Z10 or X10 be eligible without having to switch carriers. At that point I will go with my plan B: the Galaxy Note II. I’ve been following QNX development since RIM acquired TAT. I like what I see. I’m not afraid of unproven platforms if I believe they will work well for me. If was afraid of new platforms, I would of bought an iPhone in 2009 instead of an Android phone. *shudder*

          • Tim242

            Android was new, and was pushed by a proven company, Google. RIM has lost the stranglehold they once had. They keep putting out fail products. The BBPB runs QNX. We know where that went. I just think it’s too late for RIM to turn around. There’s a lot more competition out there now, compared to 2009.

          • Stocklone

            There’s really nothing you can say that’s going to convince me otherwise. I’ve heard it all before from people who said RIM wouldn’t even exist by 2013. I know what phone I want next: the Z10. Again, unless they fail to launch on all 4 US carriers simultaneously. Then they are as dumb as Nokia and HTC and really don’t deserve my business. I can’t imagine Heins being that dumb. The former CEOs would have probably done an exclusive with AT&T and killed BB10 on launch day. Those guys were so clueless. They operated like it was the year 2006 until they got replaced.

          • Tim242

            RIM will die this year. Mark my words. My corporate carrier store that I work in hasn’t sold a Blackberry in the 8 months I’ve been there. Consumers come in wanting the Galaxy S3 and free or cheap iphones . These new Blackbeerys will not change this. If you can’t see that, that’s OK.

          • Stocklone

            You know who else wouldn’t have bought a Blackberry in the past 8 months? Me. Why in the world anybody bought a BB7 phone in 2012 is beyond me.

      • bogy25

        I hope you are right – I hate apple but I don’t see this happening – everyone around me owns a damn iphone – makes me sick – they parade around like it is a gift sent from the heavens. Also when I have been at the Verizon store everyone that comes in wants an iphone. I hope you are right trust me I do….

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yes, I long for the day where no one speaks of the so-called “beloved” iPhone anymore. I long for the day…

    • Mack

      Very true. I was in my local Verizon store recently and was almost surprised at how small the Apple display was. Haha the Apple display was actually smaller than the Windows Phone display.

    • At the store in town, i see them mainly try to much them on young women,I have gotten a few people their to get a droid M, s3 or droid max hd over a iphone a few times

  • ok

    The MAXX HD is above the Galaxy S3 & the Droid DNA isn’t even up there?!

    • gokusimpson

      Probably too early for the DNA

    • Yeah, seriously. I know HTC is not exactly loved by Verizon customers, but I traded my Note II for a DNA and have not looked back.

      • Pretty sure you make up the entire population that went THAT direction. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Dave

          Zing…haha. I could never give this up with my GN2.

          • LionStone

            Could you post a recent shot, that one is old… Can you do it in all 4G too if you can? Just curious thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • RoadsterHD1

        How’s the battery?

        • about the same as the nexus 4, but not as great as the s3

        • Shockingly good. I was ready to sell the DNA as soon as I got the Note II, but The whole week I was using, I was shocked I never got to less than 50% through the course of my work day (my office is right on the cusp of Verizon’s LTE coverage, so on my last phone I was constantly roaming and burning battery).

          When I finally got the Note II, It did not seem to get any better (I think the one I got was a bit buggy because it did not keep pace to do two days). After a week with the Note II, I knew the DNA was better.

          I actually wrote a short review as a comment here, but it is stuck in moderation because I dropped multiple F Bombs.

          Long story short, I have had it for a month and have had amazing battery life (15 hours easy, possibly up to 20, but I always plug it in before that). I just killed it for the first time ever this weekend on a road trip that I was bluetooth streaming Pandora, using Navigation and GF was browsing the web for 4 hours straight, Under those conditions it lasted 12 hours. It also has a drastically better radio than the SIII, Note II, and GNex.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Thanks for that great response. Much appreciated. I looked at the DNA when I went to Verizon and was very impressed with it, it looks like a great phone and it’s the fastest in the US market right now, that says allot… Thanks again.

          • LionStone

            Here’s my usage on my dna a couple days ago… I don’t use any special battery saver setting or app… All 4G LTE, 2 email syncs, G Now enabled, 2 weather widgets sync, 3.5 + hrs screen time on the 1080p screen used a whopping 10% battery! I shot a bunch of photos this day, all high res., backed up/uploaded to G+

    • Don’t be shocked the DNA isn’t up there. It couldn’t hold a charge long enough for CR to test it out. Zing!

    • The Droid Dna and Note 2(Verizon),would not be on there because of the time they came out.late November, This also shows that the Droid branding is a great marketing tool for verizon

    • rals

      The reason is Verizon’s clear push for their own device. Ever gone to verizon store, and directed you first to the iphone or the S3? The average consumer don’t know any better and get whatever the rep says.

    • schoat333

      rightfully so. If your not interested in custom ROMS, the RAZR HD MAXX is the best phone Verizon offers.