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Samsung Galaxy S4 Allegedly Makes First Photo Appearance

Samsung Galaxy S4

The folks over at SamMobile, a typically on point news outlet when it comes to Samsung news, thinks they have received the first ever photo of the Galaxy S4. Have they? Tough to tell. Though, it does look like one heck of a pretty render for a Samsung-inspired device. Their source, a purported insider, claims to have more pictures, but wouldn’t provide any other details. 

Sure it looks like a Samsung phone, but how many times over the years have we seen a fake render appear months before a phone arrives? We still aren’t expecting Samsung to release this phone until May, June or even July, just as they have done with the last two major Galaxy S phones. But who knows, maybe this is just a render and nothing more and is simply a beginning point for what this phone could look like? Who knows.

I guess we should probably react to the thought of this potentially being real? Well, the zero bezel around the sides of the display is intriguing. With no physical home button showing, this could mean on-screen navigation buttons or it could mean that the creator of this render was being lazy and forgot that Samsung loves physical home buttons. We see a volume rocker and lock switch in the typical Samsung spots. That’s definitely a front facing camera up there with sensors. And yeah, not much else to take away from it.

Rumored specs give the device a quad-core Exynos 5450 processor clocked at 2.0GHz, Mali-T658 GPU, 2GB RAM, 5″ full HD Super AMOLED display (1080p), 13MP rear camera, and the latest version of Android.

Sounds good, if any of it is true.

Via:  SamMobile

  • roberthenderson

    Without a physical home button, my galaxy s3 willl be my last Samsung. I’ll leave screen eating technology to the technoposers who value new over common sense. I hope manufacturers are smart enough to offer both with the option to turn off those butt ugly on screen ones.

  • Oscar De La Rosa

    The logo will be a permanent wallpaper that says verizon wireless

  • itsgonnalast

    June 2010 – S i
    May 2011 – S ii
    May 2012 – S iii

    I wonder if Samsung will stick to this Q2 schedule?

  • coolsilver

    By that point I can be sure to have money set aside for a new phone without losing my unlimited data. Least that is the plan.

  • Rob

    I will say this – that rainbow in the flash reflection is kinda close to the way light reflects off of my S3. Haven’t seen what a flash reflecting off the screen looks like though.

  • shecalledmejay

    I want it to look closer to the phone from the concept video

  • Trevor

    I would love it if more phone manufacturers adopted the onscreen key idea. Not sure if I believe this is actually the S4 though. Seems a little early for any legitimate leaks to be trickling out, but who knows.

  • Captain_Doug

    I don’t think the 5450 will be put into smartphones for awhile. It seems too power hungry. that’s why they came up with the big.LITTLE configuration right? I think phones will stick to that.

  • chris125

    This is a terrible photoshop look at the bottom of the phone the shadow. Pretty sure this similar image leaked last year claiming it was the s3….

  • WickedToby741

    It’s more than likely fake but probably reasonably accurate. I expect the design to be an evolution of the current Galaxy design and the specs check out as to what is expected.

  • John

    Samsung is making so much money off of the GS3 why in the world would they introduce a new one less then 6 months of the other one? don’t make any sense. I’m tired of all these releases. The minute you think you got the latest tech 6mos later a better one comes out. And its all running the same OS. don’t make any sense. 2yr contracts doesn’t cut it any more. Of course I want the latest gadget but come on its getting a bit out of hand with all these phones.

    • Ash Hanna

      Thing is
      That was an issue in the past yes due to hardware becoming obsolete quickly (see: Motorola devices near the x2/d3)
      But these new devices with 2gb ram anD BEAST CPU gpu combinations will not become obsolete quickly and become unsupported sooooo readily just Cuz something came out that is newer.

      And either way, technology has always been line that, you will always see something ” better” come out and want it even tho you feel like you just bought the latest and greatest six months ago 🙂

    • Tim242

      Do you buy a new computer, or a new car every time one is released? You only have yourself to blame for being obsessed with phones.

  • If thats what it looks like im extremely disappointed.

    • Ash Hanna

      I really hope this is a joke/troll comment.. not sure what you would expect it to look line

      • Idk, maybe something creative not something that looks like the Note 2.

    • cizzlen

      It looks like an old iphone

  • If it isn’t a fake, so much ado about flexible screen technology. Wait for crApple to come out with something then you mimic. Come on Samsung, get to doing your own bold moves. May help the reputation a little.

    • Tim242

      Is the Note II not bold enough for you?

  • anezarati

    thats just the render they sent to verizon so they could decide where to put their logo

    • TooBigToFit

      Since there’s no physical home button…

      (Disqus smushed it)

      • swmask

        made me lol

  • Looks super fake. The light/shadows make no sense.

  • Brandon Gillis

    This isn’t just fake… this is a bad fake.

    I won’t go over all the reasons listed here (Old school design, bad photoshop lens flare…. etc) but I will give you one additional thing to think about….. if this is indeed a photograph of a computer monitor (which is backlit) why would you use a flash? Anybody ever photographed a monitor? trust me…. it doesn’t come out with a perfect lens flare.

    Hard to believe this got press.

    • nightscout13

      I dont think its a lens flare. Its a camera flash, cause he took the picture from a computer monitor. But the design does look fake.

  • Derrick

    Clearly that’s a monitor. If you had this 1080 dna you would clearly see the pixels. 😛

  • jrod4545

    This is unrelated but I need some advice from you guys. I have a Note II so I am trying to get rid of my Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. I never messed with rooting the phone or any of that. The phone has a small scratch at the bottom of the screen that isn’t visible much and it might need a new battery because it only charges with an original charger and over heats with any other charger. How much could I get for it if I sold it on Ebay? Or should I just do the Samsung upgrade deal which would give me $!00.

    • JoshGroff

      100 is decent, you could probably still get 150-ish on ebay or what not, but then you have to pay shipping and sale fees, so you’ll end up with around 120-130.

      • jrod4545

        The hassle of selling it on Ebay doesn’t really seem worth it for an extra 20-30 bucks. Thanks!

    • Chris Batson

      Sell it on Swappa

      • jrod4545

        I’m not familiar with Swappa but I’ll check it out.

  • Shane Redman

    Show me the xPhone Maxx

  • Bewara2009

    I’m guessing it has software buttons.

  • bogy25

    FAKE.. …

  • r0lct

    That’s what I wish my Note 2 looked like 😛

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    I’ve gotten attached to my physical home button… I’m not gonna lie. It’s convenient to wake the device when it’s on my desk and I want to take a glance at what notifications I have…

    • r0lct

      The physical button isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I wouldn’t consider it the huge negative I thought it would be. Having said that I an still looking for to this being my last phone without on screen keys.

    • T4rd

      Yeah, that’s about the only think I like about it on my Note 2. Coming from a Gnex, it was kind of a step back in that area. It’s retarded that the Note doesn’t have soft keys and even more so that the S-Pen doesn’t work on the capacitive buttons. Huge oversight, IMO. But that’s really the ONLY gripe I have with my Note 2, so I’m still really happy with it.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        I went from GNex to S3. And I do miss the on screen keys… but I like my Home button. They could do both, bail on the capacitive, move their Menu and Back keys on screen, and they could even add in a Multitasking button.

        I find that I use the Home button, overall, very infrequently. I usually back out of apps unless my intention is to multitask and need to get back into the app.

    • John

      Thats what the power button is for 🙂

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        Ahh yes. But I can’t hit the power button with one finger without it spinning in circles. 🙂

        • Ash Hanna

          But doesn’t note2 have ability to just wave hand above sensor and see notification/time/date/etc?
          No reason they wouldn’t include that here also I would think? 🙂

          • Rob

            It wakes up when you pull the stylus out. So maybe (since you can pull out the stylus and then turn off the screen)? Haven’t tried it yet.

  • The lens flare looks like it has a hard edge…like if you photoshop it and your layer boundary is too small…

    • Warwick

      that is what i thought

  • slide83

    Looks like a picture of a computer screen.

  • Guest

    Take a galaxy note 2 and photo shop the button out=profit

  • It look like an S3 or Note 2 with the button erased from the image.

  • Tony

    why is there a reflection, indicating its the actual device in person, and then the slight mirror/shade effect underneath the phone, indicating it’d be a mockup on paper with a little apple-esque bottom reflection

    • mustbepbs

      Glossy picture paper, perhaps?

      • ray_420

        That could be

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Taken off a computer monitor?

      • mechapathy

        Nailed it.

    • steevka

      Because the s4 is bigfoot

    • redbar0n11

      Photo of on-screen photo… Look all around it, that’s clearly a monitor that’s displaying it.

    • tyguy829

      it’s obviously a picture taken of a computer monitor, right?. look closely and you can clearly see pixels.

  • dustin

    looks too close to the iphone. iTards will mistake it all the time im sure. they cant read it seems SAMSUNG HA!

    • You must be about 12 if you’re calling Apple fans/users ‘iTards’.

  • ray_420

    I feel like that amount of flash on the screen the phone should be lite up more but I’m no expert it just doesn’t look right

  • drool

  • Throwing this on here from comments I have left on various leak articles…

    This looks like a prototype of the S3 or some silly mockup someone made. I don’t think they would be going backwards in terms of design style. Chrome bezel and plan jane body seems much to similar like the S2.

  • BigL

    This is more like Note II without home button!

  • triangle8


    • NexusPhan69

      Agreed. But. I except the SG4 to look almost exactly like that.

      • Anon

        I hope not. It looks too much like an iPhone. Unlike many here, I have nothing against the iPhone, but I do have a desire to see Samsung make devices theirs, not devices that look like an imitation of someone else’s.

    • zepfloyd



      • floydzep

        Thanks for the insightful post.

    • John

      Absolutely fake.. you can completely tell the screen was photoshopped on. The gradients at the edges give it away if you have any experience drawing lines in photoshop.

      Also, I doubt sammy would ditch the physical buttons.. it’s their thing now. Gnex is an exception, not the rule.