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Nexus 7 Dock Shipping Date Slips Yet Again, Now Set For January 16

nexus 7 dock

On Wednesday, we updated you on the delayed launch of the official Nexus 7 dock from ASUS, but it looks like we may have more bad news this morning. According to B&H, the date has slipped back yet again, this time to January 16. Grr! 

Other than waiting another week, nothing else has changed. The price still sits at $39.99.

Should we have just expected something like this to happen from the beginning? This could possibly be one of the most frustrating things we as Android users have to deal with in terms of choosing a device maker that actually creates accessories in a timely manner for their consumers.

Shall you remain to wait patiently? You don’t have much of a choice.

Via: B&H

Cheers Mike!

  • StubbyDock

    OMG how hard is it for Google to make a freaking announcement? It may be Asus’ fault but something official could have come out. Please Google take my money.

  • Hey at least you have hope. Us Nexus 10 users know what to expect from Samsung, which is jack.

  • NyReynolds

    The release of this product is eerily similar to the thunderbolt.

  • Kevin Schotts

    A nexus 7 dock? You don’t say. I thought that was nothing but focklore and myths.

  • Trevor

    I would still love to have one of these. I keep my Nexus 7 on the endtable next to my couch and it’s a pain in the bootay to plug in the USB charger. I’d love to just be able to throw the tablet into the dock and take it out again with ease. Starting to lose hope that we’ll ever see the dock though. Very reminiscent of the GNex as others have pointed out…

    • The big difference is its ASUS, which has actually been good at delivering for their own devices. Samsung made the Gnex and they sucked at supporting their own devices.

  • Hunter

    Why are we followingrelying on B&H for the releaseship date?

  • ddh819

    looks nice but seems like too much for just charging and audio out.

  • bull3946

    At what point do we actually give up this fantasy that Nexus devices will have accessories that are anything other than vaporware?

    • Hopefully we can keep the dream alive until Google mobilizes Moto. Make the Nexus an end-to-end device and then they can mandate this stuff being made.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    What ever happened to the charging orb for the N4?

  • Sara Rosensteel

    I hold about as much hope of getting this as being able to find a POGO dock for my CDMA G-Nex.

  • omgitzjose

    the ONLY device maker who actually makes and then sells accessories is Motorola.

  • Booyah

    Not holding my breath.

    • EC8CH

      if you were you’d be dead by now

  • sirmeili

    I wonder who is at fault here. B&H or Google/Asus. I’m thinking maybe it’s the former which is giving the latter a bad reputation. Just a guess though.

    • bull3946

      The pattern is too complete for it to be anything other than Google’s fault. These accessories should have been available from day one, from the Play Store, alongside the device. If Google didn’t negotiate their availability from the manufacturer ahead of time to ensure that, that’s where the failure comes from.

      Where is the Nexus 4 Orb Charger? The Nexus 10 dock or magnetic cable? The Galaxy Nexus desktop pogo dock? Hell, even the Nexus One’s dock was in very limited availability.

      When I bought my Galaxy Nexus, I asked the guy at the Verizon store about docks and you’d thought I shot his dog. “That’s the number one question I get about this phone and I have to say I have no idea when or even if we’ll get them. 80% of our phones leave the store with a dock and it’s one of the most popular accessories. Other phones usually have docks at launch along side the device. With this one, I don’t even know if one exists.”

      Massive failure on Google’s part. They still have a ton to learn about being a source of hardware.

      • sirmeili

        What is the complete pattern? 2 retailers have it up on their site that I know of. One I’ve never heard of. So, is it more likely that B&H jumped the gun or that Google/ASUS released a date and no one but B&H and one other site added it to their catalog?

        I do agree that they should do better with accessories though. Its the one thing I envy of iOS users.

        • bull3946

          The complete pattern is all Nexus accessories have been either vaporware or extremely limited availability. The only constant across all those devices has been Google.

    • B&H is just a retailer. A long established, reputable retailer from long before you were even a gleam in your daddy’s eye. Use the brains God gave you.

      • sirmeili

        So what you’re saying is that B&H couldn’t, on their own, but on their site that they would be having it for sale on a given date and couldn’t meet that so keep changing the date? Maybe they “heard” it was going to be available so they jumped the gun. Could that not be possible?

        I’m not saying B&H is bad, but it doesn’t make Google at fault if a retailer jumps the gun. After all, I would have a feeling that if Google/Asus announced it’s release, Alot of other retailers would have them up on their site (such as Amazon which regularly puts items up before they are available for sale).

        As you can see, I did use my brain sir, now please….bug off.

        p.s. Oh and wow, they are a whole whopping 4 years older than me….holy crap!!!!!! that means they can’t possible be at fault here!!! Thank god I now know that anything older than me must be all righteous and good!

  • Justin

    meh. At first I was excited about this. Now I have lived without it for so long that it is no longer “required”.

  • Finire

    If I had a nexus 7 I’d be dying for that. But I’ll keep my love for the Transformer Infinity and it’s keyboard dock…