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Google TV Announcements Coming Next Week at CES from ASUS, LG, and Sony

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Today, Google has announced through their official Google TV blog that we have lots to look forward to next week at CES. According to the post, we will be seeing the future of the platform, as it will be presented through new hardware from various partners such as ASUS, Sony, LG, Vizio, and more. 

As to what new hardware we will see, there is nothing set in stone. But of course, you can expect to see coverage of everything new right here starting Sunday.


Via: Google TV Blog

  • Zach

    I don’t know why all the naysaying about the GTV. I own the sony nszgs7 and I think all in all its great. The only feature I am waiting for is NDK support and a SiriusXM app. As for multiple remotes, I have my GTV remote doing everything from my sound system, cable box, and tv. I use plex on it and even use GTV Box app which is also a client for plex and other media which works really well. During parties I put on pandora, and luckily they haven’t updated it enough so I don’t hear those annoying adds from them.

    With the Youtube updates I am able to push videos from my tablet or phone which is also very cool and convenient. And the netflix app does what it is supposed to.

  • Miracast integration please!!!

  • B$

    I hope are goin to announce NDK support. The feature request thread was just locked down to restricted users yesterday. I’m not holding my breath, but you never know.


  • Nexus Q shoulda been the new GTV imho…

    • mustbepbs

      Nexus Q, what’s that?

      Said everyone, ever.

      • Mack

        Not me. 🙂

        • Chris

          I still have mine from IO. Its still the best looking hardware I’ve ever seen. If only they would make that the device targeted for cord cutters and take its feature set in that direction.

  • Prox

    Partner with Intel and push out a real TV service via IPTV. Stopping messing around with a cute interface. Lets make a real service that can generate revenue for Google and cut down the expensive pay-tv cable service we have now.

    • sirmeili

      Isn’t the point that Google TV enhances your tv experience, not replaces it? I’m not disagreeing with you that it would be nice to have a good IPTV solution from google, but Google TV was never meant to be that.

      • Prox

        I understand your point, but which product would be more mainstream? A pay-tv replacement or a enhanced TV experience? Everyone needs a bed but no one needs a California King with a European Pillow top, that enhancement is a want outside of some peoples budget.

        • sirmeili

          I agree, i’m just saying that Google TV isn’t what you want. I am with you that it would be nice if it was done. Hulu+ is close, but missing CBS (though not a true IPTV solution like AT&T uVerse or centuryLink’s Prism)….. Granted, I just got full on cable with HBO for 2 years for $7/month (on top of my cable internet bill) and it’s not a promo (except for the HBO). so, really I’m not overly concerned about what’s out there right now….it’s working for me. $7 for something like that is actually cheaper than Hulu or Neflix.

          Oh yeah, and they give me access to their Netflix like system (Comcast’s), not sure how good it is, but if it rivals Netflix, then I’ll cancel that and actually end up ahead by $1/month.

          Obviously not a solution for everyone, but ti’ll work out for me. I’m also anxious to try it out with XBMC Frodo now that it has PVR functionality baked into it.

    • michael arazan

      Last year at CES Sony had a GTV box with DVR and had 2 terabytes of on board storage, looked amazing. Why the hell did they not release it? You could record every show, a full season of every show that is for 6 months with that amount of storage.

  • Brett R

    Great news, I’m still waiting on a G TV device that’ll seem to work well, hopefully this announcement ends my search.

  • Jeff Edinger

    I don’t need to add another remote control to the collection. I need something that will let me stream to TV straight from my Nexus 7 or my phone. Any suggestions?

    • joshua knight

      I have a roku 2 with plex media server (free) installed on my PC. Everything from my phone, tablet, and PC are all conneceted via plex server to my roku box. Also plays any format I’ve tried including avi and mkv.

    • You can also use your phone/tablet as remote for GTV.
      This was you’ll not need another remote, bit the media will still flow from internet through GTV to TV.

      • Jeff Edinger

        oh ok, nice. i was curious about being able to control GTV from phone/tablet. Thanks!

      • Chris

        While this is technically correct, the app is not set up the right way. It just slaps some buttons on the tablet/phone screen. I want an app that places the content navigation on the tablet/phone and just pushes it to the TV to actually play.

  • I believe I said this was something to look for at CES, just recently on the 11th episode of the DL show. I called that straight on. 😛