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GameStick Hits $100K Target in 30 Hours, Announces Support for XBMC and DLNA


Just a couple of days ago we wrote up that GameStick, an Android-powered portable gaming system, hit Kickstarter looking to help fund their project. In just 30 hours, they topped their $100,000 goal and are on their way to making the next big thing. 

To celebrate, the company has announced official support for XBMC and DLNA, which will turn your GameStick into an even more powerful tool while plugged into your HDTV. The two features will be pushed to the systems via firmware update sometime in September, but GameStick developers emphasized that the consoles will remain completely hackable.

Did you happen to pledge any money for one?


The Most Portable TV Games Console Confirms Support of XBMC And DLNA

GameStick Change Pledge Tiers to offer Developers Even More

London & San Francisco; January 4th, 2013; The team behind the GameStick raised a glass yesterday evening in thanks to the 1000+ Kickstarter backers that pushed them over their $100,000 funding goal in just 30 hours.

“The response from the Kickstarter community has been truly overwhelming. We are confident in our product and what we hope it will mean for gaming but we were taken aback at how quickly the message was adopted,” says Anthony Johnson, CMO, PlayJam.“There is no better feeling than having
hundreds if not thousands of people endorse your idea.”

The team has been busy keeping up with the hundreds of questions and requests that continue to come through the Kickstarter message boards and in response have today announced support for XBMC & DNLA, two of the most sought after features.

“While we are shipping as a dedicated games console, we are keen to ensure that users have the ability to hack the device if they so wish and will be providing support for XBMC & DNLA via an optional firmware update in September. We encourage users to hack the device – the time for
closed, proprietary systems is ending which bodes well for true innovation”, concluded Johnson.

GameStick is described as ‘The Most Portable TV games Console Ever Created’. The team behind the project are passionate about accelerating the race to change the face of big screen gaming with a product that will now, as promised, launch in April of this Year.

Supporters flooded to the Kickstarter page just moments after the campaign launched and began pledging. The ‘Early Bird’ pledge tier, giving backers the chance to grab themselves a GameStick at a discounted rate, proved so popular that it sold out in a matter of hours resulting in people moving in
droves to the next tier. At the time of writing, the average pledge towards GameStick was $98.

Interest from the developer community has been extremely strong with over 300 registrations on the www.gamestick.tv website and a new tier offering early access to the SDK and 30 days premium positioning within the games store having been added for $500.

GameStick will feature a purpose-built game store through which users will be able to browse and download content. The proposition will be powered by PlayJam’s existing Games Network for Smart TV which currently supports developers such as Relentless Software, First Star Software, and Disney.

To visit the Kickstarter page and pledge your support, please visit: http://kck.st/12SSvMO


    I dunno. I think it looks pretty cool and promising.

  • agreed.
    blacming marketing is like saying The Thunderbolt’s battery would’ve not been reviewed as crap worked if people knew it upfront. !


  • arthur2142

    Really? I hope Ouya sees this and kicks them to the curb.

  • Kurt Witt

    I’m still waiting for my pebble watch and stick entertainment center….it’ll be a while before i give these small operations any more of my ca$h. I don’t think they’ve thought out there business plans well enough…to handle even a small distribution channel.

    • michael arazan

      Sounds like they need to upload a youtube video link to their kickstarter that explains their business model and time frame and resources they already have or will need. That way you know they have a plan and model already made ready to go and not flying by the seat of their pants.

    • remember pebble wanted to make 100k worth of watches and start their business, we sort of drove them to play with the big boys in a 10mill business model. expected growing pains should have been a no brainer. ouya on the other hand came from big industry and shrunk big industry models down. hence delays for pebble and i expect a clean launch for ouya. Plus pebble is debuting FINAL at CES.

  • Stoker

    You can almost diy something along the lines of this with the chinese Android sticks that are already available for about $50 and a USB controller.

    This thing is seriously underspecced… even a casual gaming device, IMHO.

    • strider_mt2k

      I wonder if they think everyone will simply run old emulators on it or something.
      It’s ain’t gonna run Horn, that’s for sure.

  • sirmeili

    So…only 8GB of flash? Aren’t some of the games out today pretty big? How much will 8Gb really get you?

    Granted, for $69 (hehehehe) it would be kewl to just play with….. but I think the Ouya will be better just because of size. They will be able to really leverage the power of the processors and get better performance because they are able to have a larger form factor and separate power source.

    I will say it is nice that it is more portable, but there is no guarantee that anywhere you go will have a big screen tv with hdmi. Having a phone or Tablet would suffice for “travel”.

    • dont forget the fan. we have only played with these chipsets in fanless phones and tablets. remember doubling the OG main processors only had a slight increase, imagine the OCing we can do with a fan cooled GPU.

  • sirmeili

    Could we link to the kickstarter page? Or am I missing something. (yes, I’m lazy and don’t want to go search for it)

  • EvanTheGamer

    Naw…all signs point to no. I’ve already sent my hard-earned dough to the OUYA team, and one Android-based console is enough.

    Besides, OUYA will have better developer support, and in turn, will be getting the better games(hopefully). Just sayin’.

    Plus the OUYA just looks way slicker, both the console and the controller.

    • master94

      True but competition is always a good thing.

      • PhoenixPath

        This is junk. People will “kickstart” anything.

        This is an Android-on-a-stick (done to death…search Amazon…they’re around $50-$60 bucks) with a d-pad (because according to their kick-starter page they don’t like clunky controllers??)

        I’m with Evan on this one. OUYA at least tries to be different.

        • master94

          True, I too have invested into OUYA. I just dont understand why people are so mad another company has joined into the Android Game consul world.

          • PhoenixPath

            I think this is less about “Android Game Consoles” and more about stupid stuff getting Kickstarted….(or stuff that’s *already* been kickstarted…)

    • capecodty

      Yeah but kudos to them for supporting xbmc. Not even consoles do that without modding.

  • Marcus Schoen

    That was fast

    • 10 year old

      that’s what she said

    • EvanTheGamer

      Fast? The OUYA raised more than $1mil in only 8 hours. Talk about fast. 30 hours is incredibly slow for being the “most portable TV games console ever created” as they so calmly put it.

  • Matthew 9815

    Ouya better