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Catch the Replay of The Droid Life Show Episode 11


If you missed the live stream of The Droid Life Show this week, then please, don’t be too hard on yourself. We record every show, spam them off to podcast sites, make sure they are in two places on YouTube, and usually try to do something like this, as in posting up the most recent episode for easy retrieval.

On this week’s show, we talked about CES and how Tim and I plan on conquering it. We also cruised through some rumors, like Google and Motorola’s “X” phone, the latest from HTC, and whether or not LG will have a lineup of devices for us to see Monday morning. We even dove into the hot topic of crowdfunded console gaming systems that seem to be all the rage these days. It was another solid show, so be sure to check it out! 

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  • Apostrafee

    Why was Tim in a closet?

    • Thomas

      There are so many ways I could respond to this, but I’ll just walk away 🙂

  • Justin Kos

    The x phone… The upgrade from the gnex….

    • tyguy829

      that’s my plan too. fingers crossed

    • Trevor

      Man I hope this is the case!

  • possomcrast1

    Tim and Matt were getting kind of vicious.

  • I guess we are Android enthusiasts so this would be obvious to us, but that is like saying summer won’t come until June 21st. !!


  • steve30x

    I still get tickled on a holo keyboard.. and I hope that never becomes reality, jut think everytime you think about using it you have to clear wherever you at to use it to have a clean surface and forget using that on the bed! But yeah im hoping for some Moto X news and hopefully a phone without a hideous backside and improved camera since its all the same since Bionic.

  • devi8

    The only way google TV can become a hit is with the ability to accept a cable card and utilize the unit has a digital tunner with dvr capabilities , I have a widows media center pc with a ceton 4 doing this currently with media extenders on my other TVs, it works but support is all but gone, I would love to replace it with a android unit