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Nexus 4 to be Sold in All T-Mobile Stores Later This Month

LG Nexus 4 Review

According to an internal T-Mobile memo obtained by TMoNews, the magenta carrier is expecting to expand the availability of the Nexus 4 later this month. Originally launching in select stores with limited availability, the Nexus 4 must have been seen as enough of a success to push it to all T-Mobile stores. No exact date has been given other than “January.” 

While this is a positive sign in terms of Nexus popularity, we hope this doesn’t mean that Google Play will have less stock to sell. We’ve seen nothing but “Sold Out” signs through Google’s own store for a month now, something we would have expected to have been rectified by the end of the holidays. We know the phone is either insanely popular, possibly beyond any predicted demand, or there was a failure in the supply chain.

nexus 4 all stores

Via:  TMoNews

  • OrdinaryAmerican

    I’m expecting the Nexus 5 by the middle of summer. Hopefully it will be the Motorola X phone. That will eliminate waiting 6 months for an up-dated OS, like on the HTC One X. Unlocked, and off contract is my new goal in life.

  • ronh95

    3G? Why is anyone buying this phone? I don’t get the fuss…

    • Joe

      Its not 3G, its 3G+ but is considered 4G because HSPA+ 42 is 42.2 mbps which is fast or faster than VZ LTE in some cities. It does have a LTE radio but is not active and can be used on TMO’s upcoming LTE network. The fuss is that you get top hardware, direct n fast update from Google, the maker of Android, large screen, and a steal at its price tag. Why else do you want?

  • Uriah Romero

    I think it’s cool that the Nexus 4 will be sold
    in T-Mobile stores soon. I bought a Nexus 4 a while ago and it’s definitely a
    great phone. Movies and shows look great on it, and a DISH coworker who also
    has one would agree. I use the DISH Remote Access app on my phone to stream
    live TV through the Sling Adadpter that I have connected to my home receiver.
    It’s very useful for keeping up with my shows, even if I can’t be at home.

  • It’s tempting to buy it at tmobile, but I’m waiting very patiently to buy it at the play store.

  • Will it be $300, or will they jack up the price?

  • J Davis

    This seems like a no brainer to me. Should have been made available at all stores from the start.

  • Dan

    Same ridiculous price?

  • I’m surprised more people haven’t bough one through T-Mobile. That’s how I got mine.

  • Stephen Freeman

    I know Im looking to buy 3 of them soon! Hurry up gooogle/LG! Please…

  • They’ll carry it in store for the first day. Then they will be taking preorders.

    • LionStone

      Deja vu… 🙂

  • Butters619

    No offense, but I don’t see any reason why you would sign up for a Nexus 4 in a T-Mobile store. Monetarily it makes no sense. You save $150 off retail but get tied into a 2 year contract. It would make more sense to buy an SGS3 with your contract discount, sell that on ebay, and use the funds to buy an off contract Nexus 4.

    • mustbepbs

      People are way too lazy to do that.

    • Jason Brown

      good idea but the only problem would be getting a hold of a nexus 4 off contract.

      • Butters619

        I mean it’s sold at at T-Mobile as well.

        • Jason Brown

          ah I see. I figured tmo would be more inclined to sell to people willing to sign a 2 year contract than an unlocked phone where they can switch carriers.

          • Butters619

            Oops I meant to type it’s sold out at T-Mobile as well. The phone is sold at T-Mobile out of contract but I believe it is $500.

  • pete

    It is insanesly popular!!!! I work at T-Mobile and we get calls daily regarding the availability ofthe nexus 4!!!!! so far many people have come into the store with their Google play nexus 4s and signed up with our prepaid service!!!!

    • Ibrick

      I feel sorry for the many people who have come into the store and signed up for your prepaid service.

      • J. Gilbertson

        From what I hear it’s not all that bad if you live in a covered area which is quite a few places. I would down here in Dallas but I have too much family living in Arkansas where coverage becomes severely limited.

        • Ibrick

          See that’s the problem, as long as you live in the middle of a large city and never travel to the suburbs, and are OK with faux-G, coverage is fine.

          I live 10min outside of Milwaukee, a fairly large city, and was on EDGE. VZ had LTE before TMo had 3G. Sorry, but that was pretty pathetic.

          I won’t mention the issues I had with customer service and billing, which was incorrect more often than not, since we’re talking coverage more than anything.

          Not mad bro. Keep the down votes coming.

          • michael arazan

            Same here coverage is only good along major highways and in large communities and cities, venture off the beaten path and no signal even in state parks. Plus Tmo ripped me off and tried to screw me billing wise, all while being called a “valued customer” of 6 years.

      • Dan

        Why? Good price, good coverage where I live (mid-west), fast speeds…

        • michael arazan

          I live in the midwest and the coverage sucks outside large communities and off major highways.

      • JMonkeYJ

        i’m loving TMob prepaid! i live in an area with great HSPA+ coverage, and my download speeds are the same as VZW LTE. uploads are a different story, but that doesn’t seem to be as important. oh, and for the first time ever, my phone works in my parking garage 😀

    • Ramona M. Geter

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    • shooter50

      Insanely popular? Did you see the other post on sales figures of only 375,000??? If this is insanely popular, what does that make the Galaxy Note 2 or the GS3? Whooaaa fanboy, curb your enthusiasm. This phone hasnt made a dent yet and probably never will.

      • michael arazan

        By the time it gets to one million the next nexus phone will be out or announced and hopefully made by Samsung, HTC, or Motorola because LG can’t cut the mustard