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Nexus 4 Sales Estimated to be in the 375,000 Range, Thanks to Serial Numbers

LG Nexus 4

According to a group of Nexus 4 sleuths over at XDA, they estimate that LG has produced around 375,000 N4 units since launch (through December). Since the device is pracitically sold out everywhere in the world, that also gives us an idea as to how many Google and LG managed to get in end users’ hands. So how did they figure this out? I’ll do my best to attempt to explain. 

After pulling the serial number from the device’s box and using the IMEI included into an LG webservice, these users were able to decode the parts to discover when and where the unit was produced, along with the production number. After working over the subject for some 17 pages with a variety of users, they came to the conclusion that LG produced some 70,000 units in October, another 90,000 in November, and then 210,000 in December (these may just be the 16GB unit numbers, though).

Tough to draw many conclusions from this, other than LG and Google needed to produce many more than they had on hand initially. You can see by these numbers that production ramped up in December, something that will likely continue as they try to keep up with demand.

To keep an eye on the tracking of this situation, feel free to hit up the XDA thread below.

Via:  XDA | TechCrunch

  • roberthenderson

    On screen buttons-ugly and counterintuitive
    16mb Max internal Storage-paltry
    No SD card slot-stupid

  • Cmin

    I like that wallpaper.any idea which one is it?10x

  • JC

    Not bad for a phone with nearly zero marketing.

  • Aaron


    DNA Wallpapers in blue, green, and purple.

  • master94

    Well, this just proves it. LG is really not used to demands if it cant make at least 500k phones at launch.

  • shooter50

    375,000?hahahah. Some flagship. Finally some proof that the general public isnt stupid enough to buy a non-LTE device in 2012/2013

    • TheVoiceOfReason

      Who said flagship? I don’t think anyone did. This is a Nexus device for developers and enthusiasts. And to them, non-LTE is a non-issue. If you want a flagship device, try the Galaxy S3 or Droid Razr Maxx HD. Those have LTE and are probably more your speed.

      • jetscreamer

        So true. If Google wanted to sell millions of Nexus 4, then we would have seen a saturation campaign for the device before Christmas. They can certainly afford it. The Nexus will never have the same appeal to the average consumers as it does to Android purist. Is sad that so many people are willing to put up with the crap from their carriers, just so they can have the “it” phone of the moment. I guess is because people are now so well conditioned to the carrier’s subsidies and are under the illusion that they are getting a bargain for their hot phone.

    • Or maybe its because people literally couldn’t buy the phone. I’m sure If LG? Google produced enough to meet demand, those numbers would be much higher.

  • zulu208
  • Aaron

    This number is just sad. I don’t think LG was prepared for the demand they would see for a Nexus. Or maybe there was a flaw in their production line that caused low yields. Or maybe they sacrificed N4 production for the Optimus G. These numbers just don’t make sense for the launch of a flagship device.

    • TheVoiceOfReason

      Again, it’s not a flagship device, it’s a developer and enthusiast device.

      The Galaxy S3 and Droid Razr Maxx HD’s are flagship devices.

      • Aaron

        But wouldn’t you consider the Nexus line to be Google’s flagship line? The Nexus line isn’t just for enthusiasts, it is also meant to showcase vanilla Android. Motorola’s latest devices aren’t too bad, but Samsung really changes Android with Touchwiz. .

        • TheVoiceOfReason

          Google doesn’t use flagship the way carriers do. The Nexus line is basically Google’s way to showcase Android, like you said. It’s mostly for enthusiasts and developers. Most consumers don’t care what the very latest version of Android is, so for them any other flagship phone from Samsung or Motorola will do just fine.

  • Damon

    That’s a huge milestone for a phone like this. It’s
    been sold out for weeks, so I can only tell how popular it is. Movies and shows
    look great on it, and one of my DISH coworkers who also has one would agree. I
    use the DISH Remote Access app on my phone to stream live TV through the Sling
    Adapter that I have connected to my home receiver. It’s very helpful for
    keeping up with my shows, even if I can’t be at home.

  • jetscreamer

    the Nexus phone has always been a niche device for Android purist and developers, so Google and LG should keep production numbers low. Besides, if there were millions of Nexus 4 out there, than the phone would be just another iPhone or Galaxy S3, in which every Joe Shmoe has one, but they still claim makes them unique. Nexus 4 owners, on the other hand can say they are in their own little club.

    • I have to say that this is one of the most asinine statements I have ever read. People dont buy cell phones to be unique or elite. They (Google and LG) dropped the ball thinking that nobody would buy this phone. A well specced (minus LTE), no contract device that will be useful and relevant for at least 2 years…hmmm nope…nobody would buy one of those.

      • TheVoiceOfReason

        He’s right, you know. Nexus devices never sell all that well because they’re not heavily advertised. Only developers, purists, and enthusiasts know about them. Regular consumers buy the Galaxy S3 or Droid Razr Maxx HD.

        Google and LG have sold 375,000 phones, and there’s plenty of other buyers out there waiting. The story isn’t over.

        • Tyler Cameron

          The Galaxy Nexus was pretty popular. I’d bet it sold at least a million units.

  • Tommy Nunno

    what wallpaper is that looks cool

  • LionStone

    I didn’t care that it wasn’t on VZW…didn’t even mind so much that it wasn’t LTE…I JUST WANTED ONE. But none was to be had 🙁 Maybe T-Mo will sell me one? I don’t want it for my daily driver, just to mess around with and I have a buddy that’s a developer so I’d lend it to him to mess with too. Plus I keep telling my Apple buddy that I’m going to get him an Android hah! So that when he emails a video, I can actually open it on my mobile!

  • shane lawson

    Pathetic numbers

    • JoshGroff

      With a low profit margin, I can see LG not wanting to over produce. Still, numbers this low are shocking.

      • The sales figures are most likely not a result of the slim profit margin. Several game companies such as Sony sell their console at a loss (not now, but when the PS3 launched) in order to gain market share. They then make up for the loss or low profit margin in game licensing and accessory sales. LG and/or Google could easily offset the costs of the device, by simply producing more higher profit margin accessories like bumpers or a cardock (if they were serious).

        Off topic, but IMHO every phone touting any kind of map navigation needs a cardock.

    • yikes

      I also had a two word response to this: “that’s it?!?”

  • Dammit internet! Tell me what I am supposed to think about this number!

  • ddevito

    Finally got my hands on a Nexus 4 today – a co-worker finally got his.

    I hate to say it, but it didn’t impress me. At all.

    Dare I say the GNex is a nicer device? The N4 back is plain boring and looks too flat. The screen (glass) looks too wide – overall the phone is very boring.

    • LegalAmerican

      Were you expecting the back of the device to juggle for you?

      • ddevito

        Ha Ha, no :p

        But it looked much nicer in that Verge video when Matias was holding it then when I was holding it that’s for sure

    • alexlovesjam

      The phone is boring? What do you want it do, turn into a magic carpet and fly you around?

      • ddevito

        The physical design and aesthetics do nothing for me (is what I meant). I find the GNex a much better looking phone. I wasn’t in love with the screen either.

        • JoshGroff

          I agree, but mainly because I’m not a fan of glass backs on phones.

          • ddevito

            It’s just a plain sheet of glass, and feels too wide. Snoozer.

    • Pedro

      Sell me yours.
      I’ll only charge a 15% restocking fee because it bores you.

      • ddevito

        I don’t own one, read my comment. It belongs to a co-worker. He doesn’t like it either. He’s selling it and going back to his GS3.

    • schoat333

      How dare you critique a Nexus device. Blasphemy I tell you!!


  • John

    I find this true, they could have sold millions if they had them in stock. Especially for Christmas. That’s not very smart of them. Supply and Demand. Hey whats up with the Honeycomb wallpaper? don’t tell me they are still not letting those wallpapers go away. I hope to get a new phone by the end of this month N4 or Note2. we’ll see.

    • I dont think they expected high sales given the lack of LTE. Boy were they wrong.

    • JoshGroff

      I personally liked the honeycomb wallpaper, but that’s back from the good old Xoom days.

    • That looks like the Droid DNA default wallpaper that was color-changed to blue. I have a version of it, and it looks amazing.

  • Ihatenexus

    I call BS, no way they have sold that many of this POS. Be that as it may, how many have been returned, broken, flushed down the toilet? Overinflated numbers and best case scenario is “estimated guess by XDA” be folks with too much time on their hands.

    • cruzfl0w

      You mad bro?

    • Alexander Garcia

      Please troll elsewhere, Troll!

  • J. Gilbertson

    More people are now aware of “Nexus” devices. After Apple had their success with a sole flagship phone, people now want the same from Google. They want a flagship supported directly by the software vendor. When it comes to nexus devices I think more people are willing to be manufacturer blind if it means they get a google experience phone. Sure other manufacturers are better than others but with a Nexus, just about anyone could build it and it will still sell

  • Mikesevenfold

    Any link to that N4’s wallpaper? Thank you!

  • villian1998

    That seems to be a small amount to manufacture…. especially since Samsung sells into the millions….

  • zepfloyd

    Considering Android is activating 1.3M or so a DAY, this is really a drop in the bucket.

    • Danrarbc

      Nearly every model is a drop in a bucket. Fortunately there are lots of drops.

      • zepfloyd

        I would agree, but this is supposed to be Google’s flagship product here. Tack on top of that all these sold out / shipping delays and it’s even less impressive. I still maintain it’s a completely botched release.

        • It is Google’s flagship, but Google has also shown that it’s not very serious about making its flagship a consumer hit.

          • michael arazan

            The Galaxy Nexus was a consumer hit. They would have had at least a million or more sold by now had they gone with Samsung again, or even Motorola. LG doesn’t seem to have the production strength to output multiple devices in mass numbers, and/ or are producing their own phones over the nexus line instead. Either way this is bad for Android

        • anezarati

          Google’s flagship, but not verizons, atts, t mobiles…you get the idea, that stuff matters.

      • Except that Samsung’s drops are bigger than everyone else.

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  • Lets be fair here,. LG couldn’t get rid of 400,000 of their previous (non Nexus) devices if they were handing them out on the street corners for free

    • PhoenixPath

      Let’s be fair here: The spectrum 2 is actually a very decent device. Heck. The Spectrum, now that it has ICS, is actually a respectable device now.

      LG did good with their stock ICS. It looks like they may be finally focusing on making their devices *usable*.

      • Tyler Cameron

        But LG SUCKS at design. EVERY one of their recent phones except the Nexus 4 is fugly as hell. They’re all so.. boxy. Ew. I love the Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and the Nexus 4’s designs.

        • PhoenixPath

          Your personal preference in terms of design is just that. You may not like it, but that in no way means they “suck”.

          You are entitled to your opinion, and while I may disagree, I won’t go so far as to say your opinion…sucks. ツ

    • chris125

      Well the VU sold a million units and that phone is supposedly so inferior to the nexus 4 so what does that say about the nexus 4? http://www.phonearena.com/news/LG-bends-the-rules-and-says-the-LG-Optimus-Vu-sold-1-million-units-in-South-Korea_id38187

  • shamu11

    Thats not bad considering 200,000 more probably still need to be shipped

  • This is ridiculous. Google could have sold millions by now had the supply been there. Either LG is holding back, or google screwed up by ordering a very small amount of phones to begin with. I’m thinking the blame is on google.

    • JoshGroff

      I’m thinking they just underestimated the popularity due to past success.

      • Cowboydroid

        I’m thinking they did it on purpose. They are not stupid.

        • JoshGroff

          Purposely sold less to generate more of a buzz? Could be.

          • macdaddyjohnson

            But that doesn’t mean that they had to make actually trying to order it so bad. And I have heard many people say that they are tired of waiting for it and are going to get the new “X” phone or some other device.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m with the waiting for Motorola’s “X” phone, but that’s mainly because I am fine with my G-Nex for now.

  • Geez. If they had put it on Verizon, I would have got it.

    • Danrarbc

      The solution is simple.

      Leave Verizon.

      • Mike Yost

        *Facepalm* Most people on Verizon are stuck being that they are the only carrier that would give them reception in their area. I am one of those people and know a lot of people who get little to no data in my area while I am on full 4G LTE.

        • gokusimpson

          Literally the only thing keeping me on Verizon. No other carrier has a smidgen of cell service at my house. Verizon has full coverage.

  • chris125

    Just goes to show if this is right that google and lg just had no stock at all if this is all they sold…. And they can’t even have enough in stock