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Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass 3, Stronger and More Scratch Resistant Than Ever

Gorilla Glass 3

At last year’s CES, we watched as Corning unveiled Gorilla Glass 2, the thinner and supposedly stronger version of its older brother. It was a talking point for all new phones going forward. If your new smartphone didn’t have GG2, you simply weren’t as awesome as the guy sitting next to you who did. Whether or not this product actually helped any of us with phone drops or battles with stone countertops can probably be debated for days, but what we do know, is that Corning is back to give us the next version – already.

Next week, Corning will show off Gorilla Glass 3, which as expected will be three times stronger and more scratch resistant than its predecessor thanks to “new glass composition with durability enhancements.”

That sounds lovely, but I’m already looking forward to Gorilla Glass 4, which will hopefully be flexible and able to outlast a pocket drop. 


Introducing Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 and Optical Cables by Corning

CORNING, N.Y. , January 3, 2013 – Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced its plans for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week. The Corning booth, #14813 Central Hall, will highlight the company’s newest specialty glass solutions and their benefits for today’s consumer electronics device trends.

Corning plans to introduce two new products at CES 2013: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, a new glass composition with durability enhancements; and Optical Cables by Corning, fiber-based, device-to-device connectivity solutions that significantly extend the data transmission range past the limits of copper-based cables. Full product details will be included in announcements planned for Monday, Jan. 7.

“This year at CES, Corning will demonstrate its industry leadership in specialty glass and fiber optic technologies with the introduction of two products designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of consumers’ favorite devices,” said Wendell P. Weeks, chairman, chief executive officer, and president. “These new innovations build on the increasingly important and continually evolving role of highly engineered glass technologies in delivering improved product performance and functionality through touch capabilities, protective cover glass, and device connectivity.”

In the Corning booth, experts will be on hand to discuss and present hourly demonstrations of the toughness of Gorilla Glass 3 as well as the connectivity and flexibility of Optical Cables by Corning. The booth will also showcase the benefits of Corning Gorilla Glass in larger format, multi-touch displays for education, entertainment and other applications.

Additionally, James P. Clappin, president, Corning Glass Technologies will be a panelist in the “Disruptive Technologies Impacting the Future of Games and Video” session at 11a.m. PST on Tuesday, Jan. 8, at LVCC, North Hall N255-257. He will discuss the important role of highly specialized glass in some of the latest consumer electronic technologies such as hi-res, 3D, HD video, Internet-connected TVs, conformable displays, tablets and viral apps.

Forward-Looking and Cautionary Statements

This press release contains “forward-looking statements” (within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995), which are based on current expectations and assumptions about Corning’s financial results and business operations, that involve substantial risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. These risks and uncertainties include: the effect of global political, economic and business conditions; conditions in the financial and credit markets; currency fluctuations; tax rates; product demand and industry capacity; competition; reliance on a concentrated customer base; manufacturing efficiencies; cost reductions; availability of critical components and materials; new product commercialization; pricing fluctuations and changes in the mix of sales between premium and non-premium products; new plant start-up or restructuring costs; possible disruption in commercial activities due to terrorist activity, armed conflict, political or financial instability, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, or major health concerns; adequacy of insurance; equity company activities; acquisition and divestiture activities; the level of excess or obsolete inventory; the rate of technology change; the ability to enforce patents; product and components performance issues; retention of key personnel; stock price fluctuations; and adverse litigation or regulatory developments. These and other risk factors are detailed in Corning’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the day that they are made, and Corning undertakes no obligation to update them in light of new information or future events.

About Corning Incorporated

Corning Incorporated (www.corning.com) is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Drawing on more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Corning creates and makes keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for LCD televisions, computer monitors and laptops; ceramic substrates and filters for mobile emission control systems; optical fiber, cable, hardware & equipment for telecommunications networks; optical biosensors for drug discovery; and other advanced optics and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy, and metrology.

Via:  Engadget

  • Kenny Tse

    I’m really looking for Gorilla Glass 3978 where the glass is actually alive and in the shape of a Gorilla looking to kick my ass and drop me on the floor

  • Jason Melling

    Pure marketing hype/BS. If the new version is better than this version than what does that say about our current version ? Basically it’s shyte.

    • Anon

      I agree with you that it’s marketing, but after that…

      Sure, it’s unlikely to be as incredibly good as an ad said, because truly, each generation is an incremental improvement over the original Gorilla Glass, not revolutionary. Corning’s working with glass the way someone like Easton or Alcoa would work with aluminum to come up with a new alloy. The original GG was an evolutionary step for smartphones, IMO; but each generation after that has been built on the original. The old generations aren’t crap, but neither are the new ones as incredible as the marketing would have you believe; they’re just a little bit better each time.

  • Knlegend1

    Lol so gg4 will come and 5 and so fourth. Don’t tell me anymore just put it in my phone.

  • wtsamatta

    I dunno, I had 2 S3’s screens break fairly easily…GG2 didn’t impress

  • George264

    Son of a bitch, makes me sad my phones don’t have GG3 now. And it also probably, maybe means that GS4 and HTC OneX2 won’t have it. Considering if they release it in Spring, they probably don’t have the time. Sucks. Now if it’s the summer… 😀

  • feztheforeigner

    My Droid X with original Gorilla Glass was completely unscratchable! However, with the thinner Gorilla Glass 2, my Galaxy S3, Droid DNA and Nexus 10 have all been heavily scratched (the S3 shattered)…

    I really hope that Gorilla Glass 3 goes back to being as good as the original…

    • LionStone

      Yep my DNA got a little scratched too hehe 🙂 My TB handled drops much better but did scratch kinda easily.

  • Kevin Matthews

    Willow combined with Gorilla would be nice… http://www.corning.com/displaytechnologies/en/products/flexible.aspx

  • Prime7

    I’ll wait for [url=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigantopithecus”]Gigantopithecus[/url] Glass.

  • Brett R

    That bad photoshopping really rustles my jimmies

  • Dave

    I’m holding out for Gorilla Glass MaXX plus.

  • they make it .7mm thick this time? 🙂

  • cizzlen

    Gorilla Glass 3. “There is no more need to be upset”

    • bababang

      bro, that really rustles my jimmies.

  • nightscout13

    Seriously though, current gorilla glass is not strong enough. It needs better side protection.

    • kixofmyg0t
      • nightscout13

        Glass has a natural enemy. Side impact. How often does your phone fall directly on the center of the screen?

        • kixofmyg0t

          Well my RAZR M flew out of breast pocket of my ACU’s while I was hoping out of a Bradley and fell flat on its screen, slide across the concrete a few feet and didn’t shatter.

          Does that count?

          • nightscout13

            Let me elaborate. When I mean fall directly on center of screen, I mean if there is a blunt or sharp object on the ground, and your phone falls square in the middle of that. Falling face down on a flat surface is not the same…

  • Greyhame

    “Whether or not this product actually helped any of us with phone drops or battles with stone countertops can probably be debated for days…”

    “That sounds lovely, but I’m already looking forward to Gorilla Glass 4, which will hopefully be flexible and able to outlast a pocket drop.”

    Kellex, ever the cynical one. =]

  • AranelAlasse

    Flexible glass? Wow, you don’t ask for much, do you, Kellen. lol

  • Samsung should have at least put GG2 on the Note II.

    • GN2 does have GG2 on it. Don’t know where you got your info from.

      • Nope, it doesn’t. First of all GG2 you can press hard on the screen and it easily “distorts” like a laptop monitor, because it is .8mm thin, not 1.0mm like GG1. (GG1 doesn’t do that) And the Note II isn’t listed on cornering’s site. Wherever the info about how it DOES have GG2 is wrong.

        Plus I cracked my screen on a very small drop a few days ago, currently in the repair shop RIGHT now.

        And it scratches very, very easily. Yes, I know it’s not scratch proof, but it isn’t even scratch resistant like they claim.

  • Butters619

    HTC used great glass on the one X and then put a oleophobic coating on top of it and that coating scratches 🙁 Gorilla glass needs to build anti-fingerprinting in to their glass

    • michael arazan

      They need to make the Glass anti glare too so you can use outside and while driving without having the sunlight distort your viewing of the screen

  • Zach Jacobs

    Didnt Gg2 Compromise drop strength for scratch resistance. Those drop test videos showed the GG2 breaking before the glass on the iPhone.

  • That gorilla looks like it’s breast feeding that tablet.

  • And what happened to the “no glare” glass we were supposed to see soon too? I’ll take today’s strength with the no-glare option, please 🙂


  • fixxmyhead

    cool but i never drop my phone and cases and screen protectors look stupid

    • C-Law

      I am said the same thing untiI cracked my gnex on accident when I tripped over my dog. Now I have an s3 with a minimal cruzerlite tpu case. Hopefully it will be enough this time around! But I never have a screen protector. Yuck

      • fixxmyhead

        nah and i have a nexus 4. looks good naked

        • i think my galaxy nexus looks much better naked too, and feels better in the hand, but regardless, i have a otterbox defender on there…once u break a phone u’ll get it…

  • ceejw

    Someone really went to town photoshopping that gorilla

    • aQuickBit

      you mean thats not what they look like in nature!?

  • oh yeah? my phone has gorilla glass 7 on it!

    /never not getting a screen protector still no matter how “scratch resistant” a screen is

    • Daniel Maginnis

      The trade off between loss of screen touch/feel and having a couple scratches by the time I get a new phone every 12-18 months isn’t worth it. Every time I touch a screen protector my finger goes limp.

      • Daistaar

        They have pills for that you know…

      • George264

        You’re probably touching zagg type rubber screen protectors. Try a Glas.t or a Ultra Crystal, your life>old life feel like glass, (or is glass if its glast) , protects your screen.

        • i just buy the cheapest ones i can get and they work great. i have never had a problem