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Nexus 7 Dock Shipping Date Continues to Slip, January 10 Now in Play

nexus 7 dock

No surprise here, but the official Nexus 7 dock’s shipping date has slipped back to January 10. When we first started seeing potential launch dates for it, December 30 was the initial target. Shortly after seeing that date, January 6 came into play, but now it appears as if we may be waiting longer. The 10th is only a couple of days away, assuming it doesn’t slip as well.

Pricing at various retailers remains at $39.99, here in the States.

Via:  B&H

  • Ryan Powell

    Just received an email from B&H that the dock is backordered. Knew it was too good to be true but I still had some hope that an official accessory would finally be purchasable.

    “One or more items from this purchase are still out of stock as we haven’t
    yet received the merchandise from our supplier. We are sorry for any
    inconvenience this may have caused. We will keep you posted periodically.

    We appreciate your patience and patronage. Feel free to contact us with any
    questions or comments about this order.”

  • “The 10th is only a couple of days away” – ‘A couple’ is two, ‘a few’ is three, more than three is ‘several’. The 10th is ‘several’ days away as it is the 2nd as I post this. Just sayin…

  • maconsultant

    Couldn’t wait anymore so i modded my N7 to charge wirelessly via the QI standard.. Too little too late…

  • adam

    what a rip off. just buy a stand for a quarter of the price or a case with a stand on the back for half the price or less….

  • I’d be more interested in a dock for the 10″ since that is the one I use to play games with my sixaxis.

  • nonexusnocry

    It is really puzzling as to why it takes such a long time, and such a high cost to make a piece of plastic with some pins in it.

    • Small batch manufacturing a complex device isnt normally fast or cheap

      • michael arazan

        Love the youtube videos that show kids using their own ingenuity to make their own docks out of everyday materials, this is what I’m going to do

      • Tony Allen


        This is basically just a giant USB plug adaptor that holds the tablet. The only thing complex about it, was making sure the dock would be shaped to the device.

  • strider_mt2k

    Well that’s awesome because now you can leave the USB port free to connect…very little…to.

  • Nardo

    $40 bucks for a dock with micro and an Audio Jack…hmmm pass. Should have came out at time of launch….

  • Tim Buchanan

    Title said, “Now in Play,” and I thought you meant, “Now listed in the Play Store.” But…no such luck.

    • Tony Allen

      That’s called bait and switch 😉

  • Rodeojones000

    I guess now wouldn’t be the appropriate time to ask about a similar dock for my Nexus 10.

    • Nope, just wait about 6 months.

      • Rodeojones000

        Yeah, I know. I was being sarcastic. I’m not interested in one anyway. I am, however, quite disappointed in the lack of official Google-branded accessories for all the Nexus devices (and let’s not get started on the lack of availability of the devices themselves).

  • Debbie Wong

    This superior google product is a nail in Apples coffin.

  • We have got to get these Nexus accessories in better order. A dock should be available for every Nexus at launch, both desk and car.

    • George Fayad

      I’m still bitter about not getting my pogo car dock for my verizon gnex.

      • Tony Allen

        I feel ya.. I was going to make the GSM version work as many have, but they’ve completely pulled them from the store, and there’s nowhere to buy them now.

      • Check ebay, that’s where I got mine. It was for GSM, but a slight whittle around the volume rocker and it fit perfectly.

        • George Fayad

          I’ve now got a Seidio extended battery so it is a moot point. I no longer can keep my phone plugged in the entire 8 hours I’m at work and I use it heavily throughout the day.

    • Butters619

      At reasonable prices*

    • Debbie Wong

      I can’t wait! I love my Nexus 7 and this doc would be the icing on the cake! http://www.youtube.com.qr.net/j384/watch?v=QZEpDqP3IrQ

  • Not only is it far too late for its launch, it dosen’t even have a decent retail value. An OTG cable provides more options than it!