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CyanogeonMod Introduces New Chronus Clock Widget for CM10.1

cm10 chronus

The CyanogenMod team introduced their next big feature for CM10.1 today, called Chronus. It’s a clock widget that resembles the new clock included in Android 4.2, only the CM team turned it up a notch by including weather and calendar options. It works on both lock and home screens, has numerous features, and will come packed inside CM nightlies starting immediately.

No word on if it will ever be pulled out to be used as a separate app on any device, but we’d certainly welcome it. 



Via:  +CyanogenMod

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  • I can not seem to get the weather to display. Any help?

  • guys the bold font represents the thicker hour hand on an analog clock. i think it’s a cool idea and looks just fine.

  • yeah this would make an awesome standalone app..looks so beautiful

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    • Mark Mann


  • Jake Simmons

    I liked CM10.1 but the battery life is unreasonable. I did a complete clean install and had no issues with the nightlies, but it wouldn’t make it 4 hours with minimum use. Features and options just don’t add up if the device won’t power on. I hope they improve the battery life to that of jakeday’s JellyBelly rom. This lockscreen looks great though.

    • James

      No offence but you’ve done something wrong. It really depends on the device etc but I can go for more than 24hrs with about 60% remaining. This is after a heavy day of texting and the occasional phone call

      • me

        i’m agree…my phone doing well.. 🙂

      • Jake Simmons

        Jakeday’s rom is great on battery with stock kernel. I ran CM10.1 nightly as clean as possible using it’s stock kernel. I ran it for a few days to let it settle. I then ran lean kernel on it for a few days with little difference. I watched everything with CPU spy to check for deep sleep issues and all. I’m glad your phone is doing well on CM but I assure you I didn’t do anything wrong.

    • cizzlen

      Is Jakeday’s JB rom the new “battery life” rom? I for the life of me can’t squeeze more than 4-6 hours of use on CM 10.1 whereas on Xenon and JellyBelly I was easily lasting a day.

    • polioman

      If you’re using a Galaxy Nexus, I’d recommend trying Franco Kernel. My battery life was extended by several hours with it.

  • John Anderson

    How do you get the weather to display with it?

    • Gluco

      The slider unlock cover it, Need to resize the widget to display… I think they will have a fix later

  • Chris King

    The new blur clock widget is still my favorite

  • mustbepbs

    CM can have their broken mess of a ROM. They’ve turned the community against them constantly breaking everything and making it impossible on kernel developers. I’ve never had a good experience with CM, whether it was 7, 9, 10, or 10.1.


    • Wait are you complaining about a rom that is basically in constant development?

      • PhoenixPath

        So wait…

        Because they constantly add improvements, we can’t complain when even “stable” versions don’t work?

        Would have been better off with the old “It’s free, shut up!” rationale…

        • Adar

          There’s complaining, then there’s calling it a “broken mess of a ROM.”

          Don’t be obtuse.

          • PhoenixPath

            “Wait are you complaining about a rom…”

            His words. Perhaps that is not what you would have meant, but it is definitely what he said.

    • Michael G

      I used Project Elite on my OG Droid and it was so much better than CM. However, CM has come a LONG WAY since then.
      So then sir, pray tell, what do you use that’s so much better?

      • mustbepbs

        Stock rooted with custom kernel. Nothing beats it.

  • As a graphic / user interface designer, I still can’t get over the bolded hour on the clock. It distracts from the readability of a clock’s readout. And the fact they don’t provide an option for it. If anyone has an article or post from Google as to why they made this clunky weird decision, please link me. 🙂

    We don’t go around writing sentences like this all the time, do we?

    • Jon Lambert

      probably has something to do with making the hour more attention-grabbing, so that quick glances can be quicker if all you need is the hour, but i don’t know

      • For some reasons unknown, I like this Bold-n-narrow combo. something different.

        • cizzlen

          Yeah personally, I’m quite a fan of it!

      • Benjamin Sicard

        The thing is, as Andy pointed out in his last line, the time is something that needs to be taken in as a whole because of the way it’s constructed. Knowing the minute is essential to also knowing the hour. For instance, X:01 is very different from X:59; one giving credibility to the hour digit and the other proving it to be completely wrong.

        From both an aesthetic(it’s ugly) and functionality(processing something in two parts that should processed as one) standpoint, the new clock is a design nightmare.

        Fortunately, as The Helpful Drifter pointed out, CM10.1 allows you to disable the heavy weighted hour digit(s).

    • Rodeojones000

      Thank you. I HATE the look of the lock screen clock on my Nexus 10. When I first saw it I thought it might be a bug with 4.2.1. Sadly, it’s just poor design on the part of Google.

    • The Helpful Drifter

      If you go to Settings -> System -> Clock Widget -> Clock and Alarm you can disable bold alarm on CM 10.1


    • ChristianJohnson

      Agree 100%. I’m a digital artist major and that bolded clock drives me crazy. The previous clock used with 4.0 and 4.1 was perfect, but they really seemed like they screwed up with 4.2. I feel like they changed it just to change it because the clock app is different.

    • cizzlen

      Personally, I’m a fan of it.

    • Buckoman

      I don’t know. I kinda like it. It gives me the hour quickly and it’s a cool new design that’s different than the plain font styles of clocks we’ve seen in the past.

    • Michael G

      I said the exact same thing the other week but have you used it? I forced myself to use it and I love it. In the middle of the night when I wake up (we have a 2 month old so you can understand…) I glance at the clock and it’s really great. Seriously, start using it and you may start liking it.

      • PhoenixPath

        Sadly for some folks, change is wrong regardless of whether or not it’s better.

  • Michael G

    They had this for the old style clock and stopped it for some reason when they CM 10.1 nightlies started.

    • It’s because of the new LockScreen.

    • Mack

      When CM nightlies come out for a new version of android it often takes a little while before all of the features from the previous version of CM to be either ported or rebuilt.

      • Michael G

        Makes sense. I figured they’d had that in there already but I guess I’m too greedy. lol These nightlies are great.

  • Looks cool but i kinda like the simplicity of the normal widget plus the weather part of the widget just looks like it was slapped there from 4.1. Which i’m guessing is exactly what it is.

  • DroidzFX

    hope they add icon support.

  • C-Law

    Is that ur phone in the gallery Kellex? I need that wallpaper. Please share!

  • jaredgreenwald

    I so want this as a standalone app. I like the fairly stock appearance/behavior of Jelly Belly on my GNex, but this would be awesome to add to that.