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Video: Quick Look at Jelly Bean on the Original DROID RAZR

droid razr jelly bean update

Over the long weekend, Motorola began to push a Jelly Bean update to the original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX as build 98.72.8. We’re assuming this was a mistake, as the update was killed a couple of hours after it went live, even though a number of users were able to pull it. Verizon and Motorola also made no announcement about an update. Plus, the build was dated December 11, which means it’s as fresh at it gets, something that may be too fresh for Verizon’s slow update approval process. 

Thankfully, some crafty RAZR owners were able to grab the update file and make it available to the public. You can update to it now, if you’d like. We do recommend that you proceed with caution, though, as the update may not be the final version that Verizon approves.

For those that have yet to update, or even those that have, we thought we’d put together a quick video to show off the new features that Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) brings to the original RAZRs. Google Now is there in all its glory, as is the new Voice Search, better notifications, Project Butter, and more.


  • jeepextractionunit

    I did not get ota update, so I had to download and install on my year old og razr and i have to say, JB IS FANTASTIC! This is the way it was supposed to be a year ago. EVERYTHING works! Google market did not work at first, but I uninstalled and reinstalled the JB play store and was good to go. I then downloaded the RAZR M clock widget apk’s and now it looks like the RAZR M! Now I’m like …..gingerbread who? ICS what? Chose not to keep root for fear of legit update not working later, and looking at how well JB runs, may not need to root….ha, I joke. Quit stalling and update your phone!

  • Bruce Todd

    Is anybody else having a problem with WiFi? I can see the networks it just won’t connect.

  • adam

    i check for system update on my razr maxx, and it says its up to date…i have ics. i live in the sf bay area

    • Detonation

      They stopped pushing the update a few hours after it came out. If you want JB now you’ll need to update manually. See the first linked post in the article.

      • adam

        thank you. yeah i was just checking because it was getting pushed to my phone and i kept pressing later because foxfi doesn’t work on jelly bean.

  • Knice

    I want to download this, really. I’m extremely tempted. but the fact remains- this was leaked on accident. who knows what they didn’t finish? Also, if I update this, then wait a little while for the official release, what if it screws up my phone because I downloaded this leaked one?? So many potential risks. Motorola/Verizon/whatever should be 100% responsible for any potential future damage this leaked file could do once updating to the official released version since this one was pushed on to so many unsuspecting users.

  • Matthew Hatchett

    I installed from the file posted here and my MAXX is working smoothly, no problems for me. Nothing has crashed, battery life still great, Google Now works flawlessly.

  • Alex

    Did anyone do a install of jelly bean from the file from post here on droid-life? if so can I get some feed back on how your phone doing. good, bad and the ugly.

    • Oscar De La Rosa

      yeah please I’d also like to know

    • Bennie Riley

      I’m also interested in knowing. I’ve downloaded the file to my PC, but I just haven’t had time to do the manual update due to me working nights. I also received the “software update” notification just a few hours ago.

    • Luke

      I havent had any personal issues with mine unlike some other users. Everything works perfectly fine with mine. I am not rooted nor have i been rooted before. I dont know if that has an effect on it but it seems to be a trend for bad experiences with rooted razr’s/ maxx’s on the website.

    • Dave Sampley

      Upgraded my wifes Razr to this build of Jelly Bean and the only thing I noticed is no toggles in the drop down….I am not sure if this is intended as I have the Galaxy S3. Is there a way to enable the power toggles in the drop down on the Razr?

    • mOOky8D

      I did the recovery install using the ZIP file posted here and have been very happy with the JB update. Prior to the JB flash the only thing I did was root the phone and freeze some of the bloatware using TitaniumBackup Pro. Prior to the flashing the update, I unfroze all the bloat and used OTA RootKeeper to ‘unroot’. Flashed the update, absolutely no problems. Restored ‘root’ with the rootkeeper, and then went back to freeze the bloatware. Overall the phone is much more responsive, and I really like some of the nuanced updates like the enhancements to the Call screen and status tray. YMMV, but I’m once again very pleased with my little RAZR. Incidentally, I also installed JuiceDefender Ultimate again (used to use it on my EVO 4G) and have experienced vastly improved battery life (average between 18-24 hours with normal use) on the “balanced” basic settings.

  • Trevor

    WANT ROOT BACK!!!! the ota rootkeeper failed for me! Root restore didn’t work. AHHHH I HATE STOCK back to the GNEX

  • Aaron

    Just making sure, the “phone” is still working correct? Read somewhere that incoming calls would ring two times or just go directly to voicemail. Thx

  • Ddfuji

    There are few bugs here and there. Definitely not the final release. But it definitely. Runs real nice and smooth

  • Ed Arellano

    I Cannot Receive Calls With This Update And Bluetooth Crashes!

  • master94

    I have the three ring clock. For some reason it only shows up on third party launchers and not the default. No idea why just does.

  • ScottM

    The ’emergency call’ and ’emergency contacts’ were not on the bottom of the lock screen on ICS. Are those new with JB?

    • Detonation

      ICS had them if you used a secure lockscreen (pattern, pin).

  • Mark Mann

    just make sure if you manually update to this, you do NOT try to go back to ics…you WILL brick

  • Todd

    I have to say, I’m REALLY pissed about this update. They push it out (accdentally, apparently, ok), and now my phone is laggy as hell, and battery life sucks balls. Like leave my house at 100%, drive 20 min to work and don’t do ANYTHING with my phone. pull it out of my pocket and 94%. If I’m online, streaming vids, or listening to music or anything else you’d typically use a smartphone for, I can almost SEE the battery draining. F’n RIDICULOUS. I’m going to a VZW store tonight to have them send me a replacement without the update on it.

    • Detonation

      Turn off “report from this device” and “enable location history” in location settings if they aren’t already. These drain the battery constantly checking your location.

      Also may want to try a factory reset and start fresh.

      • michael bowman

        How do I factory reset? Will I lose jelly bean? Also should I takeout my SD card before I do it?

        • evltwn

          Yes pull your SD card. Menu, settings, privacy. You’ll see there you can do a factory reset.

          • michael bowman

            Ok thanks. I updated to jelly bean on Christmas eve will I lose that?

          • Detonation

            No. And you don’t necessarily need to take out your SD card. it will give you the option to clear your internal memory and/or sd card in the process. You shouldn’t really need to clear either.

          • evltwn

            I pull it just because I wanna know for sure that my SD card doesn’t get wiped.

          • evltwn


      • todd

        Did the factory reset, no real improvement. Also noticed I can’t disable Text Messaging in apps. Nor do I see Report From This Device or Enable Location History anywhere. grrrrr

        • Detonation

          Look in Google Maps > Settings > Location Settings

  • I have been running the since Christmas Eve (I was one of the lucky ones that got to finish the OTA update), and have a few thoughts to add:

    App switching is greatly improved. List pops up instantly, on ICS it can sometimes take 4-5 seconds.
    App launching has improved somewhat. They seem to have further optimized the CPU drivers and it seems to be making better use of available resources.
    The camera quality has somewhat improved. The fact that ROMs can deliver greatly improved pictures with AOSP/3rd party camera apps on ALL Moto devices continues to prove that it is not the hardware, it is Moto’s overly aggressive noise reduction and jpeg compression in their camera app.
    4G LTE signal has not changed, though I’m in consistently strong areas. YMMV.
    Overall usability and impression of speed has greatly improved thanks to Project Butter. But we knew that already from the GNex, which has (nearly) the same processor and RAM size.
    Google Now is amazing.
    The launcher has not been updated. Apparently, its improvements (namely Quick Toggles and the Circles widget) are being used as a way to differentiate the newer devices from the older ones. Personally, I say THANK YOU MOTO FOR NOT DELAYING THE UPDATE ANY MORE THAN NECESSARY. Quick toggles would be nice, but the power widget will suffice just as it has for the last year, and I’ll gladly take the trade-off.

    I really applaud what Motorola has been doing with these updates. They are moving through them quickly, and are starting to restore faith in their overall ability. Next step: make a top-shelf, self-branded device that is available on all major carriers in their most profitable markets at the same time. With Google backing them, they don’t need Verizon anymore, they can build a name for themselves.

    TL;DR: The Jelly Bean update is everything that RAZR owners hoped it would be. This performance is what every ROM strives to achieve, can’t imagine what it would/will be without bloat, but I’ll never find out since I’m no completely happy with stock JB.

    (Apologies for the Wall o’ Text)

    • kixofmyg0t

      Thank you for mentioning the camera bit.

      I’ve been using the AOSP 4.2 camera for awhile, it’s much better than the Blur one. The much criticized camera is a software issue not a hardware issue. Especially since not many people know that the camera module in the HD is almost the same(as in a part number away) from the one in the GS3.

      I do kinda miss the HDR feature of the Blur camera and the fact that the Blur gallery displays GIF’s correctly whereas the AOSP one does not.

    • Dain Laguna

      i thought that the fact that they dont use a bsi sensor had a ot to do with the crappy camera quality? their camera software is to blame too obviously

    • Elthon Cisneros

      Thank you for telling us ur experience of Jelly Bean on ur RAZR. I have been looking and looking for someone to do the same. I wasnt fortunate enough to get the early leaked OTA update on my DROID RAZR MAXX.

  • Detonation

    Haven’t had a chance to watch through the video to see what’s said, but here are some of the things I’ve noticed that have changed:
    -Less Blur Overall: more of the system and apps are less themed and straight AOSP.
    -AOSP Gallery (thank god, the moto one was terrible)
    -AOSP Alarm: loss of features here actually, I preferred the Blur one with extra stuff
    -New Dock Mode: simplified and better interface
    -No More Weather or Sticky Notes widget (maybe others too)

    Overall I’m happy with the update. I fastbooted back .211 ICS, rooted it, and installed JB with rootkeeper, so I started with a clean slate on JB and everything is working great.

    • Love it all in all, but the one thing I HATE is the fact have they seem to have put bookmarks in Chrome that you can not delete. Like Yahoo, My Verizon, ESPN. Unless I’m missing something. Honestly Verizon?

      • Detonation

        Looks like you can do this to remove them, if you’re rooted

        But yea, pretty lame that you can’t remove them otherwise. At least before, you could delete them from the android browser’s bookmarks.

        • +1 thank you! Oddly enough it let me disable it. Non-rooted.

          • DJ SPY

            I haven’t tried on Chrome but on older Android browsers all I would do is clear Data on the browser app and all the Lee installed books marks would disappeared

  • bogy25

    Jelly Bean really messed up my Razr Maxx HD so I would not recommend it – thing runs slow now – tons of lag in many different areas – still no fix for the camera – Stock email app won’t pull AOL mail unless you manually refresh – and still can’t save apps to SD which is terrible even with the 32GB on board. The ‘so called’ indestructible design now has a dent in the black metal that runs around the device. I have no idea how this got here – probably my fault but geeze never thought this would happen – I paid right out for this phone so I could keep my Unlimited plan – day after day I regret shelling out the cash.

    • geekabilly

      try clearing Dalvik cache..

      • Malcolm James II


    • mgamerz

      You lost your credability when you said you used AOL mail.

      • bogy25

        I use every email there is for business – AOL is just one that doesn’t auto pull – come on now – we need our Android devices to ‘just work’ like the other company. Email at this stage of the game should be a ‘no brainer’ so credibility is regained.

      • LiterofCola

        You’ve got mail!

    • kixofmyg0t

      1: Obviously you have some bad apps or something that’s slowing it down, my HD runs just fine.

      2: Why are you still using the Blur camera app? The 4.2 camera is out and works better than the Blur one IMO. Check XDA.

      3 Nowhere did anyone claim it was “indestructible”. If you drop it, it can break.

      • bogy25

        Thanks for the info – How do I get the 4.2 Camera – I’ll check the apps – I just have no idea how the dent got there – sucks.

        • kixofmyg0t


          Download that, replace the files in system/app and system/lib with the ones from there. Set permissions to RW-R-R.

          You’ll end up with both, but I froze the Blur camera and gallery so they don’t interfere.

    • Uh, Jelly Bean disabled installing apps to SD. You don’t need it unless you have like 200 apps or something stupid like that and use up all of the internal storage space allocated for apps. Large games always install the game data to the SD card (internal; unless you switch up the vold mount), but not the app itself. It caused too many problems anyway.

      Perhaps you should do a factory data reset to get rid of all of that crap slowing your phone down. 😉

  • i notice your battery widget went from 99 to 98. does that mean battery doesn’t show in 10% increments anymore?

    • Jason MacLean

      The Android OS will only report battery in 10% increments, but several 3rd party battery widgets have a “hack” that will estimate to the units digit.

      • Mark Mann

        the android os shows in 1% increments now on jelly bean…my razr hd only showed 10% increments until the update to jelly bean and now shows 1% increments, my husbands razr showed 10% increments until jelly bean and now shows 1%…there are phones that from day one have shown 1% battery increments…this is just a new thing for moto

      • kixofmyg0t

        It’s 1% not 10% now. Your info is old.

  • KELLEX PLEASE turn screen timeout times to 1 hour when you’re making a video!! please

    • John

      Yeah I think he knows this, but you(anyone who makes vids) almost always forgets to do that

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      Please explain how to set it for 1 hour. My options give me 10 minutes max. Do you have to have root?

  • kixofmyg0t

    BTW, the Atrix HD received Jelly Bean already. It wasn’t posted here that I know of.

    So we have now, RAZR HD, RAZR, ATRIX HD and RAZR M with Jelly Bean.

    D4 and Bionic users stay calm, you’re next.

    • bogy25

      …and Razr Maxx HD

      • will bartlett

        he didnt include the maxx because it is the same phone as the hd other than the battery…

        • kixofmyg0t


          I thought everyone knew that….

          • will bartlett

            i thought so too

      • Mark Mann

        does that mean the og razr maxx got it too? along with the og razr? :sarcasm:

  • Bruce Todd

    So far I love it!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Those icons, the lockscreen, the notification bar…
    Motorola, why can’t you just make the hardware, and leave the software to Google.
    That “special touch” you think you’re putting on the device just makes me want to vomit.

    • JoshGroff

      New Blur really isn’t that bad, GingerBlur on the other hand, I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      I’m pretty sure Moto has gone on the record saying that Verizon pretty much forces them to do it.

      I am inclined to agree with you however. I picked up Nova Launcher Prime for 10 cents during a sale and I have to say it runs pretty well, though nothing was as good as the 4 days when I had stock ICS on an LTE GNex

  • Naga Appani

    Thumbs up for Motorola, They are changing.. Yes….

  • Greg Morgan

    “We do recommend that you proceed with caution, though, as the update may not be the final version that Verizon approves.” While that’s true, they should not punish users since they’re the ones that pushed it. Accidentally or not.

    • I agree if Verizon and now I wouldn’t be shocked if Verizon does try to push the update sooner especially if there are any bugs because it would be deemed their fault the update went out.

      • Larry Paseornek

        Verizon was willing to give me a “new” Razr MAXX for their error