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Samsung Makes Source Code Available for the Verizon Galaxy S3

verizon samsung galaxy s3

If you are the ROM developer type and you own a Galaxy S3 on Verizon, you’ll be pleased to learn that Samsung has made the source code available for it. And that’s about all there is to say about that. Developers, do work. ROM flashers, wait patiently.

Via:  Samsung | Android Police

  • donebrasko

    I am looking for the purest jellybean Rom with the fewest bugs.What do you guys recommend?

  • Nicholassss

    Waiting for pure android on my note 2

  • Zac St. Louis

    this is such BS!! Why do they release the source code for the gs3 their number 1 smartphone but they won’t release crap for the droid charge?!? I hate gingerbread now that my tablets running JB…

    • S2556

      Verizon is the cause not samsung.
      My GS3s source code was released within the first week of the release. The only one that wasnt was verizons. I’m glad they finally did though

    • DMZMAN

      Why release crap for a piece of crap that people are trading out of like crazy?
      The Droid Charge turned out to be an abortion after the subsequent Gingerbread updates beyond the initial one of 12/3/11 that that phone’s processor couldn’t handle. I went through SIX of them in 14 months.

      As Elmer Fudd would have said, “Good Widdance Ta Bad Wubbish!”

      Now a happy S3 owner for 3 months.

  • as was said earlier, TW is still closed source, so don’t expect TW-features to be brought over to AOSP-based roms like CM or AOKP. However, I wonder if this will help sort out the camera issues that developers have been facing?

    Also, can someone recommend a stable 4.2.1 rom for the vzw s3? Everything I’ve seen seems to have an issue ranging from no data, GPS not working, camera not working, etc. The three I listed are dealbreakers, so I’ve stuck to 4.1.2, but if you have a recommendation, I’d love to hear it.

    • Ed

      Liquid Smooth 4.2.1 Beta 1

  • JohnPA2006

    I would love the Nexus style “pure android” interface for my S3.
    I can live without TouchWiz.

    • michael arazan

      Preaching to the choir, i wish all oem’s gave the option to use their modded android or stock

  • erismaster

    That’d be nice if the vibrate could be fixed in aosp now.

  • KB Smoka

    Samsung just winning again

  • Does this make a difference to those of us who use AOSP based ROMs like Cyanogen?

    • MichaelFranz

      i think not only that but its like saying samsung specific source, and not just AOSP Android

    • TW does have some nice features that devs should be able to bake in, now that the source is available

      • MichaelFranz

        agreed, made me happy and maybe my GS3 will last a little longer and maybe CM/AOKP can bring some of these nice features to their builds, like smart actions

        • All of the TW specific features rely on the TWFramework.res file. The only way to implement them in a non TW romm is to remove the dependancies on that file which is not a simple or quick task. The only time I’ve seen it done was around a year ago TeamSbrissenmod managed to pull the TW camera on the fascinate and Male or work in their AOSP rom. I quotient hold my breath for any of the more involved features to get ported.

      • Not uh. Touchwiz is very much closed source. The source code they released consists of kernel source code and various stock components that they modified to their needs and requires release per GPL. Those components have no bearing or concern to most people.

        • s

          Don’t we need those for proper AOSP implementation?

          • Kernel source yes. The rest, not so much. Some will certainly help, but none of it is for Touchwiz source.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Will this help them bake in missing features such as photosphere?

  • MichaelFranz

    The next big thing, just happened