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Post X-mas Nexus Availability Update: Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Still Gone, Some Nexus 7s Available

nexus 7 in stock

Now that X-mas is over, and you probably have some cash or gift cards to spend on the tech goodies that Santa was unable to bring you, you are probably wondering what the Nexus stock situation is, right? Still not good, unfortunately.

If you want a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 in either size, you are out of luck. Both are listed as “Sold Out” in big, bold, red print. There is no telling when these two will return.

The Nexus 7 is in stock though, at least in both 32GB variants. Both the WiFi-only and HSPA+ 32GB versions are shipping in “less than one week.”

Via:  Google Play

  • Ron

    It’s back…. The Nexus 10 is available to order on Google Play

  • lucas

    I think LG has no interests to provide more Nexus 4. This low cost high-end phone give LG low margins and is a direct competitor of others LG smartphones. Being ”Nexus” for LG was more a marketing operation than a real project.
    I gave up too… I’m now waiting four the X-phone, the full google smartphone.

  • Google really needs to straighten this out. If Google doesnt people are never going to experience the pure bliss that is stock Android. There are too many iOS clone android skins out there *Cough cough* touchwiz that make Android look like a icopy-cat rather than a completely, and IMO a more rich experience than iOS devices.

  • The Walmart in the small town my family lives in had Nexus 7 and 10’s in stock today. Worth a shot.

  • Ray

    I love my Nexus 4. Worth every penny.

  • techexpert

    I get my phones through Amazon Wireless to get the best deals most of the time: http://wireless.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=amazon-wireless-droidlife-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325 Too bad google wasn’t expecting so much demand and wasn’t prepared with enough stock, now they’re losing out.

  • Akeem McAllister

    This is just sad. Google will never be able to compete seriously with Samsung and Apple if they can not get this one aspect right. I think delivery should have been the last problem. I would have accepted a terrible antenna over this. Or faulty software, things that could easily be fixed. I am sad to say I am an Android/Google supporter/fan. Maybe they should research more effective and efficient shipment methods? I am tired of finding article after article about how great this product is but in the same token it is next to impossible to get it to the consumer. I would expect a company worth billions could get something so minuscule right. Hopefully their New Year’s is to get this shipping and delivering thing together!

  • Got my Nexus 10 32GB from Walmart and was delivered next day. Crazy. Not sure if there are any more but check it out.

  • If you are in the US hit up Sams, I just got a 32gb N10 off of the shelves for the same price as the play store. I was in there with someone looking for some bulk items and was killing time and saw them.

    I also regret not asking but they might have had N4s as well. I didnt see anything on the shelf but when they went back to get my N10 out of the locked case N7s were also pouring out but, oddly, a guy came and got two boxes that looked like the same artwork as my N10 but were too small to be the 7. Im guessing they somehow had Nexus 4s in stock as well.

    I’m a month left on my contract but i should have asked and bought anyway. I guess part of me is holding off to see if any accessories are released. I want that wireless dock (here are chargers but none that hold it magnetically at an angle like that) and hopefully a bespoke car mount.

  • ab

    Ordered at 5.12pm on 4th have had this response.

    Thanks for the reply. The reason your status changed from pending to pre-ordered is because Google is preparing to get more stock to be sent out for more shipments, hence the waiting time quoted at your purchase. I wouldn’t be worried at all since you will still be getting your order inside your time limit. Others who might be getting their devices before you are experiencing faster than normal deliveries and you could too, depending on the inventory available at the time. So yes, others may be getting their devices before you. But again, that doesn’t mean you are “held” to your estimate either since your quote is more of a worst case scenario shipment date.

    We are taking orders based on available inventory and are quoting time-frames based on when your order will ship. Packages ship within these time-frames based on the order in which they were received.
    Your order will be shipped in the time-frame quoted when you placed your order if not sooner. This shipping time frame also appears on your email order confirmation.

    • Unfortunately, this isn’t how they are shipping. XDA Dev’s forum is full of people who ordered early and have received nothing, while others who ordered much later have already received their Nexus 4s.

    • WouldLoveToTryAndroid

      A friend of mine ordered his 30min after I did and he received his order in 3 days and I am still waiting for mine. Google has no idea how to sell a product.

  • thedonxr

    I picked up a 32 GB one at Staples on Christmas Eve after I did a store search and found one in stock near me.

  • J Davis

    People STOP trying to buy the hottest tech toys of the year online. I walked into Staples 2 days before Christmas and was able to purchase 2 Nexus 7 tablets. You may need to call around but they are still out there.

    • PhoenixPath

      “People STOP trying to buy the hottest tech toys of the year online.”

      Make that:

      Google, please stop trying to sell devices online. You obviously suck at it. Contract someone else, or sell them at retailers like WalMart, etc…”

      Seriously. Google’s track-record on this is ridiculous, and it’s not the fault of the folks looking to buy it from them.

  • amulyab

    seeing as my dad said the only new phone i am getting is unlocked, i have to wait for the nexus 4 no matter what… oh and im on the tmobile g1 right now, so its been a while since ive gotten a new phone

  • yabai

    Any idea when more Nexus 4 will be available? Maybe in a couple of months?

    • A couple months, or $620 after taxes at T-Mobile for the 16 gb. I had to just pay up because my old phone broke.

      • Jimmie

        Did the price go up?

        • That is T-mobile’s “full retail price”, their goal is to lock you into a contract, it is how they make money. I think Google is taking a loss, or breaking even on the phone as it is pretty expensive to produce.Also, right now a lot of the components used to build this phone are new: screen, CPU, ect.

  • Really hoping I could buy this to replace my Bionic, but I think I’m better off just waiting or get a GNex.

  • I just got a Nexus 10 at Walmart on Christmas eve, so you may want to check your local Walmart stores

  • Glad I went ahead and picked up a nexus 10 at Walmart. Absolutely love it. My brother in law got a nexus 7 and it seemed amazing as well.

  • PhoenixPath


    Someone is documenting this for a “Worst possible way to “sell” products…ever.” award. Sell is in quotes because, well, they don’t actually appear to be selling any.

    Sure, you can tell me they “sold out” when they launched…but you can’t tell me how many they sold, making it meaningless. (But I am sure many of you will say, “Lots!”…which is about as meaningless.)

    Same goes for their currently (un)available Samsung Chromebook.

    Worst. Retailer. Ever.

    Time to contract all of this to someone else, El-Goog….before even your Holy Forum Warriors jump ship.

  • anezarati

    the nexus 4 bumper is still sold out too 🙁

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      There is a cheaper alternative by poetic on amazon that has gotten great reviews. I just ordered mine and can’t wait to get it.

      • anezarati

        its funny you say that cause i ordered one a while ago and it just got delivered today. its great for the price and what i expected in a bumper. couldnt keep waiting for the official one.

  • I think the Google announcement last week (through Wall Street Journal rumor mill) that they are creating a new X Phone with Motorola for release next year answers a lot of this shortage mystery. It seems that the Nexus 4 is now an ex-phone as well. When a company tries to get you interested in their next product before the present product is widely available – it says volumes. This project (Nexus 4) is done before it starts. “Google Designing ‘X Phone’ to Rival Apple, Samsung” ~ Wall Street Journal

    • We don’t know when X-Phone & X-Tablet will arrive.. Maybe after November. Who wants to wait till then?

      • JoshGroff

        My N7 handles my mobile gaming, so there’s not much that I would do on my G-Nex that would push it past it’s limits. Would I like the extra computing power, sure, but do I have a need for it, not really.

        • Right on JoshGroff, I wirelessly teather my N7 to my Galaxy S2 and have all I need….

          • u might get charged for the teething but it depends if u have flashed the rom on ur g2

        • Sobr0801

          Just got a Nexus 7 for my family for gaming and the likes. Anything else I would need to do I would do on a real computer.

      • I agree Saif – I have a Nexus 4 on order myself (5 weeks in) so I still want one. But it is totally bizarre for a company to do this. It would be like Apple teasing folks with iPhone 6 features a month after the iPhone 5 was released. Reading between the lines though, it seems like Google has soured on LG and perhaps that the amount of returns is too high (bad speaker especially common). Google is woking on a very tight margin and can’t afford returns – they are very expensive to deal with. I love my Nexus 7 and have had zero issues with it…

      • kixofmyg0t

        I don’t think it’ll take that long for Moto’s skunkworks “X Phone”. The new Moto is showing they can do things faster right now.

        But they do take longer than any other OEM to test(and destroy) their products. So it’s anybodys guess.

        Oh and I wouldn’t hold my breath on a “X tablet” from Moto. At least this year. Just saying.

    • Are you recommending Google not work on their next phone and instead hang out at the LG factory whipping employees until orders are filled? They are not touting features of the X Phone those just hit the rumor mill…

  • Sirx

    Geez, Google is like the world’s worst stripper–Do a nice little show, entice the patrons with some impressive “specs”, rub the goodies that everyone has come to see right in their faces.

    Yet when they throw all of their tips/wages/grocery money at her, she scoops up all the money and politely declines with a “No thank you. I don’t want your money.” And everyone leaves the experience with blue balls :’-(

  • Spoken Word™

    Nexus 4 = Vaporware

    • JRomeo

      Except for the people who bought one, and have received it.

  • I heard on a few forums maybe in 2-3 weeks hopefully soon! Just sell me yours Kellex;)

    • Thomas

      You don’t want it…his back glass is shattered. 🙂

      • JoshGroff

        I though he got a second one after he broke the back plate?

  • guest

    i gave up on the nexus 4. Im looking forward to the 2013 devices

    • Anonymous

      agreed! i ordered 3 nexus 4 for my fam… only 1 shipped in time for xmas so i cancelled the other two

      lookin forward to the galaxy 4, note 3, htc m7, etc etc!

      • michael arazan

        By then the Nexus 5 should be out of stock just in time when those phones are for sale.

        • Anonymous

          lol indeed! what to do ahh

    • kixofmyg0t

      May I interest you in a “X Phone”?

    • Alm0s

      This. And I’m very, very, very sad about it. Google, I’m disapoint.

  • Butters619

    Girlfriend loves her new Nexus 7. The conversion has begun!